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Family planning and fake tanning - they really don't go together do they?

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corblimeymadam Wed 22-Aug-07 11:12:40

Message withdrawn

peanutbear Wed 22-Aug-07 11:13:53

why cant you have a fake tan and try for a baby [thick emotion]

MrsBadger Wed 22-Aug-07 11:15:20

I'd say carry on regardless, at least till the knees-up.

Once pg it may pay to be a bit more wary, not because it's dangerous but because your skin sometimes develops peculiar sensitivities - worth patch testing even if you don't normally.

aloha Wed 22-Aug-07 11:16:23

Of course you can have a fake tan. It's perfectly harmless. Honestly, women will be asking if they can wear makeup and perfume next!
It's fine.

Sheherazadethegoat Wed 22-Aug-07 11:18:17

keep fake baking (arf arf) paint your nails dye your hair. you are trying to get pregnant not amish.

corblimeymadam Wed 22-Aug-07 11:18:42

Message withdrawn

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