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TTC awhile now

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BFP2020 Tue 31-Dec-19 13:37:29

Hey, I've started a more broad thread this month rather than a bus so we can keep it going rather than starting new ones every month.

Here are my stats
TTC no 2 (2 years to have no 1 but we weren't actively trying and I knew nothing about my cycle and DTD not so often)
Cycle 12
AF/BFP 12th Jan
Age 30

Feel free to tag some more @tamalala @Sunflower2019 @ceebee21

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BFP2020 Tue 31-Dec-19 13:39:11

spelled you name wrong the first time smile @Tamalama

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itsbeenalongtime Tue 31-Dec-19 14:06:43

Hi everyone, month 3 of ttc number 2. Fell pregnant immediately with my DS who is now 2. Had a faint line on a frer yesterday but nothing today. AF due on Thursday.

BFP2020 Tue 31-Dec-19 14:11:11

@itsbeenalongtime Welcome Weird you had a line yesterday and nothing today unless it was a chemical. Are you doing OPK's or anything?

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Dlah Tue 31-Dec-19 15:02:59

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd jump on, 32, TTC No 2, been off contraception since Nov 2018, however have issues DTD and have only managed to have full sex once during right window in the last year. Feeling down on things right now, doesn't feel like it's going to happen, DD is 3 and starting randomly saying she wants a sister sad

SonjaMorgan Tue 31-Dec-19 15:28:32

Hey all, hope it is ok to post here. We having been ttc for around a year but 10 months properly, I think. We are going through testing in the new year but I have upped my b6 which seems to be regulating my cycle so might hold off on the tests until the spring. I think I am CD12, no ovulation signs yet.

itsbeenalongtime Tue 31-Dec-19 16:45:02

@BFP2020 Yeah, using clear blue opks. Cycles are pretty much clockwork now so don't think I will going forward. I ovulate (static smiley) on day 14 each month. Regular 28 day cycle.

Chanel05 Tue 31-Dec-19 17:32:42

Hello 👋

TTC number 1
Cycle 15 (I think)
TTC since June 2018
Age 30
Just thoroughly pissed off with ttc.

ChampooPapi Tue 31-Dec-19 20:32:45

@BFP2020 thanks lovely for starting this thread, you guys rock 💜

Me and partner both 32 with two daughters , so trying for number 3.

Cycle 3 now since missed miscarriage back in October at 12 week scan.

CD 5 I think so bring on 2020 bfp! 👣🙏

Tamalama Tue 31-Dec-19 20:55:00

Thanks for the add! My stats are as follows:

TTC #2
Cycle 11
Age 39
Af/bfp due 21st Jan

I'm currently CD 6 so I guess I'll be in my fertile window next week... let's see what 2020 holds!

Toomanydogs Tue 31-Dec-19 21:47:16

Newbie here!
TTC #2
Cycle 14
Age 25
AF 02/01

At that point when I know I shouldn't be getting my hopes up, but still can't help it...
Also on holiday until Saturday, extremely remote area and didn't pack any tests, so even if AF is a few days late I won't really know til I'm home!

Mrssendy Wed 01-Jan-20 09:07:43

Hi ladies! Would love to join if that's ok! @BFP2020 thank you for starting the thread. Right so here are my stats:

Age 30 (DH Age 31)
TTC #2 (DC#1 15mo was a happy surprise. So I'm new to TTC, OPK etc.)
Cycle 11
AF/BFP 28th Jan
Regular period and ovulation day
I use ClearBlue OPK and have had 2 cycles with static smile - wonder why we haven't caught the egg yet? hmm anyway!

Happy new year to everyone and hope we'll get BFPs this year!! Xx

BFP2020 Wed 01-Jan-20 09:28:48

@dlah I know how you feel and everyone else around you is getting pregnant so easily it's like why is it taking me so long 🙈

Welcome everyone I think this will be a nice thread and let's hope we get lucky in 2020.

All we can do is DTD at the right times and hope for the best. 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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Chanel05 Wed 01-Jan-20 09:30:34

I found a diary yesterday and in it on 31st December 2018 I'd written that I hope that in 2019 I will have my baby. I was much more positive then and I sit here on the 1st January not sure I'll even have a baby this year.

BFP2020 Wed 01-Jan-20 10:39:09

Has anyone had any tests done yet or plan to have them done? X

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Chanel05 Wed 01-Jan-20 10:40:39

@BFP2020 DH and I have had tests at a private fertility clinic and we are both 'normal'.

BFP2020 Wed 01-Jan-20 10:56:22

@Chanel05 what tests did they do?

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Chanel05 Wed 01-Jan-20 12:10:39

Dh has the SA, I had blood tests to check AMH, vitamin D and TSH and a vaginal ultrasound where it was confirmed I ovulated (knew that already as I chart) and had a healthy egg reserve. The gynae said I have a "beautiful uterus" 😂. Guess it goes to show that it's what's on the inside that counts! 😂

Toomanydogs Wed 01-Jan-20 14:56:09

If no luck this cycle we'll be going to GP for tests. Very light spotting today which is most likely AF starting, so once we're home looks like I'll be giving drs a call!

Winterbobble Wed 01-Jan-20 15:03:51

Hi ladies - please can I join?
Age - early thirties for me and DH
TTC cycle 8 (plus 4 unofficial trying)
Phoning the Drs this week to get the ball roling!
Tried OPK, conception support gel and even SMEP, no luck so far!

Winterbobble Wed 01-Jan-20 15:04:40

*rolling smile

Mooey89 Wed 01-Jan-20 16:01:57

Hi! Hope it’s ok to jump on.
TTC #2 - fell straight away with DS but 7 years ago with a different dad
Cycle 13(ish)
Ov today
Age 30!

Kataa Wed 01-Jan-20 21:42:56

Hi, I’d like to join please if that’s ok!
We’ve been actively ttc #1 for 12 months, with over a year of not preventing before that. Have had all the tests and a laparoscopy recently which found and removed some endometriosis, also got diagnosed with underactive thyroid.
We have 6 months now to try to get pregnant naturally until follow up at fertility clinic to consider next steps (I assume that’ll be ivf)
I’m 32 and currently cd 7

Hola84 Wed 01-Jan-20 23:06:30

Hi, I'd love to join if that's ok. Been trying for #2 since June 2018, no #1 happened after the first try, hence I guess finding it now quite frustrating and disappointing. Tried the ovulation tests today, around 5pm there was a line, 3 hours later it was gone confused. So happy to share this, it can be a very lonely journey

Hola84 Wed 01-Jan-20 23:08:12

Forgot to add I'm 35, day 10 of my cycle smile

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