Testing 19/01 onwards

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Mp0304 Thu 09-Jan-20 08:12:15

Hi who else is testing from the 19th? It's amazing how lonely ttc can be when you're trying to stay chill and calm with your partner ❤️

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caithnini Thu 09-Jan-20 09:49:01

Hi, I'm aiming to test on 18th which is when AF is due. My first cycle and I can't believe how obsessed I've already become. How many cycles are you? When is AF due?

Mp0304 Thu 09-Jan-20 10:06:51

@caithnini I am on cycle 2, my first was the month after coming off my pill, my average cycle is 26 days, so have quite a short window. My at is due the 19th smile

Have you noticed and tww symptoms?

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danielasummer Thu 09-Jan-20 10:55:47

Hiya, I'm going to test on the 18th ☺️ fingers crossed for us all! 🤞🏻

caithnini Thu 09-Jan-20 12:49:27

@Mp0304 I don't think I've felt any symptoms that are real if you see what I mean. My mind is telling me that I'd tired, that there was a twinge and all sorts. But I think I've just never paid this much attention to how my body feels every day. Isn't it too early to feel anything? What about you?

Also reading on here how much stress and pressure some people are going through TCC has made me feel guilty about being impatient after literally weeks of TCC. DH and I haven't had an active sex life. I was raped a long time ago, and haven't been comfortable with sex since. This is the first time I've been brave enough to go for it. I'm so emotional I feel like I could break down every half an hour.

What do you do to distract and try and keep some sanity in your life?

caithnini Thu 09-Jan-20 12:50:34

Oh and best of luck to you too @danielasummer

Whyhaveidonethis Thu 09-Jan-20 12:58:54

My AF is due on 22nd, no doubt I'll test early though!! 😂 19 cycles ttc. It feels like the tww is longer each time!!

Dollywantsareallifedolly Fri 10-Jan-20 07:47:29

Think I will jump in too, I am due to test on 19th also but my cycles have fooled me that last couple of months (was always 28 days - now ranging from 25-29).

You are right @Mp0304 ttc can be a very lonely place, we didn't tell anyone we were ttc at first but then after a very emotional month I told my best friend and she has been my rock! My DH is very supportive but I guess their support is limited as a man. @caithnini I am afraid I am unable to give any advise on staying calm though as I am currently peak crazy (after 5 months ttc) grin The only think that takes my mind off of it is busy days at work really. I am so sorry to hear of your past experience flowers. I wish you all the best on your ttc journey, you deserve happiness!

Fingers crossed for everyone! smile

BeccaE Fri 10-Jan-20 10:23:30

I'm aiming to test on the 20th but given it's the weekend I'd be surprised if I managed to stop myself testing on the 19th.

Good luck everyone! x

chlo04 Fri 10-Jan-20 10:41:09

Hiyah everyone,

Please can I join?

My TTC journey has been all abit crazy. I've had 3 misscarriages and a ectopic pregnancy resulting in my tube being removed. Had testing through a private clinic and now I am on a treatment plan.

I'm just finding that I'm not falling pregnant now. been a long old journey and starting to get used to the idea of just seeing a negative test every month!

I'm due to test on the 18th - 19th is this month as per my plan ( I'll be 10dpo) this is when my doctor advises I test as I've tracked ovulation for a good couple of years now.

I'm hoping the new year is going to bring me some sort of new luck and a little miracle!

chlo04 Fri 10-Jan-20 10:42:07

Also how many times have you all dtd?

I'm abit worried as we didn't do the deed to much this month, we just are really feeling the pressure!

Dollywantsareallifedolly Fri 10-Jan-20 11:17:11

@chlo04 I am sorry to hear about your loss and ectopic flowers let's hope going forward things are better for you.
This month I ditched the OPKs and we were DTD every 2-3days, whenever it felt right. Think it too some of the pressure off and helped everything seem less robotic. I think my DH was much more relaxed this month also which can only be a good thing for his swimmers (fingers crossed).

Currently I have had no symptoms whatsoever, except a couple of sore boobs days which is normal for me. Trying not to symptom spot this month as last couple of months my body really fooled me and led to disappointment. Any symptoms for any of you ladies? smile

BeccaE Fri 10-Jan-20 11:35:59

@chlo04 we have been DTD every day but that’s just because (a) it’s our first cycle so we are over excited and (b) my cycles are a bit irregular so I’m never really confident when I’m ovulating - we definitely wont be able to stick to every day long term though, it’s already becoming a bit of a chore!

