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Could this be my months? Pos OPK with pcos

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Bethwox Tue 14-Jan-20 19:18:04

I finally had my first ever dark line positive OPK this morning (I have PCOS) it was just a random testing as I had EWCM yday and today.. so me and my husband dtd about and hour ago.. what are the chances that could work or is it best when it’s before the pos opk?

EmbarrassingMama Tue 14-Jan-20 19:41:58

Fingers crossed for you OP. Two week wait begins!

urbansloth Tue 14-Jan-20 19:42:17

I think you ovulate between 24-36 hours after a positive OPK so as soon as you get the positive is a perfect time. Eggs are more likely to be fertilised by sperm that is already in the fallopian tubes than fresh sperm that arrives on the day of ovulation so you're definitely in there with a good chance 👍👍🤞🤞

Bethwox Tue 14-Jan-20 19:51:30

Fingers crossed ey! I already have a nearly 5 year old that was a complete surprise but I think we are ready for 1 more! I’ve never gotten such a dark opk before I was super shocked just annoying it was at 10am this morning and couldn’t do anything till 6pm tonight 😫😫

Bethwox Wed 15-Jan-20 08:11:22

Anyone else?

urbansloth Wed 15-Jan-20 16:00:37

My OPKs have been weird, it's the first month I've used them and the readings have been high all month with two peaks. I've had peaks the last few days in a row. Been DTD as much as possible but hope we've covered our bases!
My sister has PCO. I've never been tested but wondering if I do as well which could have caused the high readings?

Bethwox Wed 15-Jan-20 16:24:51

Oh that’s odd? I’ve heard your body could be trying to ovulate and then stop then try again if it didn’t happen.. my opks have gone back to negative now, I had 24 hours of positive opks now back to normal.. fingers crossed for you!!

urbansloth Wed 15-Jan-20 17:26:36

Fingers crossed for you too!! 🤞🤞 Come join us on the January bus during your TWW!

Mycrazylife85 Wed 15-Jan-20 19:36:26

As a fellow lady with PCOS I'd say that whilst a positive OPK is great, the condition causes surges of LH hormone and therefore you may have several surges but not ovulate. The OPK shows a surge but not you will. Only temping can show you've ovulated with a temperature increase after. Get a thermometer

Bethwox Wed 15-Jan-20 21:36:38

Ahh right.. see I've never had a positive opk before only this month I had lots of EWCM and a soft cervix? Could all this be a lie? Lol x

Bethwox Wed 15-Jan-20 21:38:35

Plus I have regular periods..

urbansloth Wed 15-Jan-20 21:42:29

I think there are varying degrees of PCOS and it is possible to conceive naturally with PCOS which obviously involves ovulating so you may have ovulated with EWCM and soft cervix etc!

Bethwox Wed 15-Jan-20 21:55:37

Let's hope! My daughter was a complete surprise and never tried for her why does it take so long for the second!!!

urbansloth Wed 15-Jan-20 22:05:04


Mycrazylife85 Wed 15-Jan-20 22:16:25

And just to throw it into the mix you can have periods and not ovulate too. Great huh 🤦🏻‍♀️ it sounds like you have for sure this time but temping would always be best. I do both. OPKs are a good indicator, temps confirm it. Good luck.

Bethwox Wed 15-Jan-20 22:36:10

Yeah I've heard about those and I think I do get them.. I did a whole month doing 2 opks a day and not one came back positive but I still had a period so 🤷🏻‍♀️ we'll see eh!

Bethwox Thu 16-Jan-20 18:01:35

Opks have gone completely negative now.. I'm so bloated today and I have cramps in my butt! I'm symptom spotting so much already!!!

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