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SMEP - feel free to join! :)

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danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 07:34:40

Hi everyone, just making this thread as it seems a few of us will be trying SMEP to TTC! Adding these lovely ladies in from another thread but I hope everyone feels free to join! All welcome smile

@Devgirl31 @fayy123 @NCON @MrsKJW19

Some stats about me:

TTC #1
27 years old, DH is 28 years old
Missed miscarriage in October 2019 at 7+2 weeks
Still in that cycle (no AF yet)
Long and irregular cycles, some anovulatory
Suspected low progesterone/hypothyroidism (I think this based on symptoms, not diagnosed yet!)

Hope we can all provide support for each other in this crazy TTC journey.

Feel free to introduce yourselves smile

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 08:16:51

Amazing! Aww sorry to hear about your MC. Hopefully this is our moth! Is this your first month of trying SMEP? X I’m already 2 days in. Started cycle 7 lol going to give myself a break today! Hopefully it works

NCON Tue 03-Dec-19 08:31:51

Hi all,

Thanks @danielasummer for making this new thread. I am sorry to hear about your missed miscarriage.

Hey @Fayy123 thought it was best to answer on here so there isn't confusion with the 2 threads. I'm on cycle 2 so same as yourself!

I'm 30 (31 next week) TTC #1, cycle 2 so still early days. CD 5 so gonna give SMEP a try for the first time, excited although I do hear it can be quite exhausting so I hope I keep up 😂

Fingers crossed this SMEP works for all of us! I have a good feeling about this month 🤞🏼

NCON Tue 03-Dec-19 08:34:32

Oh sorry @fayy123 I see you said cycle 7, I thought u had said this was your second cycle trying on last thread 🤦🏻‍♀️

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 09:49:31

Sorry I meant it’s cycle day 7 for me! I’ve just started trying it’s also my second cycle trying x

TunnocksTcake Tue 03-Dec-19 09:54:54

ooh yay an SMEP thread!
I am 29, dh 32, we are ttc #1, cycle...7 I also had a MMC that was found at the 12 week scan in July, when foetus measured 7weeks. Tried for 2 months before i fell that time and I'm now on Cycle 5 since which is infuriating.
I'm on CD 15 and got my peak on CB digi this morning, a little earlier than expected, and after a spontaneous morning bd (which NEVER happens!) so we're on three days on the trot now.
Does it matter what time of day you do it? Just thought if we started with a morning bd do we have to carry on with mornings?!! fshock

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 10:02:01

Also my first time trying SMEP X

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 11:11:53

@fayy123 thanks lovely x worst time of my life but moving forwards now! Will never forget seeing that little heartbeat on the screen but I know a healthy pregnancy will happen to me one day smile

This cycle I've already ovulated (I think?) so will try next cycle if I get a negative HPT! Fingers crossed for you!! So tomorrow you begin your OPK testing right? x

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 11:13:14

@NCON no problem! Thanks for joining smile And thank you so much x I've also heard it can be exhausting haha only 3 more days until you begin OPKs! I think December has a good feel to it too! x

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 11:15:55

@TunnocksTcake welcome! So sorry to hear of your miscarriage.. here's a handhold, it's the absolute worst in the world isn't it flowers thinking of you.

So exciting that you BD and had your peak!! That is definitely a sign, isn't it?! Did you BD before you did your CB testing? So excited for you! Keep us updated! I don't think it matters what time of day as sperm can live up to 3 days (I think?) so if you BD tomorrow night, you should be fine (in my opinion). That is how we thought of it this cycle for us and we BD in the morning one day and night time the next x

TunnocksTcake Tue 03-Dec-19 12:18:58

@danielasummer Thank you lovely, and sorry to hear of yours too. flowers it was a horrible time but as you say I am hopeful I will get my bfp one day. Fingers crossed we wont be waiting too much longer

I know I was shocked! We never do it in the morning, just really felt like it! And yes before I even did my CB test fgrin feeling well proud of myself haha!
Yes you're right I keep forgetting that once a day is actually pretty regular in the grand scheme of things and those 12 hours wont make much of a difference!! Hoping this will mean af is brought forward a few days as it was due on the day we are having an Xmas do which wouldn't be too jolly if I get af!
Have you been using OPKs or just going by bodily signs?

