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First flashing smiley face

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Mich2020 Fri 29-Nov-19 14:13:21

Eeek today I got my first flashing smiley face on clearblue digital opk, how long should I expect it to be flashy before turning static? Anyone used these? X

ceebee21 Fri 29-Nov-19 14:21:01

@Mich2020 everyone is different, could be 2,3,4 etc.

Some people have had 10 - me being one of them, but usually I have around 4 before my static smiley xx

Mich2020 Fri 29-Nov-19 14:23:04

Ohhh okay thank you 😊 hope it doesn't take too long, I'm so impatient. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 x

Lori86 Fri 29-Nov-19 18:55:48

I got my first flashy face too today, I was afraid it wouldn't happen as I'm still breastfeeding my ds so was half afraid it would stop me ovulating. Fingers crossed it changes to solid soon!!

sarahc336 Fri 29-Nov-19 18:56:40

I normally get about 3 days and then I get my static xx

TwinkleStars15 Fri 29-Nov-19 19:19:41

@Lori86 I’m breastfeeding my daughter and still ovulating - if you got a flashy then your body is working! Good luck (and no need to wean like a lot of people tell you!)

Lori86 Fri 29-Nov-19 19:56:26

Twinklestars that's great to hear. I really want him to wean himself naturally so was hoping it wouldn't cause an issue xx

Waiting1987 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:14:22

I'm on day three of flashing!!!

Also still breastfeeding and not had many periods so really hoping everything is working again!

TwinkleStars15 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:22:54

@Waiting1987 three day’s is normal, average seems to be 4, but I’ve had 8 before. It does depend on how early you start testing. It’s taken a few months but I now know that I’ll usually get my static on CD 16/17.

Lori86 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:57:40

It's good to know there's other people going through the same. Fingers crossed for all of you x

Waiting1987 Fri 29-Nov-19 21:22:02

I could live with 4 days of flashing! DH is away for a month on Tue so fingers crossed static happens Sunday 🤞

Waiting1987 Fri 29-Nov-19 21:23:56

How old are your children @Lori86 and @TwinkleStars15 ? DS is almost 2 and I was hoping to have weaned by now but hasn't happened.

TwinkleStars15 Fri 29-Nov-19 21:55:22

@Waiting1987 my daughter is nearly 2.5. If you are hoping for him to naturally wean it may not happen for quite a while yet. The average age of natural term weaning is between 4-7 I believe.

How long are your cycles? What day are are you on?

Waiting1987 Fri 29-Nov-19 22:03:23

@TwinkleStars15 I've used pill/implant for around 5 months since jan 2018, and had 3 periods. Breastfeeding definitely seems to stop my cycles!

4-7 seems like such a long time... but I would be gutted to stop. He loves it so much!

Ltraynor Fri 29-Nov-19 22:07:13

@Waiting1987 my wee boy is 13, nearly 14 months. I'd really like him to wean naturally, he only feeds at night now though so it might not be too far away. Well done for feeding so long x

Lori86 Sat 30-Nov-19 08:59:55

I got a solid smiley face this morning. Good to know that bfing doesn't stop ovulation. I have been using an app that predicted my ovulation for next week so we haven't been dtd as often as we could have been though!! Does that mean I've probably missed the boat for this month?

Waiting1987 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:05:05

Static smiley here too today!!

@Lori86 I think dtd today and tomorrow gives you the best chance.

We dtd last night but won't manage today so guessing I'm probably out.

TwinkleStars15 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:12:58

@Lori86 great, dtd today/tomorrow and you’ll be just fine!

@Waiting1987 definitely not out, I conceived this month from dtd 2 days before ovulation. Try and dtd tomorrow if you can, for an extra shot at it.

Lori86 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:29:06

@Waiting1987 ah that's great, best of luck for today & tomorrow.
The phone won't let me tag twinkle stars but congratulations. I hope you're feeling ok. How does it feel bfing while pregnant? I remember how painful my breasts were ib the 1st trimester with my wee boy & I cringe at the thought of bfing at the same time.
I posted earlier in the thread using my tablet which must be logged in under a username I created when I was pregnant with ds, Ltraynor is me too!! I forgot I had even set that account up back then.

