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Faint early positive or evap?

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switcharoo Wed 15-Jan-20 07:11:14

Both taken yesterday, fainter one at lunch then bluer line in the evening, cake up with about 10mins. I'm was 9dpo yesterday so early but I'm aware they are thin so look like evaps but def blue in colour. I've taken a lot of these tests and got bfn and never had this before but both from same pack of 2 tests so maybe dodgy batch?

brightonroc Wed 15-Jan-20 07:19:25

Nah that’s positive. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy smile

PutOnAHappyFace Wed 15-Jan-20 08:35:15

Are these Tesco? I've had really convincing evaps on them and sadly if the line is thin like that it's more than likely an evap.

I see people all the time saying they hate blue tests, unless they are bold obvious line they seem a bit confusing.

switcharoo Wed 15-Jan-20 09:22:40

They're sainsburys which I know are notorious for evaps!

Beau2020x Wed 15-Jan-20 09:53:19

Blue dye tests are famous for evap/indent lines. Try a pink dye test like first response early response (likely the only one you'd get a positive with at 9DPO). Asda's own are also pink dye test.

Beau2020x Wed 15-Jan-20 09:54:07

Forgot to add - they do look positive to me!! Good luck!

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