Ready to get crazy in January!! Who's with me!

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Ginge35 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:14:12

Despite my TTC last month, it resulted in my AF arriving Christmas Day (deep joy!) it's round 2 this month! I'm due to ovulate on Monday (6th) so anyone else wanna join me, with the overthinking, being excessively paranoid, mystery pregnancy signs and taking PT's when you know you shouldn't be! 🤣🤣
Feel free to jump on the crazy train with me!

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HGee12 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:19:10

@Ginge35 I'll jump on the crazy train with you 🙋🏼‍♀️😂
TTC cycle 4
Cycle day 11 due to ovulate around 4-6th irregular cycles so I never know!

newmum2020 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:32:07

Me too!! Period Xmas eve and due to ovulate Tuesday 7th according to fitbit ovulation tracker. This is cycle #1 TTC after miscarriage on 18th Nov. Happy to join the crazy train!!!! We've already DTD today and will be doing it every day til next Wednesday 😆😆twice maybe 🤣🤣

Maidmummy Thu 02-Jan-20 20:37:37

I'll jump on board too, TTC cycle 1 of TTC baby #4 (I'm crazy I know lol) I ovulated yesterday CD15 so currently 1dpo and plan to start testing next Friday at 9dpo early I know but I'm impatient grin we've DTD every night since CD6 and plan to for the next week at least that way we're covered lol x

Togstiree Thu 02-Jan-20 20:39:50

I'm in the two week wait now..
Cycle 3 of trying for baby #1 this was the first month my hubby was off work for the 2 weeks with me and we were more relaxed. I work off shore so only home 2 weeks every month. So tricky one to time.. 😔

Stef92 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:46:05

CD15 for me, TTC baby #1. Probably already ovulated but we've not done any tests this cycle due to being at his parents for a few days, I'm still in fertile window according to apps etc but we aren't hopeful of success this month due to being away.. AF due on or around 2 weeks today!

Ginge35 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:50:34

Thanks ladies! We've already DTD but outside the window at the mo so gonna crack on again at the weekend! My poor hubby keeps asking me "when I need him next!" It makes it sound so awful! 🙈
Just trying to get the odd spontaneous one in there just so he doesn't feel as used! 😂😂😂😂

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loulou252419 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:12:19

Hi 👋 cycle 3 TTC, AF came 5 days early so all out of sync but after being on the pill for 15 years I was expecting it to take a little while for my body to get into a rhythm. Cycle 1 I was an absolute crazy lady expecting to be pregnant straight away, cycle 2 I’ve been so distracted with Xmas and a nasty cold that won’t go away fingers crossed I can be a little more chilled this month and share all the crazy with you lovely ladies not my poor dp!

HighlandMam1 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:14:56

I'm due to ovulate on the 6th too! This is our 3rd month of trying. I've felt quite stressed the last couple of months so we ditched the ovulation sticks and we're just going to go with the flow and hope for the best!!

Sammiantha2020 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:17:43

Can I join you Ladies? Currently on cd 6. Where’s everyone else?

Ginge35 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:24:15

Thanks for joining ladies! I'm cycle 2! I was a raging nut job last month. I literally thought I'd get pregnant in the first go, so my body decided to trick me! Nausea, cramps, sore boobs the lot! But nope! 4 PT's wasted when I should have just waited for AF to show up!
I should say that I'll wait until AF but we all know that none of us will! I know I will cave and waste more money on PT's!
I'm going to try and be a bit more relaxed this month but I highly doubt it!
Thank god I have this sight now otherwise my DH would be retreating for two weeks whilst I go though the motions!

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Sammiantha2020 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:32:23

Hi @Ginge35 what cd are you on? I’m cd 6 & cannot wait to get started this month! I had a bbt arrive in the post this morn so gives me something else to obsess over 🤣.

HighlandMam1 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:32:38

@Ginge35 I was the same as you last month and I even felt totally nauseous by the smell of eggs and was sat convinced I must be pregnant. Nope just mind tricks! I was really gutted after my first cycle and negative test. I've spent years trying not to get pregnant and thought I'd get a positive right away but sadly not! I'm 32 and my clock is ticking very loudly at the moment!!