Waiting1987 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:46:37

That's reassuring @TwinkleStars15 thank! We aren't even meant to be trying this cycle but i thought since it could take a while we might as well start now.

@Lori86 I'm also worried about feeding and pregnancy. I've noticed it's been more uncomfortable the last few days which I'm assuming is because of hormones.

There's a chance we could dtd tonight but more likely it'll be tomorrow. I suppose they recommend just dtd every 2-3 days so if I wasn't tracking ovulation I wouldn't be worried about missing today.

TwinkleStars15 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:59:02

@Lori86 unfortunately it was a chemical pregnancy this time around. I fell pregnant last year but also miscarried at 11 weeks, but luckily my nipples didn’t hurt during that one, although milk supply did reduce around 8 weeks, thankfully it came back after the ercp. Good luck this cycle!

@Waiting1987 yes my nipples become extremely sensitive for 3 days around ovulation every cycle, it’s one of the signs I know I’m ovulating. It’s not unbearable though.

Lori86 Sat 30-Nov-19 10:23:26

Oh twinkle I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. Fingers & toes crossed for you for next cycle xx

Waiting1987 Sat 30-Nov-19 11:06:37

Sorry about your losses @TwinkleStars15

Mich2020 Sun 01-Dec-19 16:34:29

Still a flashy smiley face this morning. Hoping for static tomorrow 🤞🏻 xx

Lori86 Sun 01-Dec-19 18:36:03

@Mich2020 fingers crossed for you, I'm sure it'll happen soon. When you do get your static smiley are you going to stop testing for this month? I lost the leaflet that came with the cb tests but I thought I had read that I can use the reader next month with any leftover sticks?

Mich2020 Sun 01-Dec-19 18:38:04

@Lori86 yes I read that there's no need to test after peak. You can use the leftover ones next month yes. Fingers crossed you won't need too though xx

Waiting1987 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:14:58

Good luck for tomorrow @Mich2020 🤞. Hopefully it'll be static

I have bad cramps tonight! Going to try and dtd anyway and then I've done all I can this months.

Mich2020 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:26:58

Thank you @Waiting1987. Shall update tomorrow. We've been dtd every night anyway. Even over the high fertility days. Want to be covered whatever happens xx

Waiting1987 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:06:52

Just had bleeding sad. Assuming it's my period starting... Don't understand why I had flashing smiles for 3 days and then static if it wasn't ovulation.

Mich2020 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:41:15

How many days ago did you get your static face? It can't be period this soon can it? Xx

Waiting1987 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:50:26

I only got my static yesterday! I had such bad cramping tonight I felt like it was my period and then had blood when I went to toilet. It's not heavy/on pad... yet. Was hoping it was ovulation spotting, which I've had once before, but I didn't have the cramping that time. I know the ovulation tests can get a dark line before a period, but didn't think I would have got a flashing smiley first because that tracks oestrogen.. I think.

Mich2020 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:55:35

Hm that's strange. I've heard of ovulation spotting too. Hoping it doesn't get worse for you. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 let me know how it goes overnight and tomorrow x

Lori86 Sun 01-Dec-19 21:50:28

@Waiting1987 that is strange. From what I know the flashing smile tracks estrogen which increases before your period but the static smiley is a strange one. How far in your cycle are you? Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it xx

Waiting1987 Sun 01-Dec-19 22:27:42

Thank @Mich2020

Ahhh @Lori86 I didn't realise there was also an estrogen increase before period too. That would make sense getting flashing and static before period then... I have no idea about cycle day. Had implant removed about 25 days ago and also breastfeeding so cycles weren't regular even before implant.

