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TTC after coming off Cerazette

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LynseyLou1982 Thu 23-Jan-20 12:32:21

Hi, I've just come of Cerazette on the 17th January so we can start TTC #2. We've just got straight into trying as well. I've had nothing so far but tingly boobs and moods swings. It's very frustrating that I can't use any tracking apps till after I've had a period. Just wish AF would arrive already.

paintfairy Thu 23-Jan-20 12:19:24

I think it was 2-3 weeks after stopping cerelle that I got my first bleed. My next period came about 28 days after that. They did settle quickly with regular cycles. I do spot in my LP though which is annoying.

Hfarm1 Thu 23-Jan-20 10:37:18

Still no period for me, on day 23 since stopping now! I have these strange mild cramps/light burny feelings every few days but still no sign of AF! I have also had slight nausea the last couple of days which I am forcing myself not to look into even though we've been DTD every other day for the last 3 weeks.

How are you all getting on?

@Itstime1 I'm nervous about tracking ovulation as I've heard the strips aren't that accurate and I don't want to be disappointed! Also, were you actively trying between the day you stopped taking the pill and before AF arrived?

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Itstime1 Wed 08-Jan-20 20:53:01

Hi, I was on cerazette for 6 and a half years. No bleeds or periods at all. I stopped taking in Aug and didn’t get a period until the beginning of Dec. We have been actively tracking ovulation for 2 1/2 months now using clear blue and unfortunately didn’t conceive in the first proper month of trying (end of dec).

I’ve always been clockwork before I took the pill and after the few months to get my body used to no pill (longest time ever and no ovulation until Nov!) I’m back to clockwork timings of 3 day period and 28 day cycle. Only thing I would recommend is to track ovulation, might feel like an expense paying for it say no but at least you know what your body is up too and I found it gave me more peace knowing when hormones changed! Good luck!!

xxlannixx Wed 08-Jan-20 18:20:52

Hi guys, i am in the exact same boat. Came off Cerelle on 21st December. Have had crazy stomach cramps and sickness but no sign of even a withdrawal bleed. Today I had EWCM. I came of the pill for a month in September to have a 'clear out' and had a period then. Been on the pill for 2 years prior to that. Took a Pregnancy test this am which was a BFN.

moondust59 Wed 08-Jan-20 12:38:42

Before the pill I used to get a sharp pain when I ovulated. It's unmistakable! I haven't had it since I've been on the pill so as soon as I felt the pain I knew straight away. Also had EWCM and a positive LH test 36 hours before.

Hfarm1 Wed 08-Jan-20 12:34:21

#moondust59 Well it sounds like we are in the same boat, I'm really trying not to get my hopes up but it's not working! May I ask how you know you have ovulated if you havent had a period?

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moondust59 Tue 07-Jan-20 20:26:57

I was also on the mini pill (cerelle - think it's another brand name for cerazette) and never had periods apart from light spotting. Came off on 7th Dec and on 9th I got 3 days of light bleeding. Have had cramps like I was going to come on around 22nd and then nothing. Have had no bleed since the withdrawal bleed but have definitely ovulated. Me and my partner both decided to just get straight to it rather than waiting for my first natural period since we don't know whether it'll come back for a while. I've heard people saying theirs didn't come back for 6-8 months so I thought might as well just get on with TTC. Also not getting my hopes up (well... trying not to) since my cycle is all over the place. Think the most annoying part is not being able to use these tracking apps cause my last period was 7 years ago!

Hfarm1 Tue 07-Jan-20 18:41:35

Hey I've seen lots of threads about TTC after coming off cerazette mini pill and just wanted to ask a few questions (new to Mumsnet!)

I was on cerazette for 5 years and had no periods in that time (spotting maybe once every 6/7 months). I took my last pill on December 31st because my husband and I want to start trying for a baby. We've been DTD every couple of days apart from the 2nd and 3rd day off it when I had very very minimal bleeding- is that what I've seen others refer to as withdrawal bleeding? Also, I've seen so many things saying to wait until the after my first period before trying but we just got straight to it, have other people done this? I've had strange feelings for want of a better way of putting it, sort of like very very minor cramps, and a blob (sorry tmi!!) of sticky discharge on day 6, could this be me ovulating? Would love to hear others experience!

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