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Late period negative test

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shanine Sun 01-Dec-19 16:40:17

Hi, my period is 3 days late. I did a test yesterday when I was two days late and it was negative.

I'm so confused because my period is never late it's always bang on time since giving birth.

I had period like cramps for like 2 hours the other day but that's it since then and no other signs of it coming.

Anyone been pregnant but it hasn't shown up for a few extra days? Thank you

Besidesthepoint Sun 01-Dec-19 16:41:32

What is your age? Could it be ghe start of menopause?

Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 16:47:19

I’m TTC and my period was 6 days late . I tested the day after it was due, got a BFN . My period arrived the night when I tested on day 6 . Not sure if that’s the news you needed to hear but I do think stress etc has an effect on period cycles . I’ve been changing my routine up and I think my new diet etc messed it up a bit .

shanine Sun 01-Dec-19 16:51:48

I'm 22 it's deffo not a sign on menopause. I had a chemical pregnancy last month, just had a look and apparently this can throw your cycle off so probably just that I suppose. Thanks to both of you

Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 16:59:26

@shanine I hope you get the outcome you hope for soon and that BFP . It’s hard . I’m only new to TTC so finding it very overwhelming and still unsure of my cycle which doesn’t help .

shanine Sun 01-Dec-19 17:08:07

Yeah it's very frustrating as my girl was stillborn at 36+1 now all of this crap. Fed up now. Thank you

Itsemily Sun 01-Dec-19 17:44:36

@shanine I’m so sorry 💐 ATB

Mooey89 Mon 02-Dec-19 09:47:58

I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter.

You mentioned a chemical - after my chemical I had a 45 day cycle, it’s probably that. Good luck for future months x

shanine Mon 02-Dec-19 10:52:42

Thank you. I just find it odd as my chemical pregnancies before this never changed anything but this one was a few days ahead of what they got to so must be that

MrsERH Mon 02-Dec-19 14:46:56

I'm now 6 days late and 2 BFNs. Sore boobs, feel dizzy and shattered but not sure if the latter is just because I'm no not sleeping as keep waking up thinking AF has arrived.

I also keep getting tight twinging pain in what i can only think is the womb. It's like the feeling when you try and pull a splinter out.

Anyone had similar experiences? I've managed to get a doctors appointment for next Wednesday and can always cancel it if AF shows up before.

shanine Mon 02-Dec-19 18:41:25

Same things here as well as headaches but I think I'd have a positive by now if I were pregnant so just taking it as a no this time. Good luck to yourself keep us updated

MrsERH Mon 02-Dec-19 21:19:05

I had bad headaches every day for about a week last week when I was due then nothing since. Agreed taking it as a no this time. Would just like to get on with the next cycle. Will see what happens between now and my doctors appointment. Keep me updated on yours as well x

shanine Tue 03-Dec-19 10:13:31

I feel like I see a very faint something on today's test but I've probably got line eyes and imaging the whole thing. Still no sign of af coming anytime soon though x

shanine Tue 03-Dec-19 12:17:15

And another one

MrsERH Tue 03-Dec-19 13:12:47

@shanine I’m rubbish at interpreting those lines. Had to use CB digital. Still no sign of AF for me

shanine Tue 03-Dec-19 13:42:38

Pretty sure I'm imaging it anyway haha. Same here still got sore nipples, headaches and white discharge started as well. Why does my body give me these symptoms and send me crazy😂

MrsERH Tue 03-Dec-19 15:39:16

@shanine yeah I had discharge up until when AF was due and a few days after so thought she was on the way. Then nothing. Hoping if she’s not shown up by next week the doctor will give me some answers and not fob me off.

Are you going to take a different test do you think?

shanine Tue 03-Dec-19 15:44:09

I've take. Those today and I have non left now so I'll probably just wait until weekend or longer and see what happens. With my angel girl I didn't get a positive until I was a month late on my period and even then it was spool faint! Picture of it below. So you never know, I think we're in with a chance until af shows up

MrsERH Tue 03-Dec-19 21:48:54

Did another one tonight and BFN as well. Going to wait until next week to do another one or AF shows up.

Headaches are back today. Eurgh

MrsERH Thu 05-Dec-19 22:49:21

@shanine - as an update AF has finally arrived! Quite relieved now really as was worried they had fully dried up haha

shanine Fri 06-Dec-19 08:41:09

Hi again, I've just started this morning finally! Got really worried too because I thought I was having a phantom pregnancy and didn't want to go 9 months without a period😂 so relieved honestly

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