Well no more bleeding and dtd just incase. Pretty sure af will be in full flow tomorrow. angry

Mich2020 Sun 01-Dec-19 22:46:35

Omg omg ladies. First static smiley 😃 so this means I'm likely to ovulate 12-48 hours yeah? We have dtd for the last 3 days running and plan tomorrow and Tuesday for luck 🍀🤞🏻 but also this could be a scary thought, If this is correct I am ovulating well early in my cycle.. normally 28-30-32-34 days ish?? Today is cd12. Any ideas ladies? Also because it's early on in cycle maybe this is why we haven't caught it yet as we must have been dtd the wrong times? Xx

Waiting1987 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:21:12

Woohoo! That's exciting!! @Mich2020

Sounds like you've got timings right with dtd this time too. Fingers crossed 🤞

No sign of anymore spotting last night or today, so will see what the day brings!

Waiting1987 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:25:20

Yes 12-48 hours after!

Mich2020 Mon 02-Dec-19 09:13:30

@Waiting1987 I'm happy to read that you haven't had anymore spotting.
I know I felt like I should take it last night and there it was.. was over the moon.
What day would you count as 1dpo though that's where I'm confused as would it be today or tomorrow? Sorry for the questions. Just hoping this month is the month xx

Lori86 Mon 02-Dec-19 09:42:17

@Mich2020 yay that's exciting!! I was quite surprised I ovulate so early too, mine was cd11. Not sure why it's so early but my cycle can be any from 25-30 days so maybe I'll have a short cycle this month . I don't know about you but I was just relieved to know it happens at all tbh!! Fingers crossed for you this month.
@Waiting1987 it's great you haven't had any more spotting. Maybe it was ovulation spotting as you said. Fingers crossed for you too.

Mich2020 Mon 02-Dec-19 09:48:22

@Lori86 I'd have never put ovulation this early with my cycles and maybe that's the mistake I have been making all along, I am very relieved to know that it's happening yes. Although I have two children they are 11 and 8 so it's like going back to beginning again. 11 year old wasn't planned, and 8 year old only took a few months but I'm now with a new partner who has his own child too 6 years old.
Hoping everything will be okay for us all this month. We are all so close together too 🤞🏻 when will you be taking a test? Xx

Waiting1987 Mon 02-Dec-19 10:02:13

@Mich2020 I got static on Saturday so I think I'll count Sunday as 1dpo. It should probably be today though. confused If I don't get a period I'll test Thu and again on Fri.

When will you test?

Waiting1987 Mon 02-Dec-19 10:03:23

I mean next thu/fri not this one...

Mich2020 Mon 02-Dec-19 10:06:22

@Waiting1987 I don't know when to count from 1dpo maybe tomorrow.. so then I'll test probably starting 10-11 dpo. I'm so impatient haha xx

Lori86 Mon 02-Dec-19 10:30:15

@Mich2020 I'll try to leave it as late as possible to test. Although I have a Christmas night out on the 14th & if I'm not pregnant I'd love to enjoy a glass or 2 (or 3 😂) of wine at it so might test before that!!

Mich2020 Mon 02-Dec-19 10:44:15

@Lori86 I have a Xmas night out this Friday, do you think I'd be okay to have a few drinks? I've read that the embryo doesn't actually attach this early and it doesn't have any connections to your blood system until a bit further on. Seeing as I'll only be like 5dpo I'm guessing I'll be ok x

Wantywanty Mon 02-Dec-19 10:56:33

Hey ladies I have been reading this thread since yesterday and I’m very new to all of this meaning how the cycle actually works. I was just wondering is it possibly to get a flashing smiley then a solid the next day or should I say is this normal? And do you guys think dtd 1 day before flashing smiley will result in BFF? P.s you ladies are very informative and I wish you all the best in your journey conceiving xxx

Wantywanty Mon 02-Dec-19 10:57:34


Lori86 Mon 02-Dec-19 11:15:01

@Mich2020 I'm sure you should be fine, as your say it isn't part of your blood stream then. My party is a week after yours so if I am pg it should be implanted by then. Although a lot of people drink accidently (before they know they're pg for example) in early pregnancy & have no adverse effects at all.
@Wanty that's what happened with me this month, I had blank circle for a few days, one flashy face & next day static smiley. We dtd on Thursday, missed Friday & I got my static smiley on Saturday so I'm hoping it's enough (my 13 month old decided sleep was for the weak on Saturday night so hubby & I didn't get any alone time on Saturday!!!). I never expected to ovulate so early so our timing was off.