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 13:00:16

I’ve already started using OPKS on cycle day 7. Really trying to catch it this month. 😂 it’s cycle day 9 for me today.. hopefully I get my PEAK soon. Last month I got a positive on CD12. But was really BD around that time. So once you get your positive and you do the 3days and one day off and another one, do you have to continue after that? Or Isit just a waiting game?

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 13:04:40

Sorrry I meant *wasn’t

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 16:43:39

@TunnocksTcake thank you x Let's hope we're not kept waiting too long!

Ahh that's totally a good sign in my opinion! Biologically women are more 'aroused' when they are ovulating so I really have my fingers crossed for you. Especially if you don't normally BD in the morning!

This cycle we just went with bodily signs as we weren't going to try so soon after the miscarriage.. then EWCM came and we thought sod it, let's try! So we had no time for OPKs or anything haha. But next cycle will definitely try SMEP.

Have you always used the CB digital or did you ever use the internet cheapy ovulation sticks? Do you recommend the CB? x

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 16:45:08

@fayy123 I can imagine I'd be the same haha, starting them as soon as AF finishes! The sticks are so cheap, so why not!?!

I think it's a waiting game after the peak and lots of BD, because you've ovulated so there's no point BD again. That's what I understood of it anyway, I may be wrong.

Are you using any apps to track or good old fashioned pen and paper? x

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 16:55:41

Ahaha exactly! I’m just taking pics of my OPK strips. So far it’s negative but will continue to BD every other day until I get a positive. I’m only testing once a day and that’s when I get home from work around these times. I got a positive OPK at cd12 last month. Hoping the same this month! Are you using OPKS as well? I’m a teacher and want my maternity to go off work for July so I get the summer pay 😆😆😆 hoping you god it works because it will be perfect to conceive this month xx

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 18:14:06

@fayy123 did you get the OneStep ones? Are you going to test twice a day when they start to get darker? That's what I plan to do I think.

I'm not using OPKs yet but will do next cycle. It was too late for us to think of OPKs this cycle as we weren't going to try straight away (following the miscarriage) so we decided on the night that we wanted to try again and that was that!

Ahh are you primary or secondary? That would be good timing wise! Fingers crossed that the stars align for you this cycle!! smile x

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:23:53

Yes I’m using the one cycle ones from amazon! Aww! So are you not following the SMEP this month? And I’m secondary x

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:26:05

This is what I got last month at CD12 using one step and another OPK from boots to double confirm. one step are pretty reliable and have some good reviews. Anyway I was just trying to figure everything out last month and only came across SMEP now! That’s a positive right? X

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 18:33:37

@fayy123 no not this cycle but if I'm not pregnant now (which I don't think I am) then we'll try SMEP next cycle smile

Yes I think so! Have you heard of the app 'Premom'? If you take a photo of the LH strips it tells you if it's positive and gives you a score. I haven't used it before but I've downloaded it for next cycle. Some posters were talking about it on here x

fayy123 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:55:54

ohh okay. When will you be testing? Yes I’ve heard of something like that but it’s not free lol. I think I’ll know when I get a positive. That looked positive to me last month! I should be fine! Hope you get your BFP this month! It’s your first as well right? X

danielasummer Wed 04-Dec-19 10:55:05

@fayy123 I think maybe Sunday or Monday.. will leave it as long as possible. AF due tomorrow/Friday which will probably show up! At least I'm well stocked for SMEP next cycle smile

Ahh is it not free? I downloaded it and I'm waiting for my next period to start inputting data.

