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OPK Help needed

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wibbles Sun 26-Aug-07 22:00:53

I did a test on either Wednesday or Thursday which was negative (is that what you say for OPK??)

I have done another test today which has showed 2 lines but I have not had any other normal symptoms of ovulation (took last pill half way through packet because I had bled for most of the month and got fed up)

Now I am wondering what is going on because I have definitely read somewhere on here about being able to detect pregnancy using OPK although I don't feel pg either?

Any help appreciated.

professorplum Sun 26-Aug-07 23:41:40

When it showed 2 lines was the test line as dark or darker than the control line? If so then you ovulate the next day and are most fertile on the test day and next day. I think normal ovulation signs can be hard to detect. I'm Catholic so am usually looking out for ovulation symptoms and I quite often miss them.

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