BeccaE Fri 10-Jan-20 11:41:24

@Dollywantsareallifedolly nope, no symptoms at all. I’m tired but then who isn’t? Thought I felt a bit sick this morning but I’m sure it’s wishful thinking as it’s too early.

chlo04 Fri 10-Jan-20 11:42:08

@Dollywantsareallifedolly @BeccaE

Thank you ladies!

Ahh fingers crossed this is all of our months. Wouldn't it be lovely !

I wish we could be a little more relaxed about it but I guess we just have to keep doing bloody ovulation tests because I need to know when I'm ovulating to take my pills.

What tests are you all planning on using to test? I plan on getting some first response x

BeccaE Fri 10-Jan-20 12:00:33

@chlo04 I’ve gone mad and have a stash of first response, clear blue and cheap amazon strips all ready to go. But planning on using the first response every other morning until either AF shows up of I get a positive.

Statistically there’s enough on this thread that at least one of us should be lucky!

Whyhaveidonethis Fri 10-Jan-20 12:10:11

@chlo04 we dtd everytime we see each other! We both have high sex drives but don't currently live together. We've been trying for 19 months and I've had 3 (maybe 4 but I refused to test again) since May last year. It's so frustrating..

Dollywantsareallifedolly Fri 10-Jan-20 12:29:42

I have a couple of first response and those CB how many weeks. Unlike most though I am always so afraid to test so usually wait until AF shows. I work with radiation though so sometimes it is really worrying. Had to test last month because I would be doing some tasks which would cause me to receive a high dose (of course BFN). I just hate the heartbreak of no second line sad

@BeccaE yes you are right! Hopefully at least one of us will be successful grin !

SanFrancisco49er Fri 10-Jan-20 12:54:59


I will be testing weekend of 18th/19th, currently 5dpo. I did get pregnant on our first cycle in July but miscarried early September and this is our first try again since as I wanted to let my body go back to normal.
Last time I had a few distinct symptoms in the week leading up to my test date but it's too early just yet...the only things I've noticed so far are my heart rate has increased by about 10bpm and my cat is being unusually clingy 😂 Think I'm being optimistic it will happen first time again though! Plus I found out last time I have a heart shaped uterus which can be a worry...so we'll see!
Good luck to us all!

Mp0304 Fri 10-Jan-20 13:53:48

Thank you everyone for joining! I'm sorry for your losses and wishing you all lots of baby dust this month 😍🥰 I have not had many symptoms other than my nipples and boobs are on and off being incredibly sore and tender, i have been knackered and falling asleep on the sofa most nights and feeling very hungover like most days. I have had a full ache in the pelvic area on and off the last few days with on the Saturday in my fertile period having a strong stabbing pain in the right side!

As you can see my cycles are very short and I had a positive and very strong OPK on the Saturday and DTD the day before and after. Following with a very negative OPK on the Sunday.

We didn't DTD when I was AF I had stopped then the following day had a small bit of spotting before anyone see's but that day we did twice in case I ovulated right after which is known with people with short cycles 🤦🏼‍♀️

@caithnini @danielasummer @Whyhaveidonethis @
@Dollywantsareallifedolly @BeccaE @chlo04 @SanFrancisco49er how are you all today? ❤️

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Ktn35 Fri 10-Jan-20 21:23:01

Can I join?! Period due 22nd and so I was going to test on the 18th ... 🤞🤞🤞🤞 For us all! Xxxx

Mp0304 Fri 10-Jan-20 21:45:21

@Ktn35 welcome!! How exciting! Wishing you all the best ❤️ how long have you been ttc x

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Mum2B36 Fri 10-Jan-20 21:47:27

Can I join too! It’s our first cycle trying and I have already gone crazy! I have read so many Mumsnet threads on early symptoms! I have already convinced myself that I had implantation pains; morning sickness; sore boobs... I am sure it is all in my head. I even did a pregnancy test a few days ago even though it would have only been 3dpo .... what was I thinking... obviously it’s was a BFN. AF due on 19th. Got a first response ready to go but going to wait for as long as possible. Are you guys going to test early next week or wait until AF is due?

Mp0304 Fri 10-Jan-20 21:52:15

@Mum2B36 welcome!!! We have all been there! It's such an exciting time! I'm due on 19th too. Have a cheap strip left over I'm trying not to use yet but but have full boobs, cramps, lots of gas 🤦🏼‍♀️ and lower back ache for a few days now. I'm going to try and stick out as long as possible ❤️

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Ktn35 Fri 10-Jan-20 23:15:00

Thanks @mp0304 ! I am 3 cycles in but this is the first month we have really tried. This will be my second child (hopefully) but I can't remember any symptoms at all from the first time around 🙄!! Had some stabbing type twinges today ... You had anything? Is this your first? X

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