Yes it'll be my first child. How about you? x

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 13:49:09

have you started SMEP yet? X

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 13:50:31

I’ll download the one you’ve just told me about now. I thought it wasn’t free as if tried another one some One else suggested but wasn’t free x

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 13:50:56

I’m 24 and yes it’s also my first child x

ChampooPapi Wed 04-Dec-19 14:29:58

I've returned and ready to join, guess I'll be testing end of December, period due around the 27th. From tomorrow it'll be baby dancing central 🦸💜

ChampooPapi Wed 04-Dec-19 14:33:21

Oh vital statistics!


Trying for third baby, me and my partner have 2 other girls age 21 months and 10 years.

Miscarriage/surgical management October 22nd

So second cycle on from that but first since first period post surgery

I should be fertile from this weekend but god knows so going to just have as much sex as humanly possible for the next 2 weeks

LosingtheTTCplot Wed 04-Dec-19 14:46:39

Hi Ladies.

Going to try SMEP this cycle although I’m trying to delay ovulation as last cycle was CD7/8. It’s normally CD11.

TTC #3, hubby’s first.

I’m going to start BDing CD6 and OPKing then as well and do every other day until first positive OPK, had 3 days worth last cycle, then every day as the SMEP tells you to. Just starting a bit earlier!

AF due Christmas Day

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 15:12:31

Heyyy! Welcome to the SMEP club 😂 is this your first time doing SMEP?

LosingtheTTCplot Wed 04-Dec-19 15:47:16

Yes first month, hubby doesn’t know it yet though! Haha!

Cycle #7 and had 3 chemicals and a false positive digi (missed OV because of it!) in that time.

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 16:31:00

Aww I’m sorry to hear, I hope this is our month. I haven’t told mine either and I don’t plan to. I feel like it’s less pressure and they ‘perform’ better when they don’t know the plan ahaha. What cycle day are you on? X

LosingtheTTCplot Wed 04-Dec-19 16:37:37

Is it your first month too then?

I’m going to have to tell mine, otherwise he will pester me every day for it and that isn’t on unless it’s the 3 days of DTD! Lmao.

Going to do the regimented way and next month can be a little more fluid.

On CD4 at the moment, just coming off now. Will OPK tonight as really worried about missing the egg x

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 16:59:46

Ahahaha that’s true! Yes it’s my first month trying the SMEP! Is this also your first baby? X

LosingtheTTCplot Wed 04-Dec-19 18:36:05

@fayy123 my third his first.

Didn’t even try with the other two they just happened! This one 7 cycles so far!

What CD are you?

Just done an OPK even though I’m still spotting and definitely negative so Hopefully I’ll ovulate later than CD7/8 as last cycle and hopefully later than CD11 as normal.

Tbh I just like POAS! X

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 18:59:29

Nice okay. I’m on CD 10. Started at CD7 🙈 just tried to BD now and husband couldn’t ‘finish’ but I’m persistent it happens tonight lol I just gave him a break. I’ve been taking OPK since CD7 as well. Took one today and it’s negative. Do you think it matters for we miss today's just in case he can’t ‘perform’..

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 18:59:59

* if

danielasummer Wed 04-Dec-19 20:12:23

Hi all and welcome new posters!! smile

@fayy123 so we haven't started just yet as I'm in my TWW from BD randomly when I had EWCM this cycle (not counting on it being positive though as my system is still out of whack from the miscarriage) so will start it next cycle if I'm not pregnant. How are you doing with it so far? It's lots of BD!! How are you getting on with Premom? There's loads out there so it's hard to know which is the best app! Also I don't think it matters if you miss tonight, as long as you BD every other day you should be fine.

@ChampooPapi hi lovely, good to see you back on the boards flowers Lets hope there's no AF for you around Xmas... and lots of BD in between! It's exhausting I've heard haha.

