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New thread for the crazy gang part 2!

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Ellsbells112 Mon 13-Jan-20 17:34:09

Well since we are at the tail end!!

@Beau2020x @quiffy @Symptomspotter86 @BFP2020 @ange211

@Mumofboys17 no I think its from the pain, they aren't normally this bad and it's just making me nauseous 🤢 maybe it's from flying through different time zones ✈️🤷‍♀️

I know right it's so weird I'll even try to help it along but nothing works haha just can't finish! Xx

Ellsbells112 Mon 13-Jan-20 17:35:27

@katie1109 @BntTowers @Sunflower2019

Beau2020x Mon 13-Jan-20 17:44:10

Jesus team - how many messages must we have sent in the last 3 months?!

@Ellsbells112 how weird, have you had this before? I know it sounds weird but I take Renne when I feel sick, always helps me out x

Ellsbells112 Mon 13-Jan-20 17:50:45

@Beau2020x right!! I hope we all get bfps together so we can go to the preggo board and make a "preggo crazy gang" thread 🤣
It's starting to ease a little. I haven't no not since getting the copper coil out anyway, but online it says it can happen when you havepre prostaglandins (the things that also cause cramps) quite shit being a woman

Quiffy Mon 13-Jan-20 19:00:40

Can’t believe that’s us on thread 3. We better start getting bfps soon. Maybe third thread lucky?

@ellsbells112 hope you feel better soon ❤️

Does anyone else find pre-ovulation symptoms getting worse? Over last few cycles I’ve went from nothing to feeling very nauseated and sore boobs getting worse with every cycle. I’ve spent the last hour squeezing my boobs as it’s the only way to stop the pain. It’s far worse than any pre af symptoms.

(Going back to boob holding now)

Beau2020x Mon 13-Jan-20 19:24:46

@Quiffy omg yes 😂😂 except mine is after. My nips are so sore it's unreal!

Totally fucked my clear blue up, forgot to do it this morning and left the stick in the holder. Did it tonight and it didn't give me a result but instead told me to go read a book. Sack it, good job I got the internet cheapies.

About to instigate FW sex but the dog has got the zoomies and is growling at himself launching him around the room because I put his perfume on 🤦🏼‍♀️ lord give me strength

Mumofboys17 Mon 13-Jan-20 20:04:58

Waheeeyyy thread no3!! @Quiffy got to be lucky number three surely?! 😉🙌🏻

@Ellsbells112 literally dreaming of us all getting to the pregnancy thread together!! It will happen! #MNgoals 😂😂

@Beau2020x sorry... wtf is cookies 😂😂

Mumofboys17 Mon 13-Jan-20 20:05:37

* zoomies!! F*cking autocorrect 🙄😂😂

Symptomspotter86 Mon 13-Jan-20 21:50:04

@Ellsbells112 2 hours!! Fuck that! After 20 mins I'm thinking just hurry up! I've seen big little lies, I love it!

@Beau2020x I'm on CD7 so gearing up for FW next week. Going to start OPKs on CD10. Got the cheapies this time as well as CB as cant keep seeing that stupid flashing smiley.

Beau2020x Mon 13-Jan-20 21:51:18

@Mumofboys17 no other way to describe it other than your dog becomes posed by some inner devil being. THAT and like he's on speed. Basically zooms around the room 100000mph over the bed rolls over. It's weird. I swear he almost flies...

Zoomies aside. Managed to DTD while OH was practically asleep. Not sure he opened his eyes the entire time. SMEP back on track. All before love island. Winner.

Symptomspotter86 Mon 13-Jan-20 21:52:06

@Quiffy not had major pre ov symptoms. Only pain in one side now and then. What cycle day you on?

Mumofboys17 Mon 13-Jan-20 22:00:32

@Beau2020x oh my life 😂😂😂😂😂 DEAD. Your dog sounds amazing 😂 I have cats, but they're just dicks 24/7 🙄
Not gonna lie I haven't watched love island this time, I got DH into it last year though! We were rushing to DTD before I'm a celeb in the winter haha! X

Ellsbells112 Mon 13-Jan-20 22:06:28

@quiffy @Mumofboys17 remind me what was the name of the first thread we was on?? I was just thinking about the start of it all but I can't remember! Was it December testing? 😂 Well the groups name and people are classics now that's for sure!
I know, let's hope the next one is a pregnancy thread!! Whoop whoop

Guys I made the most amazing keto prawn rissoto today 😍 I was skeptical but it was 👌👌 and I made keto choc cake but it was a bit dry 😅🍰

@Symptomspotter86 I know I love a good 20 minute sess haha but 2 hours well, that 5 x over 5 days and my downstairs is well and truly done for

Katie1109 Tue 14-Jan-20 07:17:48

Ahhhhh sorry I missed this post and created a new one. Can I delete what I have created?! LOL

Mumofboys17 Tue 14-Jan-20 08:16:09

@Ellsbells112 I think the first thread was 'testing in December' or something 😬😂 oh how far we've all come!! X

@Katie1109 you might be able to ask MN HQ admin to delete it? If not save it in your watched threads we can just move there once this one is full 😉😂😂 xx

Beau2020x Tue 14-Jan-20 09:24:25

Guys, we've been on one hell of a journey! Please, can we all just get BFPs this cycle so we can all start sharing our bump photos?!