Mich2020 Mon 02-Dec-19 12:38:52

@Wantywanty they say that only once is sometimes enough so fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻
Feeling very rubbish today, stomach ache and feeling tired. Luckily I'm home all day as my daughter is off school anyway, so a chilled one for us and some nice dinner might make me feel better 😊 need to be fighting fit for tonight as should be ovulation day today haha xx

Wantywanty Mon 02-Dec-19 13:23:57

Aww fingers crossed for both you lovely ladies @Mich2020 @Lori86 blush I never knew trying to conceive was so complicated. My first two weren't planned so I've never felt this before it's giving me serious anxiety issues lol

Mich2020 Mon 02-Dec-19 13:51:44

@Wantywanty aw bless you. Have you been trying long? Xx

Wantywanty Mon 02-Dec-19 14:45:14

@Mich2020 what seems like a lifetime!!! But it's only been 2 months 😫😫

Waiting1987 Mon 02-Dec-19 15:57:37

I'm sure it must be possible if only dtd on a flashing smiley day @Wantywanty since sperm can live 3-5 days.

I don't think we could have done anything differently this cycle to increase chances, so just hoping for the best. DH is working away now so won't get another chance to try until January.

I would definitely drink right up until a positive test and then obviously stop.

Mich2020 Mon 02-Dec-19 18:54:39

Hoping it's our time soon ladies 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Mich2020 Tue 03-Dec-19 08:02:47

Right so I'm officially in the tww.. yesterday/last night had the worst cramps and bloating, happens every month but wouldn't know it was definitely that unless I had that peak test 2 days ago.
I'm so rubbish at waiting but I'll try and get to at least 12dpo before doing a test. How's everyone feeling? Xx

Waiting1987 Tue 03-Dec-19 09:28:14

Welcome to tww! Surely one of us on here will get a bfp this cycle 🤞.

I looked back to my cycle when I got pregnant with baby 2, and had cramping from 3dpo until bfp.

I'm very bloated/gassy and was crampy last night. Nipples are still sore when I'm feeding. I'm really going to try and wait until 12th to do a test if no period by then. Last time I got a positive 11 days after static and had spotting the day before.

I won't be able to try next month so going to fully enjoy symptom spotting and testing this month. grin.

Mich2020 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:15:09

Let's keep fingers crossed that we do 🤞🏻
Ahh I wouldn't even have remembered it's been 8 whole years since I had my girl, only found out because i couldn't drink my sex on the beach cocktail at the club on my birthday night out and thought that was strange for me. Next day and 10 tests later I believed it haha 😂
How many dpo are you? Xx

Waiting1987 Tue 03-Dec-19 20:28:20

I'm not sure whether I'm 3dpo or 2dpo! Static was Saturday. It's so depressing that there's only around 25% chance even if you get timing exactly right.

Wantywanty Tue 03-Dec-19 23:36:21

Hello ladies !! @Waiting1987 @Mich2020 I'be been a little of fish the last few days quite disheartened but today I came on the forum and reminded myself I'm not the only one going through this nerve racking journeywink

Wantywanty Tue 03-Dec-19 23:37:10

@Waiting1987 I'm just as frustrated as u as I'm guessing actual ovulation day based on static smiley😢

Mich2020 Wed 04-Dec-19 06:50:05

Morning ladies, try and keep positive. I think I'm only 2dpo. But not sure 🤷🏻‍♀️ boobs are slightly sore now which always happens after ovulation so guessing that's a good sign that I have ovulated. Dtd for the last 5 days in a row so I think we've covered what we can anyway.
Good luck ladies, glad i have someone else to talk to xx

Waiting1987 Wed 04-Dec-19 14:08:00

Ok so today we have nipple pain (although it is also v cold) so that's a more likely explanation. I think I'll order more expensive ovulation tests and buy sanitary pads and then I'll definitely get a bfp. grin

Hopefully even if I don't get a positive this cycle then my periods will get into a routine finally. If they don't then I'll maybe look at weaning more.

