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CD 34... Help!

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mummyliz18 Sat 18-Jan-20 15:27:27

I'm on CD34 and still no period and BFN's ...

I don't know whether my cycles have changed? (I've only have one postpartum period) and I just have a longer cycle now... or if I'm late... or if I'm pregnant and just not getting a BFP yet?

Did you have a late BFP?

I'm hoping to hear lots of stories where people were testing negative at 34 days and still went on to be pregnant? 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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Daisydays1 Mon 20-Jan-20 18:20:52

@mummyliz18 sorry I can't help answer your question but I too am in the same boat, normally on 28 day cycle and this month now in day 37 with no sign of period

Bfn on cheapie test strips

Just want at to arrive now 🙄

Sending you baby dust and hope you get your answer soon

ArcPep Tue 21-Jan-20 19:29:03

Hey ladies. I’m in the same situation TTC no 2. Usually 29day cycles but now period is 11 days late and BFN on first response this morning and no signs of AF arriving.

Trying not to overthink it and just wait and see what happens but it’s so hard not get my hopes up! Have you thought about going to the doctor or do you think it’s too early?

Baby dust to you all

TTC40PLUS Tue 21-Jan-20 23:36:14

Same here - cycle day 34 on a very regular 26-28 day cycle; AF should have arrived last Monday... and yet bfn on pregnancy test bought on Sunday (although not fmu). Been TTC since coming off the pill last Feb, and a little older with 2DC, can't help being hopeful - this is the first time I've been late in the past year. Symptoms come and go but boobs are not as large and tender as they would normally be before AF...

mummyliz18 Wed 22-Jan-20 07:10:20

I've got pink spotting this morning ... probably means this is not my month ... will see how it develops ...

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TTC40PLUS Wed 22-Jan-20 07:51:06

And bfn for me on a test this morning using fmu. Far too confusing! 🤔

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