@LosingtheTTCplot hi, welcome. I'm going to do the same as you, pretty much as soon as I've finished AF I'm getting those OPKs out! Can I ask how you delay ovulation?

My husband knows all about SMEP and he's on board with it and ready for next cycle! Woop!

Wiggleyfingers Wed 04-Dec-19 20:26:15

Hi everyone!
I'm ttc #2 and I'm on CD10 at the moment.
@fayy123 I'm also a teacher and hoping for a September date date for summer pay! 🤞

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 20:33:54

Hope not! Xx

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 20:34:48

Aww!! Hope we can get it right! 😭😭😭 are you doing SMEP this month?

LosingtheTTCplot Wed 04-Dec-19 21:06:49

@danielasummer hi. Last cycle was 20 days (normally 24/25) and ovulation was CD7/8 (normally CD11). Only thing I changed was I stopped taking B vitamin complex.

So I did some reading as CD11 isn’t ideal so CD7/8 was ludicrously early. Doesn’t allow the egg to mature or the lining to plump.

So I’ve started from CD2 a 50mg tablet of just B6 as the complex only has 1.4mg of B6 in it.

Figured I have to try something and it indicates B6 as the culprit.

Spoken to hubby and he is on board with SMEP this month! Woo hoo! X

Wiggleyfingers Wed 04-Dec-19 21:09:37

Yes we are going to try, I just hope we have the stamina! Started OPKing from today so hoping to get a positive over the weekend.

fayy123 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:28:09

It’s a lot of BD!! I’m worried that we won’t be able to do it🙈 it’s really exhausting especially working! So far I’ve BD cd7,cD8, CD10 which is today and couldn’t.I hope I get my positive soon so I can just relax! Arghhh

Diamond94 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:29:08

Hi everyone
Can i ask how SMEP works?

Ttc baby no1! First month of trying ☺️

LosingtheTTCplot Wed 04-Dec-19 21:57:46

@Diamond94 you have your sexy time every other day starting at CD8 until you get your positive OPK, you then have sexy time every day for 3 days straight, then a day of no sexy time, then sexy time one last time just to finish off the SMEP. You can then rest!

LosingtheTTCplot Wed 04-Dec-19 21:59:54

@fayy123 I’m feeling tired thinking about it and also have a teenager in the house so have to be quiet!

Going to have to have some silent sexy time I think.

Diamond94 Thu 05-Dec-19 05:57:13

@LosingtheTTCplot thank you for the reply, im CD10, we dtd 2 days ago so ill make sure we do it tonight! I work 12.5 hour shifts so it really is exhausting 😴

TunnocksTcake Thu 05-Dec-19 09:24:58

I'm on day 3 now of the three day straight and looking forward to our break tomorrow!! Still waiting for my temp to rise after the peak 2 days ago but hopeful it will rise tomorrow, seem to remember from previous that I am a bit of a slow riser smile

LosingtheTTCplot Thu 05-Dec-19 09:27:08

@Diamond94 my hubby woke up full of cold. Told him he needed vitamin c and that we have a schedule to stick to!

Thankfully we both have a 9-5 and that’s tiring.

Fingers crossed for you x

lunamoon1 Thu 05-Dec-19 13:40:02

Hi ladies, mind if I join? We'll be doing SMEP this month too to hopefully get that BFP🤞🏼 on CD4 and usually don't OV til CD18 or so, so I have a bit of a wait to go!
Lots of baby dust to everyone✨

danielasummer Fri 06-Dec-19 06:56:42

@Wiggleyfingers hi! How's it going so far? X

@LosingtheTTCplot ahh I see! Gosh I ovulate very late as my cycles are super long, you must oculate loads of times in the year! Envious over here! 😃 how is SMEP going? Glad your OH is on board and make sure he gobbles down that vit C haha! X

@fayy123 how's it going? I'm on CD1 and I'm already wondering how much stamina we'll have for all the BD 🤣 x