Hatepickinganame Thu 02-Jan-20 21:33:12

Im one week into the tww but ive convinced myself its not happening this time... i have no idea on my cycles due to having a coil until 28th nov. According to an app i shouldve ovulated around 26th dec, so thats what im currently basing it on to have any idea at all... hopefully ill have more of an idea when i have the next af. Good luck to all of you!

Sammiantha2020 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:37:18

Hi @HighlandMam1 I’m also 32! On reading some of these threads I feel soo old - we’re not right? The first cycle is the most difficult for sure! I had a mmc in October which was awful, but now feeling more positive and desperate for a bfp in 2020!

HighlandMam1 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:43:58

Hi @Sammiantha2020

I feel old too but we're really not! 🙈 oh I'm so sorry to read that! Here's hoping for a successful 2020 for us all ladies!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Sammiantha2020 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:46:35

I’m now wishing I hadn’t waited so long 😢.
Do you use opks, bbt etc? @HighlandMam1

Ginge35 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:49:34

@Sammiantha2020 I'm on cd9 and I'm super regular! Cd14 is my OV day so will be trying over the weekend and Monday!
I'm 35 and been on the pill since I was 15 (my periods were horrific when I was a teenager) so I came off my pill in September but we didn't start TTC until last month. I gave myself time to start taking folic acid and get my body back to normal.
Never wanted children so it was a major shock to have "the conversation" with DH. I told him in May last year and it took him until December to get his head round it all!
Given our age (DH is 37) we are giving ourselves 6 months to conceive and then just going to leave it and just say it wasn't meant to be. We don't want to be creeping towards 40 before we have a child. If it's not meant to be, then we will just have to accept it! I'm not one to mess with Mother Nature

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Wintergal Thu 02-Jan-20 21:51:05

I would love to join the crazy train with you ladies. This is our first proper month of trying.

Ginge35 Thu 02-Jan-20 22:01:26

Hi @wintergal thanks for joining! Good luck for this month!
I think we are all on the sam time
Line in this thread, so we can all keep track of what's going on! Sending baby dust your way!

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HighlandMam1 Thu 02-Jan-20 22:01:59

I'm terrible with the abbreviations @Sammiantha2020 Sorry! I haven't been monitoring my basal temperature. I had been using ovulation sticks but found myself obsessing over them which made me quite stressed. I keep a track of periods and symptoms on my health app (iPhone) My cycles are 31 days so it feels like the longest wait in the world waiting to see if Mother Nature is going to visit me!!

Sammiantha2020 Thu 02-Jan-20 22:05:05

@Ginge35 I was on the pill since I was 18 until I was 30, but only really stopped as I felt my moods were so up & down!
I’m 32 and my OH is 37, we officially started ttc in June, and got my BFP in Aug, however it wasn’t meant to be as I had a mmc in Oct @ 11wks. This time last year I never thought I’d be that fussed about being a mum, however when it happens and you lose it you want it more than ever 😔.
I think you are far from too old!

Flowerpot26 Thu 02-Jan-20 22:08:20

Hey! Yes please, I'm the same dates as you op! Xmas day period, fertile days coming up, we're trying for our second, he's 20 months, im exhausted but also excited to enter this crazy adventure again! Good luck everyone xx

Sammiantha2020 Thu 02-Jan-20 22:09:57

@HighlandMam1 I got my basal body thermometer in the post today 🙌 I can’t wait to get started tomorrow! They do say stress can mess up your cycle so if OPKs cause that there’s no point! I was also 31 day cycles until my mmc, last month was a bit closer to my norm at 33 days. I just want it to happen already!

Ginge35 Thu 02-Jan-20 22:17:31

@Sammiantha2020 thank you! Though all my friends and family already have children! I'm the last one that's childless! Some of my friends have teenagers for children so I do feel old indeed! I think my body is going struggle if I'm honest!
It's never been normal so I'm not counting my chickens! I'm just going to see what happens!
@flowerpot26 we match! 😝 let's see what happens over the next couple of weeks! Baby dust to you all!

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