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Anyone else with a short Luteal phase? Help!

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ellabars Fri 17-Jan-20 13:19:38

I have a short luteal phase of about 6-8 days (according to when my OPKs have been positive). I'm really worried because I'm TTC and the internet is telling me I'll either not have enough time for implantation or I'll miscarry! Before I go to the GP, hopefully someone can give me some advise/reassurance. If I'm doomed then tell me that too. Don't want to get my hopes up every month if there's no way I can conceive yet.

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kkr168 Fri 17-Jan-20 13:22:08

Have a read of this thread, I've seen a few pregnancies mentioned

ellabars Fri 17-Jan-20 13:40:45

@kkr168 thank you so much

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kkr168 Fri 17-Jan-20 14:57:28

No worries, my luteal phase is 8 days, I'd never even thought of it as a problem until seeing a few people mention it on here.

ellabars Fri 17-Jan-20 16:02:08

@kkr168 so have you managed to conceive?

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kkr168 Fri 17-Jan-20 22:11:31

@ellabars Not yet, although this is my 1st month actively TTC. I have a 16 year old son, conceived when I was 17, completely unplanned pregnancy, got pregnant the 1st time I slept with my now husband !!
When my implant expired 6 years ago I never had it removed & didn't take any other contraception. I found out I was pregnant in December, after AF was 1 week late, but sadly at 6 weeks I miscarried. I have no idea if it was due to my short luteal phase but from my understanding I would have miscarried sooner if that was the case?
I've now had the implant out, finally!! Started using opks & got lh peak on cd15, so hopefully I'll know in a few weeks if anything's stuck!

ellabars Sun 19-Jan-20 10:53:26

Best of luck to you @kkr168 ! I think that it's likely that if it was to do with your short luteal phase then it would've been a lot earlier that you miscarried. But I'm not sure. I hope you get a BFP!! Xx

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