Starting IVF in Scotland

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Lily999 Tue 03-Dec-19 14:37:35

We had our screening appointment last week when both of our bloods were taken, now waiting to receive the results and start IVF in January.

Is there anyone here referred to Ninewells, Dundee or anywhere else in Scotland? Would love to hear from anyone who's had IVF or ICSI recently or about to embark!

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JenniferRo28 Thu 23-Jan-20 10:21:56


How are you doing?

We have been referred to Ninewells for IVF and have our first appointment on 4th Feb. Can you tell me what happens during the first app please? Is this the screening app or does that follow later?

BelleBox19 Thu 23-Jan-20 10:27:28

Hi @Lily999

There's a thread on the infertility board called 'infertility investigations/IVF in Scotland' that might be helpful for you. Not sure how to share a link xx

Lily999 Mon 27-Jan-20 11:46:35

Thank you @BelleBox19!

@JenniferRo28 the first one will be when both you and your partner have to attend, they will do a smoke test, measure your BMI, fill in some forms and take blood from both of you. If everything is ok you will start within 3months of that appointment and things will speed up smile

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JenniferRo28 Tue 28-Jan-20 12:49:47

@Lily999 thank you for the info. Im looking forward to next weeks appointment. Its been a long wait since our referral in October and its been a bit of a struggle mentally and emotionally.

Im following your journey on the other thread and wish you the best of luck xx

Lily999 Thu 30-Jan-20 10:31:55

Hiya! Thanks for following my story smile Yesterday went well, we got 10 eggs that was to be expected on the mild protocol. We are waiting for the phone call to find out how many of them fertilised, this wait is awful. I keep thinking there will be 0, my mind is going crazy. I am back at work today, anxiously waiting for the phone to ring, I was the last one in yesterday so I knew they won't do ours first thing in the morning, but it's very hard still.

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Lily999 Thu 30-Jan-20 10:46:26

So, got the call, not great news, but not the worst either, we got 4 embryos. They will call us on Friday to let us know how they are doing, transfer is booked for Monday. Just have to hope one of them will make it.

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JenniferRo28 Mon 03-Feb-20 19:20:10

Hi @Lily999 how are you doing?

Lily999 Tue 04-Feb-20 11:20:04

Hi @JenniferRo28 so sorry for disappearing, had a crazy weekend for sure.
So I had 10eggs and 9were mature. 4fertilised we thought at first, but on day 3 they called us with an update and said actually 5fertilised so we were pleased with the over 50% fertilisation rate after all.
On day 3all 5of them were developing, 4of them nicely dividing, and the little extra one that was the +1 that fertilised late was way behind with only 3cells so we knew that wasn't gonna make it, but it was comforting to have and extra smile
Yesterday was day 5 and that's when we wanted to have the transfer. When we got to the clinic the embryologist said we have 2 top embryos grade 5BA and he is very happy with them so let's put one back in and one can go to the freezer.
We had the transfer straight after that and came home feeling so relieved and happy.
I know it is a hard and difficult process, and I also know it might fail, but at this point I am very happy for being able to ay we got thrgouh it and created 2 embryos smile
Now all we have to do is wait for 2 weeks then test.

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Lily999 Tue 04-Feb-20 11:20:30

Your first appointment is today, right? Please do keep me posted!

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JenniferRo28 Tue 04-Feb-20 16:37:21

Aw that’s great news you've been in my thoughts. Hope the next 2 weeks don’t drag in too much for you.

We are just home from our appointment, everything was fine and all going well we are looking at April so doesn’t seem too far away at all. Just need to keep myself busy until it’s my turn lol.

Lily999 Fri 14-Feb-20 10:21:38

Good morning! Got a beautiful BFP this morning for Valentine's day!!! All over the place and walking on clouds at the moment just wanted to update you :*

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JenniferRo28 Fri 14-Feb-20 12:32:57

@Lily999 Hi, i have been keeping an eye on the TWW thread and noticed this morning (ridiculously early haha) that you got your BFP. Absolutely thrilled for you thats wonderful news. You cant ask for a better valentines day present than that eh! I wish you a very healthy 9 months. This has made me excited to get started now smile

Lily999 Fri 14-Feb-20 14:40:19

Thank you @JenniferRo28 yes, we tested at 5am as I could not hold my pee any longer haha! But it was a beautiful moment when he told me I will never forget that. I know we have a long way ahead of us, but hoping for the best and keeping positive is the policy I am planning to keep smile
Please do keep me posted as the spotlight has moved over to you!!! April can't come soon enough! (having mixed feelings as it'll be my 35th birthday in April, also starting second trimester so not sure if I am looking forward to or dreading it more lol)

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JenniferRo28 Mon 17-Feb-20 10:30:26

Hi, hope you had a nice weekend and your lovely news has sunk in?

