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Too many threads and looking for friends to go through the TTC journey

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jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 21:30:25

Hi guys

Not sure about anyone else but i have found that that i have tried posting on various threads and sometimes your own post gets really lost which can be slightly disheartening. I thought i would start this thread for anyone who has just started their TTC journey and together we can share our thoughts and experiences.... i do ask that (not to be mean) that this thread is only for people who have just started their TTC journey to avoid disappointment for people who are way into their journey and who may be experiencing different things. My own story is that i came of the pill in September and have yet to get my BFP. I got my first positive on Saturday just gone and now im 1dpo. Be great to hear from anyone in a similiar boat! Xx

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jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 21:31:58

**1st positive ovulation test!

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NCON Mon 16-Dec-19 22:46:41

Hi @Jenna30, I'm TTC #1 married in late Oct so only started trying since then, ovulation would have happened b4 the wedding so only on cycle 2. Currently 4days DPO, first month using OPK's and temping so nice to know a more exact estimate of when I ovulated but this TWW is seeming endless already!

How u finding TTC?

EithneBlue Mon 16-Dec-19 22:52:54

Hey, I'll join you for company! TTC #1 -- I'm 3DPO now so just chilling in the 2WW ready to test over Christmas. I came off the pill in early October but this is my first month really trying. I think I'll be cool with the 2WW until the end of term on Friday (I'm a teacher) but then a bit worried I won't have enough to distract me from becoming an obsessive test lunatic. I keep telling myself it never happens in month 1, but also keep hoping it does!

jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:08:14

@NCON @EithneBlue hi girlies... thanks for joining the thread. Looks like we all started trying around the same time. This whole ttc business is quite hard isn't it? I was so naive to think it would happen so easily but no one tells you before that it can take awhile. Also, from reading some of the other threads its quite daunting when you hear how long it is taking some of the girls. I know you shouldn't compare but its hard not to over think. Are you guys feeling the same? Obsessive thoughts/symptom spotting? I hope you both get a BFP soon and not so far away. X

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fioney25 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:09:07

Heyy! Is it okay for me to join too?

Came off the mini pill in June after 10 years, fell straight back into regular cycles ever since - so lucky!
TTC for the 1st time this month. Currently on 1DPO and heading into my first TWW! Haven't used opk, just been tracking the last 6 months on an app so let's see what happens! smile. Fingers crossed for you ladies 💘 xx

jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:10:47

@NCON congratulations (wedding news) how exciting and now onto the next step (babies). We are all quite early i guess into our journey so would be great if we can support each other and just really share our experiences.

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jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:13:23

Hi @fioney25 of course you can . I guess we are both on the same dpo! Thats really positive about your periods being quite regular which surprisingly is the same for me too. Hopefully you have more patience than me during this TWW 😅. X

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fioney25 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:17:32

@jenna30 Aww I didn't realise - so reassuring when someone is in sync with your cycle (as weird as that sounds haha) Oh I'm not so sure, I'm counting down the days already. Didn't think I'd get this obsessed so early on in my journey 😄 Keep us posted X

Lucy5546 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:18:32

Hi @jenna30 i feel the exact same as you. Glad im not on my own. I came off the pill the end of september so we are fairly similar. I haven't been using OPKs or anything yet. Took a relaxed approach this cycle and basically just enjoyed DTD. Think i ovulated today. Glad i have someone to share the TWW with haha.

Congratulations @NCON on the wedding. A BFP would be a great wedding present for you 😁

Fingers crossed for you @EithneBlue. I have heard its very possible in month one.

We all seem very close in our cycles. Hopefully we can keep each other going. I had said i wouldnt stress this cycle but now that i have ovulated im already researching again!! I dont plan on testing until i am late though. Which wont be til 4th January!!

EithneBlue Mon 16-Dec-19 23:18:40

@jenna30 To be fair, I have a suspicion that message boards like this might skewer perspectives on how long it takes -- people leave the boards when they're successful and many probably forget to even say they've had a BFP...
Says me, in month 1 hmm

NCON Mon 16-Dec-19 23:21:32

@jenna30 thanks 😊

Yeah I was quite clueless coming in to all of this, didn't realise the fertile window was so short and had no idea about OPK's and BBT and CM monitoring 🥴 definitely feel more in tune with my body than ever before lol

I do try not to symptom spot but at the same time if I feel anything I can't help but think 'maybe' 😂 using various apps but my Ovia app tells me to take a preg test Christmas day even though AF not due till 27-29th 🤔 no idea how that works lol

It is daunting that taking anywhere from 1-12months seems to be the norm but fingers crossed we will all get out BFP's very soon ❤️ does everyone plan on waiting till AF is late before testing? It's so tempting to test early 🙈

NCON Mon 16-Dec-19 23:24:43

Thanks @Lucy5546 great to see so many of us in similar boats

@EithneBlue 😂 that made me lol. But yes you are prob right, I've read so many threads where the OP just disappears so I like to think that means they got their BFP's 😊

jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:29:01

@Lucy5546 funny isn't it? I had the exact same thinking earlier this month and after my af arrived in late November my initial thoughts about taking the relaxed approach didn't last very long once i got my positive on my opk test on Saturday.....and here i am back to researching and googling and thread reading😂. Im glad I'm not the only one feeling like this.

