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NHS referral for clomid

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Sunshine2988 Wed 04-Dec-19 06:48:22

@ForeverHopeful67 no worries! Yeah I think you just have to be pushy. I have a friend who’s a gp which does help as I run everything by her first so I know what I need to ask! I think often if you say “this is what I want to do because...” they are more likely to do it, compared to if you’re just asking them for advice.

Yeah it’s rubbish, which is why I’d be pushy! The guidelines are you have to be seen between 12-18 weeks, and I was 16 weeks.
Not yet, my OH had to go for a repeat analysis which we should have heard back from but haven’t yet. I’m going to phone up this week if we haven’t heard anything. Fingers crossed it will happen naturally in the meantime!!

I don’t know if your problem is from stopping birth control but it might just be taking ages for your body to get back to normal like mine, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to get the NHS stuff moving in the mean time. Xx

ForeverHopeful67 Tue 03-Dec-19 22:55:47

@Sunshine2988 thanks so much for replying with all your info smile
I did go to the docs a few months ago as at that point I hadn't had a period or ovulated for over a year and they just fobbed me off, in currently in progress of swapping doctors, so you think it's worth trying again to see if they refer me? I've had bloods and internal scans before which couldn't identify why I wasn't ovulating.
That is quite a long time to wait for your fertility appointment!
Do you have the date for your 2nd appointment yet smile?x

Sunshine2988 Tue 03-Dec-19 08:34:52

So I started at the gp and they did all my bloods and an ultrasound scan, that all started in feb/March this year. They referred my to a gynaecologist first (don’t think that was necessary! So not sure if that’s routine?) who said I should be referred to fertility.
It was quite a long process, we got our first fertility appt mid October, then I’ve had to have a hysterosalpinogram in November and now just waiting for that second appt where she should finalise the treatment.
My gp was pretty good to be fair, he said as I’m not ovulating at all the 2 year wait would be pointless (I’m 30 btw).
I would just try and get everything lined up before you get your appointment so smear test, all hormone bloods, ultrasound, rubella (my gp forgot to do that so had to ask). Probably worth getting your other half to do an analysis too.
That way you won’t have to wait for loads of appointments and results to come back once you’ve got your fertility appt. xx

ForeverHopeful67 Tue 03-Dec-19 08:16:35

@Sunshine2988 thanks for the advice smile I'll take a look at the ovusense! Currently I'm just monitoring BBT and using OPKs but nowhere near a peak yet.
Do you mind me asking how long it took for your GP to refer you to a clinic for treatment?
On the plus side great news that things seem to be going in the right direction for you now!xx

Sunshine2988 Mon 02-Dec-19 23:00:22

@ForeverHopeful67 - also I know they are expensive but I really would recommend ovusense if your cycles aren’t regular. When I thought I might be about to ovulate I was using clear blue opks and I must have missed it as never got a static smiley, so without ovusense I would still think I hadn’t ovulated. It says it’s 99% accurate too! Xx

Sunshine2988 Mon 02-Dec-19 22:55:42

Hi! @ForeverHopeful67 thank you for your reply smile Glad but also sorry you’re in similar position!
Yeah mine have been pretty light and short too, definitely more like normal though, more pms symptoms etc. I’m worried about that side a bit more now which is why I would like to talk it through.
Exactly you spend so long and I’ve so many different appointments I hate the thought of it being wasted. It’s so typical though with the timing you couldn’t make it up!

I hope it’s not an unusual situation. Ironically I work at a fertility clinic part time, and often people get naturally pregnant as the stress subsides!
I hope everything gets back to normal with you soon xx

ForeverHopeful67 Mon 02-Dec-19 22:44:55

Hi @Sunshine2988 smile
I'm not sure if I can offer an useful advice but if it helps at all I'm in a very similiar position!
Came off contraceptives just over a year ago, have been seeing the doctors for the last few months due to lack of periods, however they have just started coming back ( albeit very light) although I'm still not ovulating so thinking of still continuing with appointments.
I think be as honest as you can, which is what I'm going to do, I'm sure this has happened to many people they've treated before? Just say that things have started returning to normal but you're worried that it won't be consistent smile
I get what you mean though you don't want to have come this far to go back to the start!xxx

Sunshine2988 Mon 02-Dec-19 22:40:39

I’m a bit stuck and I’m really hoping someone here might have been in the same situation!
Long story short came off the pill over 12 months ago - ttc ever since, and only just had my first ovulatory cycle (I bought an OvuSense to track bbt), and second regular period.
I got the ball rolling with the NHS pretty much straight away as I wasn’t having any periods at all, so obviously not ovulating.
Everything came back fine, and I’ve got my my 2nd appt soon where the consultant said she’ll try me on clomid.

Should I keep quiet on my periods and ovulation? I’d like to try naturally of course and want to be honest but I don’t feel like I can be with the NHS for fear of them turning me away after waiting all this time, for what could be a one off!

Any advice really appreciated xx

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