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Depo injection experiences

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Danielle95lab Mon 02-Dec-19 14:28:00

Hello ladies, just looking for anyone's experiences trying to conceive after the depo injection. I'm currently on my ninth month since my last injection. My periods return six months ago, but no BFP yet.

I seem to be experiencing spotting a fair bit mid-cycle as well. I take ovulation tests, but I don't seem to get a positive. Feeling a bit fed up!

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Sarah5678 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:41:38

My last depo was in june 2018 and my first period did not arrive until august 2019! I fell pregnant but unfortunately it ended in a chemical. My cycles since then were 41 days and I am currently on day 77 of the next cycle with a positive ovulation test yesterday! I will never get the depo again it is my biggest regret!! Xx

ForeverHopeful67 Mon 02-Dec-19 22:53:17

@Sarah5678 @Danielle95lab totally agree with you both, I wish we knew the consequences of the injection when TTC! came off in Sept 2018, cycles only just settling down and still not had a positive OPK sadx

Danielle95lab Tue 03-Dec-19 08:26:05

I think it's so disheartening. Sometimes it's not even the fact I've not conceived, it's the fact I think my cycle is normal and then it turns out to be erratic mid-cycle and the negative ovulation tests proving I haven't got a hope in hell till my body flushed this stupid stuff out. Hope you both have more positive news soon💕 xxx

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ForeverHopeful67 Tue 03-Dec-19 22:48:26

@Danielle95lab I know it really is such a disappointing feeling every month trying to figure out what each month will bring! I also find it quite lonely as everyone else I know who is TTC all have regular cycles and positive OPKs! I also have the mid cycle bleeding too. Hopefully we can support each other!
Have you seen your doctor yet?xx

Lotus90 Tue 03-Dec-19 22:57:13

I had the contraceptive implant. I think it's the same hormone as the depot injection? Though I may be wrong. It took me a couple of weeks to conceive after removal (now mum to a 5 1/2 month old!). I've had plenty of friends struggle to conceive post depot, though none that I'm aware of post implant. It's a shame fertility post contraception isn't discussed at consultations. Though at the time of having my implant inserted that would'be been the last thing on my mind. All I cared about at that point was absolutely not getting pregnant!

dementedpixie Tue 03-Dec-19 23:02:04

Depo isn't the same hormone as the implant. Depo can delay ovulation for a year or more

Lotus90 Tue 03-Dec-19 23:07:17

@dementedpixie they both release progesterone

dementedpixie Tue 03-Dec-19 23:10:03

That's true but they are still different hormones that work in different ways. I don't think the implant is associated with the delay in ovulation the way the depo is

Lotus90 Tue 03-Dec-19 23:13:34

@dementedpixie hmm, I don't know. Either way it's definitely a shame that this impact on fertility isn't shared with women at the point of administration

dementedpixie Tue 03-Dec-19 23:15:50 this explains the differences

Lotus90 Tue 03-Dec-19 23:18:40

@dementedpixie no it doesn't, it explains how they're the same

The contraceptive injection works in the same way as the implant. It steadily releases the hormone progestogen into your bloodstream. Progestogen is similar to the natural hormone progesterone, which is released by a woman's ovaries during her period

dementedpixie Tue 03-Dec-19 23:28:06

They work in the same manner but have different side effects:

Implant : If you have side effects, the implant can be taken out.You can have the implant removed at any time, and your natural fertility will return very quickly

Depo: It can take up to one year for your fertility to return to normal after the injection wears off, so it may not be suitable if you want to have a baby in the near future. Using Depo-Provera affects your natural oestrogen levels, which can cause thinning of the bones

They are different hormones and have different effects

AWafferthinmint Tue 03-Dec-19 23:40:03

When we were trying for DC3 I had my last depo injection at Christmas time and was pregnant by April. It took us years to conceive DC2 (after only using condoms) so I was pleasantly surprised it was so fast for DC3.

Danielle95lab Wed 04-Dec-19 07:43:09

@ForeverHopeful67 omg I'm the same, no one understands and it's incredibly frustrating. I use the Flo app to track everything and I always look at their chats to see everyone's experiences and again barely anyone who's had the depo shot. Yeah I've been to the doctors, they said they'd run scans and bloods if my cycle hadn't sorted itself out by new year. Doctor also said she's incredibly hopeful for me, as I got my periods back so quickly. So fingers crossed. But I can tell you right now every negative pregnant test or ovulation test is breaking my heart xx

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ForeverHopeful67 Wed 04-Dec-19 13:45:31

@Danielle95lab I know, i both pleased and sad to find someone else in the same position as me! Hopefully we can help each other through it and give each other hope smile
Have you received a positive OPK at all yet?
I'm thinking of going to the docs soon too as I'm in the process of changing doctors, that way I'm hoping I can get the ball rolling into perhaps fertility clinic looking into things as I know there is a wait!xx

Danielle95lab Wed 04-Dec-19 13:58:11

@ForeverHopeful67 I couldn't agree more. It's so nice to know I'm not alone but agreed really sad. However least we can share experiences.
No positive ovulation test yet. However I use the easy home strip, with the app where you can scan your strip and it tells you roughly your LH level. And I managed to get a high level result last night. But no peak result as of yet. But my cycle was 40 days long last month, so if I manage to get a normal cycle this month I'm not actually due to ovulate until next week. It's a lot better than last month, I wasn't even getting a faint line on tests but this month has been a big improvement.