@Diamond94 hi, welcome! Someone else has already explained but just wanted to say hi and ask how you're getting on! Must be hard with super long can do it! X

@TunnocksTcake how are you doing? Have you had the peak yet? Fingers crossed for you!! X

@lunamoon1 hi, welcome! How's it going? Aw bless you. I normally ovulate around day 27 so it'll be a lot of BD on my end too! X

My lovely period came today which has bought a whole MIX of emotions..from bringing me back to when I bled from my miscarriage to feeling somewhat refreshed and like my body's back on track from it. So, I'm all stocked up on OPKs and will mark an X on the calendar for when we need to BD (my phone calendar, not the one on the kitchen wall for all to see 😂) fingers crossed for all of us this month. Keep us all updated! Xxxx

TunnocksTcake Fri 06-Dec-19 07:18:02

@danielasummer sorry af got you. thanks it is a weird mix of emotions isn't it but as you say it's good to know your body is working as it should and preparing fully for the next cycle when you can really go for it. Build up your strength for the next couple of weeksxxx

I got my temp rise today, and quite a big one too! I usually gradually go up but it's been the same since I got my peak and today shot up by 0.5. Relieved to see that. Have now done our 3 days on the trot so rest day today (yay!)

fayy123 Fri 06-Dec-19 08:19:38

I feel like I’m out before I’ve even started sad we only BD cycle day 7&8 so far. Hubby is just not able to do it( I think it’s the pressure, even though I haven’t told him I feel like he knows) . and I know I’ll get my peak today at CD12 Which I got last month! Don’t know what to do! I really wanted it this month as well. Any advice? It’s date night tonight but I still feel like it won’t happen. I mean it happens but unable to ‘finish’ 😔😔😔😔😔 any advice guys?

Diamond94 Fri 06-Dec-19 09:10:46

@danielasummer hey.. well iv failed already 😂 should have BD yesterday but im a nurse and i had such a busy shift and was sleeping by 9.30.. so epic fail!
I hope you're doing ok.. just think its a fresh start xx

LosingtheTTCplot Fri 06-Dec-19 10:30:17

SMEPping starts tonight for me!

Question - should I just use preseed on the 3 days straight bit or when the OPK starts to darken?

Opk is about a 0.1 at the moment so very negative! X

TunnocksTcake Fri 06-Dec-19 11:40:46

@LosingtheTTCplot I would say its probably worth it on the days its starting to darken as you wont have your natural EWCM yet so it will help keep the early guys alive for as long as poss. Estimate approx 5 days before O and start using it then maybe as thats the longest they can survive in ideal conditions.

@fayy123 Oh that sounds so hard I'm sorry. Im afraid I don't have any useful advice or experience but its probably about calming down and taking the pressure off so hopefully a nice date night will distract him? Good luck!

danielasummer Fri 06-Dec-19 15:34:16

@TunnocksTcake thank you. Yes, it is, but I'm trying to tell myself it just wasn't our month (although if it was, our due date would have been our first wedding anniversary - spooky!) That's great that you got a massive spike! Enjoy your rest day. So back on it tomorrow then a break? So excited for you - please keep us updated! Fingers crossed!! x

@fayy123 I'm sorry that's happening to you sad maybe withhold a little for a few nights then recommence, then your DH will be really 'ready'?! Remind me which CD you're on? x

@Diamond94 You haven't failed! Which CD are you on? Honestly I think timing's only crucial in your fertile window, so when you should be BD 3 days in a row. And thank you, thinking of today as a fresh start, you're right smile x

@LosingtheTTCplot As Tunnocks said, I would start using pre-seed when it starts to darken. That's my plan if I don't fall in the next few cycles anyway x

fayy123 Fri 06-Dec-19 15:48:35

I’m on CD12 today, and I know I’ll prob get my positive today. The last time we BD was on Sunday and Monday. We managed to do 2days in a row, he was really excited as he’s been waiting for more than a week! But for some reason all odds are against us now! 😒 maybe it’s just not meant to be.

