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TTC Baby #2 - Month One

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mummyliz18 Mon 30-Dec-19 22:34:27


My little boy has just turned one and we have decided to start trying for baby #2

I'm still breastfeeding and had my first postpartum period mid December.

I will be testing mid January (13th)

Anyone else in a similar boat? 🙂

Emelene Tue 31-Dec-19 03:53:00

I am! My little girl is 13 months, still breastfeeding. It's cycle 2 of us TTC but last month's cycle was so unexpectedly short that we didn't really have a shot! My test/AF would be due mid Jan.

How are you feeling about TTC? I think I'm more nervous than the first time round as I found the newborn months pretty intense! But excited too. grin

mummyliz18 Wed 01-Jan-20 20:49:46

@Emelene how exciting.

I'm really excited but also wonder what on Earth I'm letting myself in for.

I didn't have the easiest of pregnancies and I managed to rest a lot and take things easy - no chance of that with my little whirlwind.

How long did it take you to fall pregnant with your little one you have now?

We were so lucky and it was month number one for us so I'm thinking it may take a while longer this time...

Emelene Wed 01-Jan-20 21:01:09

@mummyliz18 - sorry to hear your first pregnancy was tough. I was really lucky to have a smooth pregnancy and birth last time. We conceived our first within 5 months. smile

SoulMama18 Wed 01-Jan-20 22:15:42

Hello! 👋
We are TTC #2 also.
My LG is 21 months and I am also still breastfeeding her.
I can relate to your nervousness - so much more I know this time round but also so clueless and every baby is different! It's a minefield.

Needallthesleep Wed 01-Jan-20 22:35:55

I’m also trying for #2. Our first is 23 months, we’ve been trying for a couple of months already and of course I’m super paranoid already about secondary infertility and worrying, even though I’m well aware that 2 months is barely anything.

Had my first positive OPK today and testing on 19th. Hoping to DTD today, tomorrow, Sat and Sunday.

Plaw Thu 02-Jan-20 02:01:17


We are trying for number 2.

Our little boy is 20 months old. Technically this is our 3 rd month trying but the first month we hadn’t a clue when I ovulated. Last month I thought we got the timing exactly right but it wasn’t successful.

We got pregnant within 5 months the last time. Super paranoid too as I just turned 35 and I know it might be a little harder.

Positive vibes to you all and hope we have some success stories here!

Ejb86 Thu 02-Jan-20 06:24:18

Hi everyone. This is our first month of trying again. We have a just gone 2 year old and sadly miscarried twin girls at 16 weeks back in September. I guess technically I'm ttc #4 but I only have one little man to snuggle.

According to Ovia I'm in my fertile period, going to do an ovulation test today to see where that says I'm at. Would be due to test around 20th based on my last cycle.

Sending love and hope we're all successful soon. X

Needallthesleep Thu 02-Jan-20 08:45:44

@Plaw I’m another one who has just turned 35 so feel your pain on that front! Fingers crossed

Plaw Thu 02-Jan-20 09:03:04

@Needallthesleep Ah I’m not the only one! But I do think there is a lot of misleading info there, chances are probably lower but you hear lots of success stories of people in their late 30s and early 40s having no issues so going to try to stay positive!

I’ll be testing around the 18th.

tabbycat985 Thu 02-Jan-20 17:33:20

I'm so glad I found this thread!
My LO is about to turn 16 months, still breast feeding & only had my first postpartum period in December.
We've been trying since September but since I didn't have a period I wasn't holding out much hope. LO was conceived first try last time round so fingers crossed 😅

mummyliz18 Thu 02-Jan-20 18:40:25

@Ejb86 I'm sorry to hear you had a loss 🙁 I hope that you have a simple and healthy pregnancy soon ♥️

I was very lucky that I fell pregnant very easily the first time around...

I will be testing towards the end of next week I think... I've just looked back at dates and got an early positive 9DPO last time so we shall see.

I didn't have the simplest of pregnancies first time around so I'm hoping that this one is a little easier and less exhausting!

