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another question for those who know!

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welshprincess Thu 30-Aug-07 07:15:41

hello all
i suppose this is a question or it maybe has anyone any experience of this.
last month af came on day 35 instead of a previous regular as clockwork day 28.
well this month i got 2 lots of egg white on days 11 and 14.(did loads of bd)
today is day 21 and im dead sure af is coming.ususal signs of 3 days of spotting increasing this am.
i have no idea what is going on!
my cycle has been so regular for as long as i can remember.
i have been so good this month in not obsessing, reading threads on here etc. yet again af foils my plans!
(i hope nobody thinks im rude not joining in on threads, i just cant keep up with them)congrats to bobbydazzler too!
thanks loads

toomuchtimeonline Thu 30-Aug-07 09:43:48

Hi welshprincess - sorry to hear your frustrated!

I think that if you have a long AF there is a good chance that you ovulated later than usual - were you particularly stressed or tired this month? Lots of things can delay ovulation..

This month - I suppose you may have ovulated day 11 when you had the CM and therefore AF could well be on her way as a luteal phase (i.e. post ovulation) is usually between 10-14 days.. so that sounds about right..

Lots of things can change your cycle length. I read somewhere that if you don't want to stress about BDing at the correct time you should just BD 3 times a week and that should cover it. I know it's impossible to stop ovulation spotting though..

Hope you're not too stressed!

toomuchtimeonline Thu 30-Aug-07 09:44:19

p.s <big hug>

welshprincess Thu 30-Aug-07 10:20:00

thanks tmtol
that big hug just came at the right time!
i have been stressed this month with work rather than ttc. in my job i see babies everyday, most belong to lovely (if not smug-im jealous) parents.
i have recently seen loads of babies belonging to not so nice families so i have been worrying about them, and having a private level of spite inside me saying if you got a baby why cant i?!
planning for next month just to bd 3 times a week sounds good. also if this is af im going to have the biggest glass of vino tonight.

thank you again and good luck to all!xxxwp

toomuchtimeonline Thu 30-Aug-07 14:18:56

We all go through our moments of jealousy - It's hard isn't it!

Hope you're feeling better! If it is AF - enjoy your wine grin

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