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CM before BFP/AF? (TMI warning)

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Blondeandbroody Mon 16-Dec-19 16:25:47

Now I know this is one of those things people say don't use as an indicator for pregnancy but well I can't help myself and I'm sure others can't either.

I've been checking my CM since after ovulation (didn't know about it before then to check for EWCM)! The things you learn when TTC.

I am cycle day 29 out of 30 and I've noticed a lot of changes to CM this past few days.

I currently have a thickish and sticky CM, previously it's been clear and almost watery at first glance but then milky when i gather it together but also had some obviously creamier white mucus.

Obviously I've never tested for my Cm before to know what it usually is before AF...

I am possibly 12dpo and due af on Wednesday. I've had cramps for the last two days on and off and in varying levels of pain. Not got sore boobs which I usually have before AF, cramps only ever during AF too. I am somewhat hopeful but all tests so far are negative but possibly too soon (hopefully) I'm not necessarily that concerned if it's a BFN as it's my first cycle. Would be great obviously first cycle and at Christmas and all but gotta be realistic haven't we.

What CM have you had before your AF and before a BFP if you've had one? Curious to see just how different people have it or if there's any trends?

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Jemstar1820 Sun 16-Feb-20 22:24:21

Did you get your BFp?

Bl0ndi3 Sun 05-Apr-20 17:29:06

I didn't no ☹️ @Jemstar1820

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