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BFP followed by faint positive 5 days later

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Raleighx Mon 13-Jan-20 07:02:08

Hi all
So last Thursday got a clear BFP 2 days after missed period. Doc did a blood test and was worried hcg levels were slightly low but they doubled 48 hours later.

Did another test this morning and the line has faded? It’s the same type of test and with FMU. Surely the line should be darker by now not lighter?

Has anyone had this before and went on to have a healthy pregnancy or should I be very concerned?

Whyhaveidonethis Mon 13-Jan-20 07:08:41

Try not to get too stressed. It could be a chemical pregnancy or it could just be a test that has less dye in it. Hugs, it's horrible waiting to find out. Do you have to go back for 2nd bloods?

Raleighx Mon 13-Jan-20 10:10:26

sad it’s the worst. Booked in for a scan next Thursday. Hcg was 65 at last bloods last week would have been about 3 weeks but with the line being that faint it does not look good. Got a horrible feeling I’m going to come on today x

Whyhaveidonethis Mon 13-Jan-20 10:49:03

I know how horrible that is. You imagine a whole new life and its ripped away. Hopefully you are wrong and all is well. X

Raleighx Mon 13-Jan-20 11:11:45

Thankyou so much. It is our first cycle TTC and no one prepares you for this! You either expect a positive or negative but being in the middle is awful. We never expected it to happen first time in a million years but you’re right you get your hopes up and start imagining x

Whyhaveidonethis Mon 13-Jan-20 11:40:14

Let me know how you get on. I've had 3 chemicals and each one was dreadful. I'm waiting to see the gynaecologist next month if I don't get a sticky bean this week.

Raleighx Mon 13-Jan-20 19:44:53

Will do! Oh bless you sad I hope things turn around for you.

Not holding out much hope. There's been some blood there today. Had the tiniest bit of spotting last week at what I thought would have been implantation and I mean tiiiniest

But today it was redder and quite a bit when wiping
Think AF will be in full flow by tomorrow.


Raleighx Tue 14-Jan-20 19:23:28

Bleeding properly today so went in for bloods. Still waiting to find out but looks like it will be tomorrow now.

Quiffy Tue 14-Jan-20 19:40:24

@rayleighx hope you’re okay as you can be. No advice, just take care of yourself. When do you get the blood test results?

Sausage1990 Tue 14-Jan-20 19:53:44

Hi @Raleighx sorry to hear you're going through this. The same happened to me last month on our 1st try too except I didn't get around to bloods tests. I just saw the lines get lighter then a similar experience when wiping. It's really rubbish.

I was surprised by how quickly we got our hopes up and started imaging... I'm into my 2nd cycle now and waiting for my fertile window.
🤞🏻For us in our 2nd month xx

Raleighx Tue 14-Jan-20 21:31:08

Thanks guys. Get the results tomorrow. Was either going to be today or tomorrow but they never called today so only assuming it’s bad news.

🤞 for you @Sausage1990 and sorry that happened to you. It’s the hope that’s the worst like I said no one prepares you for this!

Sausage1990 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:10:54

@Raleighx you're so right.... I think I was surprised how quickly my mind went to the looking forward bit... Thinking about how you'd tell your parents and all sorts.

I didn't think I'd be like that. I thought before we started this journey that I'd be very sensible about it all but apparently emotions get the best of you haha.

Ive got a feeling that next time I'll be more cautious until I see a nice strong line and I get further than 5 or 6 weeks... Although probably not.

Hope you get your results tomorrow xx

Whyhaveidonethis Tue 14-Jan-20 23:10:51

@Raleighx hugs, hopefully you will have some definite answers soon. Amazing how your life can do a 360 turn and then a few days later revert again. Its horrible. I've had 3 cps and to be honest they don't get any easier. Be kind to yourself. I found it easier to be honest with people that I work with etc. It kind of made me feel more like I wasn't imaging it, validated the fact I had actually been pregnant. I know some people don't tell anyone but I needed support.

Sparkle2020 Wed 15-Jan-20 01:04:01

Hope you’re ok xx

Raleighx Wed 15-Jan-20 19:19:27

Thank you so much guys.

It was a loss as I suspected.

Conceiving via IUI so have to wait until next month to start trying again. I can't go through this every month.

Gonna have to be okay I guess there's people that go through worse. At least we know I can get pregnant.

Fingers crossed for the next time xx

Quiffy Wed 15-Jan-20 20:16:17

@rayleighx I’m so sorry for your loss. You don’t need to be okay, this is a loss and totally understand grieving. If you’re looking for some friends while TTC we have a thread going (crazy gang) and we’ve all been TTC for awhile and have each other to vent to as we’ll chat to distract. I hope you get your sticky bean soon ❤️

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