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This month I’m ditching the Ov sticks and chilling out...

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Mooey89 Wed 01-Jan-20 12:13:41

According to my apps I Ov today or tomorrow.
After 13 months TTC I just want to take a break from obsessively testing so we’ve had sex a couple of times when we wanted to including last night but I want to take the pressure off.

Anyone else been TTC for a while? Anyone due to ovulate about now want to sit out the TWW with me? 🙈

dizzy85 Wed 01-Jan-20 20:14:34

Hey I'm definitely with you! I'm due ovulation tomorrow according to my app and I have also ditched the ovulation sticks this month too. Definitely had enough of the obsessing! I've been trying for about the same time as you give or take a few breaks in between, I did get pregnant but it ended in mmc after 3 months unfortunately. This is our 3rd month trying again after that. I started to dtd a few days after af stopped and now been doing it every other day. Let's hope this is a lucky month for us! are you ttc your first?

HalfPenny28 Wed 01-Jan-20 20:25:47

Totally with you! I'm sick of it and we've not even been trying that long!

Packing it in this month and just going to have regular sex when we feel like it.

I'll keep an eye on when FLO says I'm due to ovulate but other than that I'm letting it takes its course!

Mooey89 Wed 01-Jan-20 21:05:35

@dizzy85 so sorry to hear about your MMC sad Sounds like we’ll be testing at around the same time. Is it your first?
It’s my second but my son is 6.5 and with a different dad so feels like first time! Barely tried with him!
@HalfPenny28 I think that just doing it when you want is the best way.
Tbh at this stage we hardly have sex outside of FW so I have to keep a vague eye out or we’d probably miss it 😂

dizzy85 Wed 01-Jan-20 21:07:34

I think it's the best way just to go with the flow, although it's easier said than done. But I'm definitely gonna try and I feel better just by not doing the opks. I've been enjoying having sex again this month too coz when your tracking it it can feel all too planned and take some of the fun away can't it.

dizzy85 Wed 01-Jan-20 21:16:58

@Mooey89 Thankyou, it was a hard time but I'm all good now, well and truly ready to be pregnant again 😊. Aw that's nice you have a son, hopefully the new chilled out approach helps it happen quicker for you this month. Yay I think we will be testing around the same time that's nice coz other threads I'm on it seems I'm always out of sync with everyone on there 😂

dizzy85 Thu 02-Jan-20 12:04:59

Hi ladies, hope your good. I can feel some ovulation pains today so just going by my app days I think it's right I'm predicting ovulation today. Will get busy later dtd 😆

Mooey89 Thu 02-Jan-20 15:19:59

I caved and did an ovulation test today but it was negative - I have two apps and one predicted today and one yesterday so I suppose that would fit?
DTD yesterday and NYE and will go again tonight, other than that haven’t DTD since Xmas day so that wouldn’t be in FW.
Regretting not doing Ov tests now, typical 🤦‍♀️😂

dizzy85 Thu 02-Jan-20 18:11:19

@Mooey89 ah yer you could have just missed the peak on the test but caught it by dtd so I'm sure it's all good. Do you get any ovulation pains or cm changes to go by? I'm gonna continue for the rest of the cycle dtd every other day I think just incase I ovulate later but I'm pretty sure it's happening now just by how my body feels. I think this month is gonna be the most we've done it in a while 😂 last month I was quite slack so I'm not surprised it didn't happen then.

Mooey89 Sun 05-Jan-20 20:01:33

How are you doing @dizzy85?

dizzy85 Sun 05-Jan-20 20:40:08

@Mooey89 hey I'm doing good thanks 3dpo now I think, trying not to symptom spot too much but automatically my brain is haha. How are you doing?

Mooey89 Sun 05-Jan-20 21:04:45

Haha! Exactly the same!
Earlier I thought my boobs really hurt and had to have a word with myself 😂

dizzy85 Sun 05-Jan-20 21:12:59

@Mooey89 well it's funny you should say that as my boobs usually hurt by now all the way up until period but this month they're not which is making me question things 😄

dizzy85 Fri 10-Jan-20 08:55:40

@Mooey89 how are you getting on?

Mooey89 Fri 10-Jan-20 11:44:28

Currently sitting on my hands to stop myself from early testing! Feel absolutely shattered and a bit sick 🙈

How are you? X

dizzy85 Fri 10-Jan-20 12:53:19

@Mooey89 I caved today and did a cheap test obviously negative at 8dpo but was in my head so had to give in 😂 how many DPO are you now? I've had some spotting yesterday and today so it's making me think I'm out as I do have pre af spotting but it's still early so hopefully not.

Mooey89 Fri 10-Jan-20 13:13:06

App is saying AF due in 5 days, other App says 6, think I’m between 8-9dpo... I wonder if worth doing a FRER later 🙈

dizzy85 Fri 10-Jan-20 14:29:12

@Mooey89 😂 I'm probably gonna test again in the morning but with a cheap one as I only have 1 frer left I might do that on Sunday if af hasn't turned up its due in 6 days. Fingers crossed if you do test keep us updated x

Mooey89 Fri 10-Jan-20 15:11:38

And you love!i love to squint at tests so feel free to upload 😂

Mooey89 Fri 10-Jan-20 16:21:55

FRER negative 🤦‍♀️

Bluerussian Fri 10-Jan-20 16:24:35

Mooey, this doesn't apply directly to me (I'm 70 :-), but I do think you are being very sensible to take the pressure off. Hope you are enjoying life (sounds like you are).

dizzy85 Fri 10-Jan-20 19:41:33

@Mooey89 sorry it was negative, will let you know how tomorrow goes I'll def put a pic if there's anything even faint but today was definitely bright white 😄

Mooey89 Tue 14-Jan-20 16:39:04

@dizzy85 how are you getting on? AF arrived today for me.

dizzy85 Tue 14-Jan-20 17:00:28

@Mooey89 oh no really sorry to hear that hope your ok. Mine is due in 2 days but I keep getting signs it's coming so I'm expecting it every time I go to the toilet 🙄

Mooey89 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:25:33

Yes, mine came early 😤
Have you done any tests?
I’ve asked DH to book a doctors app for a sperm test, I don’t think this chilled out approach is right for me 😂

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