Diamond94 Fri 06-Dec-19 23:13:02

@danielasummer im cycle day 11 today 🙈 only BD Tuesday and today so far.. my app says ill ovulate monday but this is my first month off the pill, though tmi but when i wiped earlier they're was the tiniest amount of pink staining.. strange 🤔

ChampooPapi Sat 07-Dec-19 10:46:39

Started baby dancing thursday night, did friday afternoon, and going to dtd when the toddler is asleep today in a couple of hours. I will also do tomorrow as my partner is away until thursday each week so just going for every day he's here smep wise. I think loads of sex is hopefully just going to give us the best chance, he's certainly not complaining.

But then again he knows with our two other girls as soon as i'm pregnant there is zero sex for like 9 months so he knows go for it when the goings good

ChampooPapi Sat 07-Dec-19 10:48:21

Oh i'm on CD 12, but god knows when i'll ovulate so sex sex sex grin

I find if we don't have sex when he's here every day i get paranoid during the week i've missed the chance, god this ttc is mental insanity sometimes

fayy123 Sat 07-Dec-19 12:27:13

Similar to me! I only BD on Sunday and Monday and last night. I’m on CD12! My app says I’ll ovulate tomorrow! I still haven’t got my positive OPK. Are you using OPKS? I feel ovulation cramps tho!

fayy123 Sat 07-Dec-19 12:30:24

what Are the chances of falling if you do it once right before you ovulate😂😂 this is so draining!

danielasummer Sat 07-Dec-19 16:06:48

@fayy123 you only need to do it once for it to work! When I got pregnant in August that's how it happened for me. Have you tested again today? If not/it's negative then I'd wait until tomorrow to BD if you BD last night smile

@Diamond94 ooh do you have any egg white cervical mucus? That could also give you an indication of ovulation! As can cervix position but I've never tried that. What does your OPK say?

@ChampooPapi yes lots of sex sounds like a good plan! Keep a healthy supply at all times (what have I turned into haha?!) what do your OPKs say today?

I'm on CD2 and it's dragggingggggg but I know that next week we can begin which is exciting!

fayy123 Sat 07-Dec-19 18:28:20

Yes I tested today as well it’s negative. I tested twice actually. And I BD last night. My app says I will be ovulating tomorrow and other app says I’ll be ovulating today but still not had a positive OPK yet. Hubby is away today and will be back tommmorrw so I have to miss a day regardless lol. Did you BD all 3 consecutive days when you conceived in August? X

Healthypositivity Sat 07-Dec-19 18:41:52

Hi can I join@danielasummer. Don't really know where I belong lol
I am not TTC nor am I preventing.
Hope all is well with everyone

danielasummer Sat 07-Dec-19 19:36:23

@fayy123 BD tomorrow will be perfect then as it fits with the SMEP guidelines smile fingers crossed you get your positive OPK tomorrow! Did the line look like it was getting darker today?

No, we weren't TTC when I fell pregnant in August... so this new cycle will be my first proper TTC post-miscarriage and first time trying SMEP x

danielasummer Sat 07-Dec-19 19:36:57

@Healthypositivity hi lovely, of course you can join! Good luck with whichever route you decide to go down smile x

fayy123 Sat 07-Dec-19 19:45:17

Not really no. I will test again tomorrow and see. But I haven’t really been following the SMEP guidelines. I’ve BD CD 7,8, 12 so far which is not great! So we’ll see X

fayy123 Sat 07-Dec-19 19:46:03

hope this is your month!! Have you been TTC every since the MC? Xx

danielasummer Sat 07-Dec-19 19:49:32

@fayy123 only you know your cycles but with most people the likelihood of ovulating between CD 8-12 is low so honestly I think you'll be fine. Especially if you will be BD from tomorrow and plan to up until positive OPK! Keep us updated!