Mich2020 Wed 04-Dec-19 17:46:53

@Waiting1987 have you been on contraception that has messed your periods up?
I had my coil removed back in jan/feb time and although mine do come every month. Each month varies xx

Waiting1987 Wed 04-Dec-19 18:05:56

Breastfeeding completely stopped my periods for 15 months! Had two periods spaced out after that and then I went on implant for 2 months.

I've not exercised all week just incase I ruin my chances.blush I know that's silly but I'll wait until I test to run again.

Mich2020 Wed 04-Dec-19 18:41:12

@Waiting1987 ah makes sense now. Hopefully if no positive then you'll start to regulate a bit.
Sooo couldn't think of going for a run. I'm shattered snuggled up in a blanket with the heating on. Haha 😂 wanting time eat anything and everything sweet in my cupboard xx

Waiting1987 Thu 05-Dec-19 11:27:26

This time next week I'll know either way... probably. I think last time I had a negative 10dpo and positive 11dpo. By next Friday I'll be sure.

Lori86 Thu 05-Dec-19 13:23:07

How is everyone today ladies? My wee boy had been in the most dreadful form, he's nearly feeding like a newborn again & my nipples are terribly sore. I'm trying so hard to not look too much into every little twinge, yesterday I needed to pee SO much (sorry if tmi!!) & I keep getting weird shooty pains which are not normal for me but I think it's probably too early for any symptoms. At the same time I'm telling myself I'm out this month as I know we didn't dtd as much as we should have, only 3 days before ov & on ov day. Hope you're all keeping well xx

Mich2020 Thu 05-Dec-19 20:55:31

Ahh @Lori86 that's not good. Hope you manage some rest bless him.
My boobs are very very sore, they have been achy all day, going to have a nice hot shower in a min after a very long day on my feet.
Can't wait to tuck up into bed
@Waiting1987 hopefully it's a positive for you 🤞🏻 I'll keep them tightly crossed xx

Waiting1987 Thu 05-Dec-19 22:23:55

Sore boobs seems like a good sign @Mich2020 !

Oh no @Lori86 hope he's better soon.

I'm also symptom spotting like mad... doesn't help that I'm ill so have had a headache and nausea anyway. Part of me thinks it must be a pregnancy symptom, although it's too early. blush

I've had no cramping today which I don't think is a good sign, as I had it the whole tww last pregnancy.

Mich2020 Thu 05-Dec-19 23:05:09

@Waiting1987 hope you feel better real soon 😊
Ahh yes cramping. I've had on off pully type cramping all day. I'd move to quick and have this massive pulling sensation in my right hand side very low down, I don't know I think it's too early to even be looking for symptoms ☹️ another week and I'll start testing 🙈 just can't hold off xx

Wantywanty Fri 06-Dec-19 07:54:25

Hey ladies just checking in, how's everybody doing so far?? Quick update on me unfortunately I done 2 test and got 2 bfn but I'm not as disappointed as I thought I'd be fingers crossed for next month🤞🏾also just wanted to know the last 3 days I've been having a lot of white watery discharge no lumps or clumps and no smell. I was just wondering what this could be as I don't recall having this before! P.s I had a checkup recently everything came back normal include smear! Hope you ladies are ok xxx

Waiting1987 Fri 06-Dec-19 08:32:15

That's a shame @Wantywanty fingers crossed for next cycle 🤞. Seeing a negative is rubbish! How many dpo are you roughly? I think watery discharge can be normal depending on where in cycle you are.

