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TTC and on antibiotics - any danger with continuing?

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Rantmum Mon 27-Aug-07 13:43:59

Dh and I are TTC no. 2 - have been for 3 months now. Finally bought an ovulation kit to help time it right etc, and then I get an ear infection and need 5 days of antibiotics over my "fertile" period. I know you are meant to avoid antibiotics when pg, but not sure it this means you should avoid them around conception too - anyone know?

Rantmum Mon 27-Aug-07 13:44:33

if this blush

digitalgirl Mon 27-Aug-07 14:03:35

sorry rantmum, have no idea about this but I do know that people accidentally conceive on antibiotics because it messes with the effectiveness of the pill. i've never heard of this causing problems with the baby.

can't hurt to check with your doc tomorrow though, or maybe ring nhs direct?

SlightlyMadShockwave Mon 27-Aug-07 14:04:44

What antibiotics. Many are safe to take in pregnancy. In fact many women live their pregnancy on abs. It just depends which ones.

Rantmum Mon 27-Aug-07 14:07:38

SlightlyMad - amoxycillan (sp?).

digitalg -yeah, good idea, I may try ringing NHS direct...

SlightlyMadShockwave Mon 27-Aug-07 14:08:38

"Some antibiotics are generally considered safe to take throughout pregnancy. These include penicillin, cephalosporins and erythromycin. Other antibiotics — such as streptomycin, quinolones and tetracycline — pose known risks to a developing fetus and should be avoided."

Amoxycillin is a penicillin so I am 80% sure it is safe. JUst give me 2 mins to google some more

Rantmum Mon 27-Aug-07 14:12:04

Thanks SlightlyMad - I am soooo lazy blush I could have done the googling myself!


SlightlyMadShockwave Mon 27-Aug-07 14:12:18

I have googled and looked at about 8-10 links and they all say amoxyillin is safe and not associated with any birth defects/miscarriage.

I think you will be fine - if it was me I wouldn't worry.

SlightlyMadShockwave Mon 27-Aug-07 14:12:40

No probs...

Rantmum Mon 27-Aug-07 14:15:54

Thanks very much - I did a quick google too and you are right - it seems it should be fine (prob won't conceive anyway - we have been unlucky for the last 3 months so I have no reason to suspect any differently this time!

bearofverylittlebrain Mon 27-Aug-07 14:54:38

I was give amoxycillin when doc knew I was ttc, so guess it must be ok. She even said 'good luck with ttc' when I was leaving

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