Thank you, hope its your month too flowers well we TTC before AF arrived (so still in the same miscarriage cycle) but a scan showed I had loads of follicles on ovaries but none maturing.. so maybe all of that BD was a waste of time! Think my body just needed to get AF then can start afresh. Can't wait until CD10 when I can start testing to be honest x

fayy123 Sat 07-Dec-19 19:59:08

Last cycle I ovulated CD12. Might be a bit later this cycle! Should I just continue to keep BD every other day? Do you think people Ovulate outside of CD8-12? X

Healthypositivity Sat 07-Dec-19 20:00:58

@danielasummer just to introduce myself properly.
Will be 37 in two weeks, mother of a 14 year old boy and a soon to be 3 year boy.
Came off the depo in June , due to side effects.
Haven't had a period since. Since Wednesday 4th Dec, been having some lil signs like AF might be coming.
Not really checking AF symptoms, because I've never used to get any major symptoms apart from probably slight weakness in my knees to my ankle.
One thing that is slightly bugging me is I've have 3 very small episode of brown and pink/light red CM AM of wed, similar happened wed evening and Thursday night with no pink/light red, (Nothing since) And a few other little nigglings.
Since then I seem to have a lot of saliva.

danielasummer Sat 07-Dec-19 20:23:20

@fayy123 yes I would keep BD every other day. And yes definitely - sometimes I ovulate on CD25, sometimes CD 37, once was CD20 - mine are all over the place as I have irregular and long cycles. Also remember that stress can delay ovulation.

@Healthyposivity hi and welcome smile have you done a pregnancy test? If you've been having unprotected regular sex then AF may not come and you may be pg? If not then I would wait a few weeks and maybe go to the drs in the new year if you still haven't had a period?

Healthypositivity Sat 07-Dec-19 20:32:56

@danielasummer no I haven't done a pregnancy test. Not really bothered about going doctors if AF haven't come. I'll just use some type of contraceptive pill to bring it on. Am not too fussed about AF right now. Will probably do a pregnancy test on Monday.
These little nigglings just seem like it's my body getting back to some form of normality.
Lol or its very possible I might be in denial.

Diamond94 Sat 07-Dec-19 21:42:38

@danielasummer my opks are still negative. I apparently ovulate on Monday according to my app.. iv never felt for my cervix 🙈.. my cervical mucus is definitely watery but im not sure if its egg white like yet 🤔 im driving myself insane 😂

fayy123 Sat 07-Dec-19 22:27:56

omg I’m the exact same! My CM is so watery as well! And my OPKS are negative! My app says I’ll ovulate tmmrw ahaha.. how is BD going?

Diamond94 Sun 08-Dec-19 05:49:27

@fayy123 hi 👋🏼 its so frustrating isnt it 🤔... i done an opk last night and was getting slightly darker.. so im CD13 according to my app, we dtd CD 8,11 and 12 so far.. which isnt alot 🙄 im going to try BD tonight and tomorrow 🤞🏼.. how are you getting on?

fayy123 Sun 08-Dec-19 06:55:29

so I’m on CD 14 today and today is apparently the day I’m ovulating.. will do an OPK later on today. But I haven’t got a positive yet either ahaha. I haven’t BD a lot either. I’ve done cD7,8,12 only as well. Will try to BD tonight! Hopefully we’ve caught it this month! X

Healthypositivity Sun 08-Dec-19 07:48:46

Good morning@Diamond94 and @fayy123.
If you don't mind me asking this, how long have you ladies been TTC and have you got any children?
Baby dust to you both 🤗

TunnocksTcake Sun 08-Dec-19 09:13:21

I missed the last dtd day yesterday but had my temps confirm I o'd on the last day of the three in a row days so hoping it doesn't matter too much as the egg only lives for 24 hours after that! Will try again today just in case it's wrong!
Interestingly O'd 3 days after my peak, which will mean there's lots of guys in there waiting but shows it's important to keep going for 3 days! I wouldn't do that if just going off OPKs

LosingtheTTCplot Sun 08-Dec-19 10:51:29

CD8 today for me, going to start DTD tonight (hubby keeps falling asleep and kids keep going to bed late).