Another day of flashing smiley for me and OPK strip hardly any darker, still a reaaallly faint line. CD13 today and I reaaaalllyyy don't want to ovulate any later than CD15 as my cycles have been so short!

@Symptomspotter86 ahh yes, I hate that flashing smiley. They are so expensive as well! I won't be using them again next month that's for sure!

@Mumofboys17 I'd love a cat but my OH isn't keen. My dog is a dick 99% of the time too and he's also a total cock block. God love him though.

@Ellsbells112 I remember joining this all back in October I think it was? One that @Sunflower2019 started called something like TWW wait again - cute!

Katie1109 Tue 14-Jan-20 09:27:29

How are we all doing? I’m CD11 and in my FW with ovulation possible Friday/Saturday. My opks are still very faint and reading as low x is anyone else in their FW? x
I don’t know how I would do all this without you crazy gang x

Beau2020x Tue 14-Jan-20 09:29:58

@Katie1109 meeee tooo! CD13 and no sign of OPK's getting any darker booo! I've never done the internet strip ones before so I don't know if they start to darken really quick or over like 5 days. Either way, since Sunday when I had a squinter of a 2nd line and today I have a reaaalllly faint one. Deffo not going to ovulate on Thurs as predicted!

Ellsbells112 Tue 14-Jan-20 09:30:43

@Beau2020x yeahhhh the first ever thread I followed was Ttc in July haha I still actually talk in it now because there are a couple of girls trying to get preggo still. Also another one I joined after in October and the girls were so lovely but after 2 months the main lot of them decided to quieten down a little I think mumsnet was making it harder for them but they pop in now and again. I was sad but now I have the crazy gang 😜

Good morning all!! Hope everyone is well

Beau2020x Tue 14-Jan-20 09:31:53

This Is my OPK from this morning. Girls - how quickly do these things start to get darker? Like over how many days?

Mumofboys17 Tue 14-Jan-20 09:44:18

@Beau2020x hard to say, for me they tend to darken over my fertile window, as I've got 32-35 day cycles that's normally about CD18-CD20 for me xx

Still no AF for me yet, and no other symptoms, just this mild dull ache. I'm hoping my FRER turns up today so I'll know for certain either way 😂 nothing makes AF want to make an appearance more than cracking open an expensive pregnancy test!!

BFP2020 Tue 14-Jan-20 10:16:42

Found ye for some reason I never get a tag notification. I've tried turning them on and off and they still don't work.

@beau2020x What CD are you on i'd say your still a day or 2 away from them getting stronger x

@Mumofboys17 What time is your delivery normally? fingers crossed its a BFP.

Since I'm fairly new will we share our stats so I know where everyone is smile

Here's mine
TTC no 2
Cycle 13 shock
AF/ BFP 10th Feb

Beau2020x Tue 14-Jan-20 10:26:51

@BFP2020 I'm on CD13 with predicted ovulation on CD15 although doubt that is going to happen. I've been having reaalllyyy short cycles so don't want to ovulate any later. Last month I managed to get a 28 day cycle in but didn't track ovulation. Previous months ovulated CD15/16.

Ellsbells112 Tue 14-Jan-20 10:32:56

Cycle 6
Ttc no 2 (8 years later lol)
AF/ BFP 10th Feb
Hopefully bfp for valentines day otherwise it'll surely be a red one

Quiffy Tue 14-Jan-20 10:37:07

@beau2020x @mumofboys17 our cats like to interrupt 🤪 we get the zombies too. Ears back, eyes black and howling like the anti christ. Bloody animals. I need to catch up on Love Island actually. It’s a bit too much commitment twice a year.

@symptomspotter86 it started cd10 so a good 5 days before. Very annoying. About 3 cycles ago I was convinced I was pregnant but not, just pre ovulation yuck

@Katie1109 @beau2020x cycle buddies! Not done a opk yet but yesterday’s was super light. Think I’m due 17th as well. Need to actually start dtd 😹

@mumofboys17 oooo hope the tests arrive today!

Cd11 today and third day of FW for me. No dtd yet oops. TMI but I spent most of last night in the loo with a bug. Not exactly sexy 😹 hopefully it bogs off by tonight so we can start.

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