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Any had blood tests?

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Mellymooki Sun 12-Jan-20 11:51:48

Hello all,
Just curious if anyone’s had blood tests in their TTC journey? I had one set on Monday just gone...I’m worried about the results, as the form had so many things they were testing for. Is there any positives out there that there was nothing wrong with their tests?
I’ve yet to go for my second set as supposed to go on day 21 of my cycle but that fell on Boxing Day in my last cycle, counting down to the next one.
Many thanks

danielasummer Sun 12-Jan-20 12:10:35

@Mellymooki hi, I've had a full blood count (all ok but low iron as I'm anaemic), thyroid blood tests (all fine) and progesterone test is on Monday (it's the 21 day blood test but I ovulate very late in my cycle around CD26), fingers crossed. I requested these because of my miscarriage in October. Don't be scared about the tests - I'm almost hoping something is wrong so that I can get some treatment. Wishing you luck on your journey x

Mellymooki Sun 12-Jan-20 12:18:13

@danielasummer I was recommended by my doctor to have them as a precaution, due to not using contraceptives for 20months and nothing happening in TTC, I have a regular cycle and do see a difference in my cervical mucus, but not always. Just beginning to worry as I’m heading to 32yrs although I’m still young, I always wanted children by my 30th.
Thank you, sorry to hear about your miscarriage but wishing you luck in your journey x

ChampooPapi Sun 12-Jan-20 13:39:52

@danielasummer hey, I also requested them a few weeks ago after my October miscarriage and surgery and they denied me both bloods or a follow up scan. They said I'd need to have been trying for 2 years to have any tests on the NHS 🤷‍♀️🙄

Obviously having two children already is a big factor in this so I was ok with it as they re assured me I must be ovulating with periods ect. But 2 years seemed a long time.
But seeing as your also 32 @Mellymooki seems pretty standard as if they've only just offered them to you at 20 months seems to correlate. Definitely take any tests you can get at this point and hopefully while your waiting for results and your focus is on that you will get your bfp over the next few months 🤞

danielasummer Tue 14-Jan-20 08:02:44

@ChampooPapi They should have given you at least a scan. I was so anxious throughout the whole pregnancy and miscarriage period and pretty much cried to my midwife and doctor a few times a week so maybe they scanned me so that I wouldn't keep going back to them. I would ask for bloods done though, tell them you're anxious you're not producing enough hormones etc. Remind me, are your cycles normal and regular?

@Mellymooki how did you get on with your results? (Only if you're up for sharing of course)

Mellymooki Tue 14-Jan-20 19:21:54

@ChampooPapi I hope I do get BFP in the next couple months, it’s all I’ve wanted.

@danielasummer hi...I rang the doctors today as I hadn’t heard from them, the receptionist look at my file and said they’d come back with “all normal, no further action required” so far so good. I haven’t had a.blood test yet for CD 21 (7days before next period) not sure what they test for in that one. Hopefully that’ll be positive too.

ChampooPapi Tue 14-Jan-20 19:58:10

@Mellymooki hey, glad that your results were all normal. I'm sure it'll be positive news regarding the bloods as well. If all's well I guess having your partners sperm tested is pretty essential next. What have they said about testing him?

physicskate Tue 14-Jan-20 20:51:20

@Mellymooki - ask what the actual numbers are. They may be 'normal', but are they optimal? There are specific ranges for, say example tsh, during ttc that are narrower than the generally accepted normal.

Not all gps are au fair with ttc/ infertility. Get to know what they are testing for and why. Take charge of your fertility. Tests won't make you pregnant, but perhaps some info gleaned from them could.

Is your partner getting his sperm tested? Male factor accounts for about 1/3 of infertile couples.

Mellymooki Wed 15-Jan-20 06:22:45

@ChampooPapi they haven’t said anything yet about testing him, part of me doesn’t want to take him through the test as he’s 29 so abit younger than me and he lost his dad in 2019, I don’t really want to put the stress on him. It could be another factor in our TTC journey, the grief.

@physicskate it was the receptionist I spoke to, maybe I should do my next blood test and go see my dr so they can give me the low down on the tests. I’ve not a clue what tsh is? there were so many abrieviated texts on the form that I had no idea. The next one literally says sub infertility.

ChampooPapi Wed 15-Jan-20 07:36:41

@physicskate agreed, I think the male factor is actually a higher factor now, like nearly fifty percent.

@Mellymooki 2019 has certainly been a really rough year for your partner and yourself. But 20 months is a fair amount of time to be trying for a baby for . Maybe you could both take a break from it for a few months? Because I think you've either got to give each other that break and your partner time to grieve or kind of go all in with tests for him and yourself at this stage. I'm really sorry you are going through all this, how are you coping with it all? All the best to you, whatever you decide you've got plenty of time to conceive 🤗

Mellymooki Wed 15-Jan-20 19:23:33

@ChampooPapi it’s weird as we’re not “trying” each month more the relaxed if it happens it’ll happen, but I was getting worried with my age. It’s hard to forget about it and have that break, I think once we’ve got the first year of grief past, as the first are always the hardest. it may become abit easier to conceive. I’m just relieved my first set of test came back alright, I can relax abit more knowing I might not have trouble and it just comes down to timing..
That’s the first time someone has asked me in a while, it’s been so hard, to help my partner through his dark days as well as my own grief. I was close to his dad and miss him dearly, it’s been the hardest thing to have gone through particularly with Christmas. Thank you for asking, means a lot smile

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