I think I'm out as still no cramps today... checked Ovia app and I definitely had cramps by now last time. Woken up with a headache again... bloody winter bugs!!

@Mich2020 I know it's early but your symptoms definitely sound promising! I'm going to try and hold off testing but maybeeee I'll do one Wednesday night. Thu/Fri would be more accurate though.

Wantywanty Fri 06-Dec-19 08:36:38

Hey @Waiting1987 so I had my static smiley on 26th so I'm not sure when I start counting from but af is due in 6 days

Waiting1987 Fri 06-Dec-19 09:25:17

Definitely don't think you are out then @Wantywanty . You might only be 9dpo! I was still getting negatives until I think 11dpo.

Mich2020 Fri 06-Dec-19 13:17:42

Ahh afternoon ladies. Last night was awful, was sick during the early hours and didn't have much sleep. These cramps are on and off and generally feeling pretty poo. I have my works night out tonight bingo and a few drinks 😞 but feeling yucky so don't know how far I'll get.
Shame about your bfn but it maybe too early.xx

Lori86 Fri 06-Dec-19 13:36:22

@Mich2020 that all sounds promising. How many days ago did you ovulate?
@Waiting1987 don't rule it out yet, every pregnancy is different. Hope you're feeling better soon x @Wantywanty same to you, don't rule it out yet. Fingers crossed for you all.
I've been getting cramps the last 2 days & quite a lot of cm plus the boob pain, sounds positive but I've never really paid that much attention to how I feel at this time of the month before so I don't know if that's how I always am!!

Mich2020 Fri 06-Dec-19 13:41:28

@Lori86 had my first peak on the 1st so I think the 2nd, this is way to early to have any sort of symptoms I know. But just feel crappy. Never feel this bad after ovulation xx

Lori86 Fri 06-Dec-19 14:11:43

@Mich2020 fingers crossed. It'd be so lovely if some of us (obv hopefully all of us) got our bfp.

Mich2020 Fri 06-Dec-19 15:17:39

Yes it would be great. When are you testing? Xx

Lori86 Fri 06-Dec-19 20:41:07

I'll probably try to leave it until Friday of next week. My af would be due on 16th ish if its a 25 day cycle. My cycles are all over the place though so not sure when to test really. I'm out for drinks next weekend so I'd like to test before that as I reckon it'll be a messy one!!

Waiting1987 Sat 07-Dec-19 14:07:06

I did a frer today blush. Obviously negative as I'm only about 6 dpo max 7. What is wrong with me...

Lori86 Sat 07-Dec-19 20:19:14

@Waiting1987 I did one today too even though I knew it was too early, although it was one of those cheap ones from amazon. It was negative too. I got like 20 of them for a few pound so I don't feel bad wasting it!!

Mich2020 Sun 08-Dec-19 11:28:40

Ah trust me I've been thinking about it and I know there would be 0 chance it would say positive as I'm so early on. Need to order some cheapies as I won't hold out that long without testing and won't be wasting too much money if I get the cheap ones.
My boobs still very sore. Does anyone track cervix? Don't really do it but was in the shower and tried and I couldn't even reach mine so it's very high up. Don't know what that means really though lol xx

Waiting1987 Sun 08-Dec-19 13:12:58

So glad I'm not alone @Lori86 . I also did a cheapie and an opk today .

I have zero symptoms! Not even a hint of a cramp or sore boob. I can't even try to convince myself of a twinge.angry

@Mich2020 I've never been sure about cervix! I saw a picture of one once and was so horrified I try not to think about them. blush

Mich2020 Sun 08-Dec-19 13:27:28

@Waiting1987 haha 😂 I'm not sure what it means anyway. I've logged it on my app just incase. I have such bad stomach cramps at times and other times it's just a little twinge here and there. Boobs are sore. And sure they have already grown but this is normal before AF anyway. My app says 6 days until pregnancy test. I will try and hold out. But I think if I order some cheapies then I won't feel so bad wasting them, not going to order frer this early on xx

Waiting1987 Sun 08-Dec-19 15:30:20

Ahhh your symptoms sound so good! @Mich2020 . The last cycle I got pregnant in my symptoms started about 3dpo and were really noticeable.