Very negative OPK yesterday, so hoping OV will be slightly delayed.

fayy123 Sun 08-Dec-19 11:05:44

Heyy I’m 24 and have been ttc since October, so this is my second cycle. But I feel that I should be DTD a lot more... maybe I would’ve fallen by now😂😂 however I’m a school teacher and always exhausted!! Thank you! How about yourself? X

fayy123 Sun 08-Dec-19 11:18:25

Hopefully you catch it this month! Seems like you’ve done well.. did you follow the SMEP to the T? X

Healthypositivity Sun 08-Dec-19 11:24:49

@fayy123 lol it's nice to be DTD, you might just end up with a sore vagi and a baby, so keep at it grin

Healthypositivity Sun 08-Dec-19 11:27:29

@fayy123 I am fine, am not really TTC but also not preventing. Been having some what you would call 'symptoms of pregnancy' but I am calling it symptoms of AF coming.
Haven't had a period since I came of the depo in June and didn't have periods while I was on it.

fayy123 Sun 08-Dec-19 11:31:28

Oh sorry forgot to mention, no I don’t have any children. Exciting times, you might be pregnant? Have you taken a test yet? and do you have any children x

Healthypositivity Sun 08-Dec-19 11:56:41

@fayy123 wow exciting time for you TTC for your first.
I have two boys 14 and a almost 3 year old.
I may or may not take a test tomorrow. Cba

fayy123 Sun 08-Dec-19 12:13:27

Ahaha can be exciting and scary

Diamond94 Sun 08-Dec-19 19:46:39

@Healthypositivity hi 👋🏼 this is just my first cycle ttc after stopping the pill end of october. No iv no other children.. what about you?

Diamond94 Sun 08-Dec-19 19:49:02

@fayy123 we are very similar. Im 25! Stopped pill im october.. and you are one day in front cycle wise! Finger crossed for us both this month 🤞🏼

Diamond94 Sun 08-Dec-19 19:49:43

Iv just been to the toilet and theres pink staining.. hmm 🤔

Healthypositivity Sun 08-Dec-19 20:15:09

@Diamond94 brilliant. Sounds like it maybe implantation bleed. Fingers crossed for you.
I have two boys 14 and a almost 3 year old.

Diamond94 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:53:38

@Healthypositivity hopefully 🤞🏼 due to my pill im not 100% if i will ovulate when im supposed go.. i done a test there and can see THEE faintest line 🤔

fayy123 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:04:31

Did you get a positive OPK yet? I don’t think I’ve caught this month I’m on CD13 and only BD 7,8,12 so far 🙈 no positive OPK yet x

Healthypositivity Sun 08-Dec-19 21:06:54

Wow that's great. Let see a pic. @diamondsmile

Diamond94 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:11:31

@fayy123 i got a dark opk on the 30th but thought it wasn't positive as my app says tomorrow is ovulation..
im definitely not getting my hopes up.. you guys might not even be able to see a line 🙈

Lucy5546 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:17:03

Hey ladies mind if i join.? Cycle 3 off the pill. Range between 28 and 30 days. Last two months i have stressed my self out so taking a more relaxed approach this month. Trying SMEP. Should be no problem for us as we regularly DTD anyway so i just stocked up on some fancy lingerie haha. Cycle day 9 here and i already feel so much more relaxed not tracking anythin this month

Diamond94 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:25:21

@Lucy5546 hey 👋🏼 yeah definitely a good idea just being chilled! Do you have any children already?

Healthypositivity Sun 08-Dec-19 21:27:02

@Diamond94 🙈 can't see a line ATM. Do another tomorrow morning.
@lucy5546 good with TTC. Baby dust to you

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