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Who’s in the 2ww? 7dpo

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Hollyanne972 Sat 18-Jan-20 17:49:12

Half way through the 2ww (I believe anyway) got a positive opk last Friday and believe I felt ovulation pain on my right side at around midnight that night. Going to possibly test with an early one on Wednesday because I just can’t help myself! Who else is out there going through the wait?

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Farmgirl85 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:01:44

Hi op I'm 7/8 dpo had a positive opk last Wednesday. I won't test until I'm a few days late as it put my head away testing and getting negatives all the time lol. Fingers crossed you get your bfp. I don't know how it will go this month for me should be due period on Fri or sat so will possibly test on the Monday if I'm late xx

Peach7744 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:07:48

Hello, I am day 7/8 I think. Had a peak on a clear blue last friday 10th and driving myself mad! I did do a test today and it was negative but I guess to be expected as too early x

Hoping4no4 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:09:19

Hi @Hollyanne972.
Good luck this month! I'm currently 4dpo and still getting cramping, it hasn't stopped since ovulation. Hoping this is a positive thing.
Hears hoping we get our bfp soon 🤞

Hollyanne972 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:31:13

@Farmgirl85 @Peach7744 @Hoping4no4 hi ladies! The wait is so so long! This is my second month trying for baby no.2 and first month using the ovulation tests! I’m really unsure how this month will be, I’ve had this feeling for the past couple of days.. just like a subconscious feeling that I can’t seem to shake! That maybe.. just maybe this may be the one! But then again it’ll probably turn out to be my mind playing tricks! Wishing you all the best this month! Xx

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Farmgirl85 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:43:15

@Hollyanne972 I'm also trying for num 2 also have been trying since October 2017 it's been so long. Had MC in April 2019 and then had another in September so I'm hoping this year will be my year 🤞. I have had pain on my right side since yesterday but I would say my af will appear next weekend. Good luck @Peach7744 and @Hoping4no4 hope you all get your bfp this month xx

Hollyanne972 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:49:27

@Farmgirl85 aw hun, so sorry for the times you have been through! I had a miscarriage November 2017 and got my little boy November 2018! Praying this year is your year!! Xx

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Farmgirl85 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:38

Thanks @Hollyanne972 was an awful year last year so jus trying to stay positive that's why I'm gonna wait if at doesn't show next weekend. Would be lovely if we both get our bfp it's such a stressful time and you can't help but symptom spot lol xx

Hollyanne972 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:52:32

Would be amazing! I’m normally soo negative about this stuff. my partners always tell me to be patient and stop doubting anything. But this month I’m trying to look on the positive side! We have just started using conceive plus aswell. I bought it when we tried for baby number 1 and got a little charm with it. Put it on and that month I got pregnant! Miracles happen my love xx

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Sparkle2020 Sat 18-Jan-20 22:19:36

Got a positive OPK on Saturday Sunday and Monday so not entirely sure when I ovulated but either way I’m testing everyday on my cheapies lol. Can I join!

Hollyanne972 Sun 19-Jan-20 00:33:00

Ooo how exciting! Of course you can join! The wait is horrible! How long have you been trying for? Xx

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Luz192 Sun 19-Jan-20 00:40:06

8 DPO today - I want to wait until AF due next Friday, but debating giving in and testing at 11/12 DPO. I just hate the disappointment seeing a BFN...

Sparkle2020 Sun 19-Jan-20 03:25:15

I’m on my 16th cycle right now! Really hoping this is our month as I’m so so tired of ttc. Which cycle is it for you?

Hollyanne972 Sun 19-Jan-20 08:51:11

@Luz192 I’m due Sunday! I’ve ordered some early tests ready. I know in my head it will all be a BFN thoughsad! Some days I feel positive and others I don’t xx

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Hollyanne972 Sun 19-Jan-20 08:51:57

@Sparkle2020 I know how you feel about getting tired of doing it! Hope this one is your month hun! Second month trying with baby no 2 xx

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Lulu106 Sun 19-Jan-20 08:52:25

I’m ttc. This month I’ve spotted blood in 2ww. Never happened before. Thought my period was coming early. Please any advice gratefully received 🙏🏼

LWMB Mon 20-Jan-20 17:21:47

I'm currently 10DPO and have had very sore boobs and a low of cramping the past couple of days. Did a FRER this morning with a BFN. AF not due until 27th, so will have to try hold off until then - it's really hard not to symptom spot.
Haven't had any implantation spotting so beginning to think it will be a BFN this month sad

Farmgirl85 Mon 20-Jan-20 17:42:33

Hi ladies how are you all today? Anyone any symptoms? I keep thinking af will be here feel the same as I do each month xx

Hollyanne972 Mon 20-Jan-20 17:53:22

@LWMB hang in there hun! It’s such a draining time but positive or negative just remember it’ll be your month soon and you are not out until AF shows ;)

@Farmgirl85 My stomach has been quite uncomfortable lately but it’s probably nothing sad I went to a party Friday and when I came home I’m pretty sure I spotted a tiny bit of dried brown discharge but it was so hard to tell and now I’m doubting myself haha! I ordered an early test from boots and currently waiting for the postman to bring it (got a text to say it’ll be here before 7:30 today) how are you hun?? Anything new that you’ve noticed? Xx

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Farmgirl85 Mon 20-Jan-20 19:10:33

Hi @Hollyanne972 maybe that was implantation and also the reason for your uncomfortable tummy finger crossed for you. When are you testing? I had right sided tummy pain Friday and Saturday yesterday not so much. Have had a stuffy nose feel like I have a cold coming on but again I don't think anything will come of it it's so stressful this ttc 😭 xxx

Hollyanne972 Mon 20-Jan-20 19:17:21

@Farmgirl85 I hope it was that but now a couple days have gone by, I feel like it’s to good to be true and it was probably just nothing! I think I may test tomorrow with a £5 boots early detection one and then when it comes back BFN I’ll just wait for the lovely period to come Sunday! When will you be testing? I used an ovulation stick to pee on tonight just to satisfy the urge to do a proper test lol xx

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Farmgirl85 Mon 20-Jan-20 19:45:13

Its so hard isn't it cause pregnancy and period symptoms are so similar. Oh I look forward to hearing your result in the morning @Holly really hope you get a bfp. I won't test until next Monday don't want to be disappointed lol I'm due af either Friday or sat so will leave it the extra couple of days. Have your opks shown anything xx

LWMB Tue 21-Jan-20 11:15:34

Did another FRER this morning (11DPO) and it was a BFN sad
Has anyone had any experience with doing early tests and had negatives but then went on to miss AF and get a BFP afterwards?x

paintfairy Tue 21-Jan-20 11:34:37

Me! OPK never went above high but according to that, my BBT and ovulation spotting, I ovulated last Friday. Fingers crossed and I hope the 2WW goes quickly! I'm not going to obsessively test though. I'm waiting for my period. hmm

Farmgirl85 Tue 21-Jan-20 14:46:43

Hi @LWMB i havent tested early in a very long time as I was sick of the bfn. Have read many stories of ladies going on to get their bfp after testing negative so fingers crossed for you. I will test on Monday if af doesn't arrive at the weekend. Xx

@paintfairy tww is a complete nightmare lol it does my head in I have tried to keep myself occupied and not think about it too much but its always in the back of my mind. Xx

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