I wonder when I'll get a period and whether cycles will regulate now.

Mich2020 Sun 08-Dec-19 15:35:07

@Waiting1987 eek I hope so. Keeping fingers crossed for us both xx

Mich2020 Sun 08-Dec-19 19:32:33

Don't know why I done it to myself. Then start thinking I can see something. But defo nothing there 🤔☹️ x

Lori86 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:13:26

@Mich2020 I don't see anything but as you say it's early days. I honestly wouldn't even know where to begin with my cervix 😂!! I feel so weird today, I was in tesco earlier & suddenly felt ravenously hungry. I literally felt like I would pass out if I didn't get food right away, I remember feeling like that in early pregnancy with my wee boy & I've been so nauseous since. Trying not to think about it too much, I'm probably just coming down with a dose (hopefully not!!). I ended up doing another one of the cheap amazon ones when I got home & no surprise it was negative. Of course it would be as I'm only 7 or 8 dpo & it wasn't even fmu but I was just so curious.

Mich2020 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:19:59

@Lori86 yes I know it's majorly early and there's nothing there just had to post haha. Felt good just to poas though 🙈
Ahh well that's a good sign for you 😊 not good that your feeling rubbish but that you've experienced that before when pregnant. fingers crossed we are around the same time. I will hold off testing again now until I've ordered some more cheapies in. Probs around Wednesday/ Thursday xx

Lori86 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:26:47

I don't want to fuel anyones poas addiction but I just saw that the first response early test are on offer on amazon 😂. I've ordered a pack!!

Waiting1987 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:37:23

I can't see anything yet @Mich2020 , but might be clearer in real life. At least last week is over and it's now going to be testing week.

I definitely got a negative about 10dpo and positive 11dpo last time.

If I got a bfp I would die of shock. I've never had less cramping in my life than the last few days. angry

Mich2020 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:42:35

@Lori86 just going to go check it out.
@Waiting1987 ahhh testing week.. exciting. Can't wait to see what happens this week xx

Waiting1987 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:45:02

@Lori86 that sounds really promising 🤞🤞. Everything crossed you get bfp soon. I've already ordered some blush. I know I would use the ones I already have before test day! Can't stop poas

Waiting1987 Mon 09-Dec-19 11:54:40

So tempted to buy this!! Very expensive right enough...

Mich2020 Mon 09-Dec-19 18:54:44

@Waiting1987 did you order? I've looked at that a few times and wondered whether it was worth it or not, how long did you say you'd been trying for? Xx

Mich2020 Mon 09-Dec-19 18:55:08

How's everyone feeling today?? Xx

Waiting1987 Mon 09-Dec-19 19:01:12

This is only first cycle... although we had been trying earlier in the year until I decided against it and got implant. I hadn't had a period since DS2 so couldn't really properly track anything.

We can't try again until January after this, December is out. Will be making the most of the alcohol, pate and soft cheese...two of which I have tonight. winefsmile

Mich2020 Mon 09-Dec-19 19:17:17

Ah that makes sense and you never know the more relaxed approach may work for you. Today I had tons and tons of creamy white cm, cramps and just done a cb ovulation test for fun, empty circle but this is the darkest lines inside that I've had even when my test showed peak.. I know you shouldn't read them and I won't take it as anything but would be interesting to know if it turns into anything.
Still have real sore boobs and can't shake this sicky feeling 🙁 xx

Waiting1987 Mon 09-Dec-19 20:07:26

You have loads of symptoms looking good for this month! Be definitely seen people get bfp on OPK first. @Mich2020

I also did an OPK today... completely blank! I couldn't be an less pregnant if I tried.  No extra discharge, no cramping, no sore boobs. Think it's time to order refills for Clearblue ovulation thing.

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