I really suggest going to the doctors. I've been three times to get them to do something about it. So be persistent. I literally can't wait for new year so they get the ball rolling with me xx

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ForeverHopeful67 Wed 04-Dec-19 22:09:05

@Danielle95lab what app do you use?
I use the apps too which read your LH levels and I have two that I use which say different things but both have never picked up a peak, the test line is usually visible but always very faint!
Fingers crossed for a shorter cycle for you this month!
I'm due on today according to my app but nothing yet. It's frustrating knowing that I know I'm not pregnant just that my period is dicking me around again - what a dissapointment! Haha, the two week wait is even more frustrating for us with the added unknown of what's going to happen, will we ever get a positive OPK will our periods settle down - who knows!!haha x

ForeverHopeful67 Wed 04-Dec-19 22:10:44

@Danielle95lab also after our convo I'm going to get the ball rolling with changing my docs tomorrow now so that by the new year I should be good to go with the app's! Hopefully we'll be at roughly the same stages and can keep each other updated fsmile

Danielle95lab Wed 04-Dec-19 22:21:36

@ForeverHopeful67 I'm currently using premom to measure my LH levels. I've attached a photo of what I usually get on my ovulation tests. It's so so annoying now. I really wish I was one of those people who could go with the flow and just let it happen when it happens 🤦🏻‍♀️😂! I'm so happy we've started talking to know I'm not alone. Aw I know I had that last month when I went 40 days, secretly hoping a miracle had happened even though I knew my periods were just all over haha. I'm so so glad you're getting sorted with moving doctors, please keep me updated with your journey xxx

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ForeverHopeful67 Wed 04-Dec-19 23:08:48

I use Premom too! And as you can see my my tests below mine really don't show anywhere near positive! Yours does look a bit more of an improvement from mine though smile there's everyone else praying for a positive pregnancy test and we're praying for a positive OPK first!!haha
Me too! It's so nice to speak to someone who I can relate to, when I try and explain this to anyone else I just don't think they get it.
Yes let's definitely keep each other updated - fingers crossed for a positive OPK within the next few days for you! 🤞xxx

ForeverHopeful67 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:54:02

Hey @Danielle95lab just checking in, did you manage to get a positive OPK in the end xx

Danielle95lab Sun 08-Dec-19 20:58:40


Hey! Yesss, I got a positive test yesterday, finally a peak LH surge 🙌🏻 still high today too. I still have doubts I've actually ovulated though haha, just think when you've been on the depo like us you're a bit suspicious of everything 😂

I feel like I need to just relax about it cause this testing and over thinking is giving me major anxiety.

How are you getting on?xxxx

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happytoday73 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:03:42

Hiya, I took just under a year from last injection to first period in my late 30s. Periods felt fake and was quite sure not ovulating. It then took 6 months before got pregnant. I unfortunately miscarried but got pregnant again 3 months later (having given up trying for a while) .... So just over 2 1/2 years from last injection to holding my baby.
I wish you luck

Tiamo04 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:47:30

Hey ladies, hope you don't mind me joining... I was meant to go for my depo shot on 1 April 2019 but didn't go as it was giving me bad side effects and only had 2 shots in total... straight after missing the injection I had withdrawal bleeding for a month maybe stopping for a day I was extremely worried and went to the gynaecologist and he said everything was okay as he examined me and also sent me to a fertility specialist who did further tests and confirmed all was well... a month later my normal period started we weren't TTC so we avoided DTD after AF for a week... in September AF was 2 weeks late and when it came I bled for 2 weeks shock I only usually bleed for 2 days... end of October we decided to start TTC...I got bloods taken just to make sure everything is normal before starting our TTC journey and the gynaecologist said everything was perfect... that's when I started with OPKs. AF was 9-11 Nov started with OPKs on CD 9 and got a positive OPK on CD 19 meaning I'd ovulate on the 20-22... I'm currently 13 DPO today AF due tomorrow and got a super positive OPK which is super strange so we DTD just incase... but depo is honestly the worst thing I've ever done to myself... sorry for the essay smile sprinkling baby dust to everyone xx

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