When is everyone hoping to test?

urbansloth Thu 02-Jan-20 22:06:41

I posted further up this thread but I've changed my username as I was worried about being identifiable! I'm TTC #2, still BF my almost 2 year old, on cycle 2 now as I just got AF a few days ago.
I won't be testing until around the 24th as I'm only on CD3! So I have a long wait. I've ordered some OPKs which I'm hoping will help me to pinpoint ovulation.

urbansloth Thu 02-Jan-20 22:33:22

I posted further up this thread but I've changed my username as I was worried about being identifiable! I'm TTC #2, still BF my almost 2 year old, on cycle 2 now as I just got AF a few days ago.
I won't be testing until around the 24th as I'm only on CD3! So I have a long wait. I've ordered some OPKs which I'm hoping will help me to pinpoint ovulation.

Emelene Thu 02-Jan-20 23:03:01

@Ejb86 - so sorry to hear of your loss.

I'm still in my fertile window but we're trying our best to enjoy it and not make it too pressured etc! Easier said than done but it feels good to have some private time after being constantly surrounded by relatives or having guests over the last few weeks.

Is anyone using any fertility lubricant? I'm using conceive plus which worked last time...

Needallthesleep Fri 03-Jan-20 09:54:58

I’ll be testing around 19th. Currently just about to come into the fertile window, annoyingly have a friend staying tonight, but going to DTD Saturday and Sunday.

At the moment I’m worrying about age gaps. My DD is two next week, I always wanted a second before now but I’ve changed jobs so needed to hold off on having the second until now. Does anyone else worry about that?

Haven’t tried conceive plus. I’m using three different types of OPK though to try and get an accurate view of when I’m fertile! Probably a little insane, but we don’t have sex enough for leaving it to chance.

mummyliz18 Fri 03-Jan-20 21:27:50

I've read about the different fertility girls and using OPKs etc ... last time I just tracked my cylcle on the clue app and also was aware of changes to discharge around ovulation time.

I've followed those signs this time too and hopefully managed to time things right - the waiting is so hard isn't it!

I have a brother who is 20 months older than me and have always wanted 2 children close in age - I've just had my first post partum period so thought we'd begin trying and see what happens as we'd be happy to conceive anytime from now but realise it might take some time ☺️

DontGoJasonWaterfalls Fri 03-Jan-20 22:11:18

Also TTC #2 in cycle 1 here.I'm 25 and have a DD who'll be 6 in April. Due to test around the 11th Jan but only dtd once this month through illness etc so I doubt anything will come of it!

Ejb86 Sat 04-Jan-20 06:20:26

@DontGoJasonWaterfalls I've been pregnant twice after only dtd once. It happens!

DontGoJasonWaterfalls Sat 04-Jan-20 09:46:25

@Ejb86 logically I know that as DD was a total accident blush but in my head it's like "you're actually trying for a baby now so it's going to take ages" grin

Plaw Sat 04-Jan-20 22:18:50

@DontGoJasonWaterfalls omg I’m the same, as soon as you think, you are trying, you straight away feel like you are gonna fail! Fingers crossed we all won’t be trying too long

Wiggleyfingers Sat 04-Jan-20 22:33:34

Hey, we are on month 2 of ttc our second. Dd is 21 months old and we were one of the lucky ones who managed to concieve first cycle last time. Keeping everything crossed we will be lucky again soon!
Currently on cd11, vaguely hoping to follow the smep but not sure we have the stamina 🙈

amethyst45 Sat 04-Jan-20 23:19:25

We are about to go into cycle six of ttc #2. I have a feeling that I ovulate later than my app predicts so been trying to have sex every other day to be safe but of course my husband decides he is too tired tonight so I am irrationally fuming. Dd is one next month and when we conceived her we weren't trying or preventing so there was none of this stress involved. now as the months slip past and the age gap gets greater I get more and more stressed!

Currently on CD 30 (cycles are around 38 days apart from last month which was cruelly 47sad)

mummyliz18 Thu 09-Jan-20 21:44:27

Any symptoms? Any luck?

I tested this morning, knowing it's too early 🙄 I have so little patience

Ejb86 Thu 09-Jan-20 22:19:36


Crazy dreams were a symptom in both of my previous pregnancies. Had some bizarre ones last night. I also feel cold when pregnant. I'm currently sat wrapped up in bed socks and dressing gown, where normally pjs will do.

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