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Period 5 days late.... negative tests... need help please!

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MummaShu Tue 03-Dec-19 11:07:22

Hello all, I hope someone can help because I'm baffled.

First to say I'm on cycle 6/7 for baby no 2. I normally could set a clock to AF - I have a 33 day cycle, surge on day 19, ovulation day 20.

Last month I had a very early chemical pregnancy - I had a positive test a few days before due, then it faded, and I had AF two days after I was due. I took that as Day 1.

This month I had my surge at day 19 as usual with positive OPK's. I had what I thought was implantation pains/light bleeding around day 27.

BUT I've had negative pregnancy tests (FRERS, Clearblues and cheapies) since then. I accidentally took an OPK on my due date and it was positive, which I thought was a bit weird, but they've become negative since.

My due date has come, and gone. I am now 5 days late, with negative pregnancy tests. I have none of my AF symptoms - I have no PMS, no cramps, no backache. Also my cervix is high, soft and wet, I'm off sweet food and I'm tired constantly.

I'm going to phone the doctors if it gets to a week but has anyone else had something similar? I'm starting to get concerned now and I don't know what's going on.

Sorry for the long message but thanks in advance x

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