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can you ovulate twice?

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welshprincess Wed 22-Aug-07 18:30:36

hello all
been avoiding these pages for a while trying not to obsess but... on sunday had some lovely egg white cm, so naturally dh and i got our baby dancing shoes on.
well just now got some more egg white. is it the same or another ovulation?? i suppose its irrelvant (sp?) just texted dh to get home for some loving anyway.
ta for any info
xxx wp

MatNanPlus Wed 22-Aug-07 18:39:02

What has it been like in the intervening days?

welshprincess Wed 22-Aug-07 18:51:18

hi nmp
nothing inbetween then and now. most perplexing!

Wilkie Wed 22-Aug-07 18:58:34

Just to say I get that too (not TTC just noticed you post). Interested to see if you get an answer.

totaleclipse Wed 22-Aug-07 18:59:49

Yes, hense, non identical twins

Ceebee74 Wed 22-Aug-07 19:14:49

I think I did the month I conceived. Had a positive result on an ovulation stick at about the right time in the month (my cycle was irregular though) so we got our baby dancing shoes - however, according to the scan dates etc, actually conceived DS 2 weeks after this time so I am guessing yes you can.

welshprincess Wed 22-Aug-07 19:56:32

oooh, potential good news then!we get another chance this month. twins eh. that would be interesting!! wont tell him though. thanks for your replies and good luck to all. xxx

Easywriter Wed 22-Aug-07 20:02:57

Yes and I have two non-identical daughters to demonstrate the point. Incidently, ovulating twice is hereditary (so non-identical twins run in families).

Even freakier, if you ovulate twice, it is possible to have sex on different days with different men and have 'twins' who have different fathers.

Good stuff eh!

Wilkie Wed 22-Aug-07 20:24:26

Oh my dear sister has non-identical twins. Are you serious??

welshprincess Wed 22-Aug-07 20:24:56

thanks for that ew, im so excited!! there are twins somewhere in the family. will defo get bd tonight. yippee!!

Wilkie Wed 22-Aug-07 20:25:33

welshprincess Wed 22-Aug-07 20:31:34

too! if you google 'ovulation twice in one month' you get a 2003 canadian study that explains it. sorry, havent worked out how to do links!

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