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I broke open the BFN clear blue digital! -photo

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LilMrsS Tue 14-Jan-20 16:16:31

So after posting couple times recently about my lines on PT my OH wasn't convinced so I took a digital this afternoon. I'm only 11dpo and needed to know this month as was due for medical apt (unrelated) normally I'm happy to wait to see if AF comes but had to this time. So below are my trusted pink tests, then I got a BNF on clear blue so opened it for a look.. lines strong. It's not the test that tells u how far u are so only one strip and inside was typical one line no 2line potential.. it's not an evap line surely?
Anyone else broke these tests open and I know they say there invalid but if this is what it uses to read results why can't I?

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 14-Jan-20 16:19:24

You would be better of doing a first response 11DPO is way too soon for a clear blue - you need a really really sensitive test which Clearblue are not

LilMrsS Tue 14-Jan-20 16:23:41

Thanks I've never really went for them tbh, OH just wanted to see it himself in writing ha.. after a harder journey to conceive then we planned this is how doubtful we can be.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Tue 14-Jan-20 16:26:44

I also got a negative on a CB digital when I’d had strong positives on CB and FRER. Mine looked like yours.

LilMrsS Tue 14-Jan-20 16:30:44

Ye I do think it's to early for them.. I think I'm happy enough to accept there is a chance and il cancel my apt for tomorrow as it wouldn't be safe.

Wanderer1 Tue 14-Jan-20 18:13:50

I got BFP on internet cheapies from 7dpo, didn't get a positive on a clear blue till over a week later. They are really not very sensitive imo. If he wants to be doubly sure just wait till youre a couple of days late and test again.

LilMrsS Tue 14-Jan-20 18:16:23

@Wanderer1 yip going to leave it now as I've changed my medical apt I was due tomorrow so il just wait to see if AF arrives on 20th

PixieDustt Tue 14-Jan-20 18:22:53

I took the same tests as in your picture and looked like yours and they were BFP. I took a test the day of my missed period never bothered taking a clear blue.

LilMrsS Tue 14-Jan-20 20:09:43

@PixieDustt thanks I hate when I get caught up in early testing sometimes just happens though! Sure if it's ment to be then il find out soon be the first time in a while if it's a BFP!

PixieDustt Wed 15-Jan-20 01:04:50

I'd say your test now are BFP's though? Wouldn't you?

Sparkle2020 Wed 15-Jan-20 03:26:06

These are positives anyway though right?

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