@EithneBlue i agree i noticed that too massively! I understand people getting a BFP and then leaving I suppose (its their personal choice and i don't judge) but it can be difficult for people who are still TTC. If and (if) i get a BFP i hope i can still be just as supportive as i plan on being on this thread or at least offer some kind of update. But hey first i need to get the BFP (getting carried away there). Baby dust to us all.

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AlviesMam Mon 16-Dec-19 23:31:30

TTC after a miscarriage and still birth this year fsad currently 5dpo! AF due Xmas day! X

jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:36:41

@NCON I'm not too far behind you with my expected af. Im due on the 30th. Aghh I'm going to try really hard not to test early (but like you said its really hard) 🙊 and im saying this now and thats only because im only 1dpo! Ask me again in like 5 days 😂. On a serious note i will try. Dread the feeling of seeing the BFN especially when you have tested too early so hopefully if i am patient during this tww it will be all worth it. If not then I'm getting highly drunk and making up for xmas day falling during this tww.

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jenna30 Mon 16-Dec-19 23:38:49

@AlviesMam awh im sorry to hear about your experience. I hope we can support you during this journey and i hope you get a BFP this month. X

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Lucy5546 Tue 17-Dec-19 07:54:30

@NCON i was like you. Didnt have a clue what i was letting myself in for. I have just been monitoring my CM and reading what feels like every thread on here ha.
My symptom spotting drove me insane last month. I convinced myself i had all the pregnancy symptoms did a test day AF was due. BFN. some tests say they can tell you are pregnant before your missed period so maybe thats what your app means?

@jenna30 i was the exact same when AF arrived too. We have tried SMEP this month. Well our own version of it. Have you heard of it? I have been so relaxed. Maybe because we have been so busy. We are away most of this month. Hense why i wont be testing till after AF is due

Lucy5546 Tue 17-Dec-19 07:55:45

@AlviesMam so sorry to hear about your experience. Fingers crossed you get your BFP this month

jenna30 Tue 17-Dec-19 08:19:36

@Lucy5546 not heard of SMEP but i googled as soon as you mentioned it. Looks good. How have you found it using this method? Do you recommend it?

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Lucy5546 Tue 17-Dec-19 08:35:17

@jenna30 we found it great. We DTD almost every second day anyway. It stopped it feeling like a chore and brought the spark back if you know what i mean haha. Once i had my fertile mucus we just did it every day. It helped that we had a few days away together.
To be honest i have read a few threads about it and its not for everyone but it worked for us and im feeling more confident going into the TWW

peachypetite Tue 17-Dec-19 08:40:17

Hi ladies id like to join you. I’ve been off the pill for a year, my cycles are all over the place, so it’s hard to know when I’m ovulating. I came off it to give my body a break and now seriously ready to start TTC. Haven’t used OPKs yet. I’ve been taking folic acid combined with vitamin D.

mimmi91 Tue 17-Dec-19 08:52:23

Hi all, please can I join? I also feel like newbies like me get drowned a bit in some of this forum's threads, so am hoping to be able to join one for real smile

I haven't actually started TTC just yet, this cycle will be my first! Am on day 3 of my period currently, so will begin DTD between Xmas and NY!

Came off the pill in September, and have been CM and BBT monitoring ; agree that I have never ever been so in tune with my body!! Also, how crazy is it that you have no idea/interest in what's going on when you are not thinking of TTC?! I feel like this is something all young girls should do ; or at least be taught to do!!

Fully agree with previous comment about this kind of forum being a bit daunting when you hear how long it can take for some girls to conceive. But we must be reminded this is the internet, and that usually people turn to a forum when they are worried. Am pretty sure most people who have no trouble TTC don't even think of searching for support groups...

Except me lol... because I get very easily obsessed with my projects ; and this one feels like the biggest project of my life (wayyy bigger than my wedding planning ever was), so am pre-empting a support group if/when things turn out to be difficult / frustrating.

How are you all feeling about the DTD ? I'm a bit nervous about making it a bit too clinical, and freaking my husband out a bit... I'm a massive control-freak, and I'm afraid I won't be able to make things very sexy... We don't DTD very often, as have been together for 11 years lol, so am thinking I may get a bit sick of doing it every 1-2 days HAH (don't tell my husband I said this wink ).

What kind of vitamins are you all taking? I've been taking folic acid for a bit over 2 weeks now, and have just ordered some prenatal vitamins for me ad hubby (have read that vitamin C, E, B12, iron and calcium are very important)...

jenna30 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:06:12

Hi @mimmi91 you sound like you are very organised which is great to hear. Especially with the BBt monitoring which i heard is the most accurate reading of when ttc (even im not using this) i think doing this on top of OPK testing would stress me out even more. But its great to hear that you are doing it and it works for you. In regards to dtd yes i can say from experience it is a clinical process and all i can say is if your OH supports you then it should be okay. It still doesn't take away the clinical aspect but needs must as we all know there is such a short window to conceive in a cycle. What i did was explain the process of ovulation and the importance of dtd on certain days to my OH so he understood and he has be great with it. Though we are both beginning to get a bit tired with the process but we both understand that this is what we need to do. If you find it beginning to get so clinical maybe dtd every other day during the fertile window so that it doesn't become so onerous.

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jenna30 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:07:56

@mimmi91 i have been taking vitamin D and folic acid only. Though i need more vitamin d as i have just run out.

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