We got a letter on Saturday from Ninewells with my AMH results and apparently they are high so i am at risk of OHSS. They are suggesting a gentle protocol (whatever that is?) and i have to await further info. They also said i may need to freeze my eggs after collection depending how my body is coping. Did you get a letter telling you what protocol you would be on and how long did you wait after that for more info?


Lily999 Mon 17-Feb-20 11:13:26

Hiya, that's great things are moving forward!
Here is my timeline hope this helps:
Went to Ninewells to get the bloods done for AMH on the 25th of November, received the results back on the 6th of December. Then got the information pack with the protocol, schedule etc. on the 16th of December, so not long after. I was put on the short protocol as my AMH came back very good and they expected me to respond well for stimulation and not need down regulation, It made me very happy as I was relieved to hear the whole process will be significantly shorter and less invasive. I had to call them on the first day of my next period, it was the 15th of January.
Had to go in for a scan 2days later, on the 17th to see if my lining was ok and we could start treatment. They found everything in order (lining was thin and there were no cysts) so we got the meds right away and started injections on that evening. It felt rather quick and we found ourselves in the middle of IVF smile So then I had 1injection per day every evening for the first 5days, then added another one in the morning. This went on until the 27th so 9days of stimms when I got the trigger shot and there were no more injections. Had to go in for scans every second day starting from day 6 so they could monitor the follicles that were growing nicely.
I had egg retrieval on the 29th where they got 10eggs. 5 fertilised and 4 were still going strong on day 3, then on day 5 they transferred the best embryo (5BA) back last Monday, on the 3rd of Feb. Also had another top quality embryo (4BA) to go to the freezer for a sibling or a FET if we don't succeed now.
We tested on Friday that was 11dp5dt, so it was all very exciting, we found the entire process a lot more pleasant than expected.
I was happy to hear I was put on the mild one, and as you see I didn't end up overstimulating so you can't really know how we are going to react to the meds. I was happy for our numbers despite of them not being very outstanding. We were happy and pleased with them. You know what I can recommend you do as well: think about the fact that it could be worse. You will see couples who don't make it to egg collection, or not have anything to transfer and that is sad so please make sure you will always appreciate every little thing you achieve. That is so important!
Sorry I got a bit off track here, the point is that there is a poster on the wall at Ninewells saying they do a freeze all if you have over 20eggs collected. What is your AMH?

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JenniferRo28 Mon 17-Feb-20 13:28:33

Yeah i am delighted things are moving forward, just the letter kind of through me on Saturday, i wanted more info than what they gave me. My AMH is 32.9 and it says i will be on a gentle protocol but i dont know if that means short or long. What was your AMH?

Thanks for giving me your timeline, you were right when you said to me a couple of weeks ago that things move quicky from this stage haha.

I will just need to be patient and wait on the next letter containing information pack and protocol schedule smile hopefully it will come next week.

Lily999 Mon 17-Feb-20 14:13:37

Mild means the short protocol and believe me that is what you want. Mine was 20.1 and I got 10eggs, so hopefully they will get less than 20from you and you can have a fresh cycle as well.
I know it is frustrating, but remember having high AMH is a lot better than having a low one. Imagine having your results come back with 1 or 2 meaning you are lucky if they can get 2-3 eggs, I would chose your AMH over that every time.
My info pack arrived 10days after the blood results and it was during the time running up to Xmas so you might get yours even sooner. I remember checking the post every day like a crazy person :D

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JenniferRo28 Tue 18-Feb-20 10:32:10

@Lily999 Ah ok i hadnt really looked too much into the different protocols cause i didnt know what i was looking for but now i have googled the short protocol and that makes sense. Your right, i would much rather be on the short one, sounds much more appealing smile
I am that crazy wifey checking the post everyday, im like a dog waiting to rip the mail out the posties hand when he is putting it through the letterbox haha.
Thanks for all the info you have given me, youve really been a great help to me. I will let you know when i hear from hospital. Speak soon & take care x

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