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pregnant again after a miscarriage only 4 weeks ago??

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snooks Tue 21-Aug-07 19:54:29

I'm on CD32, had a mc at 8 weeks just over 4 weeks ago. This was my 3rd pregnancy, already have ds1 (almost 3) & ds2 (15mo).

Still kind of getting used to the idea of the mc actually was spontaneous & I didn't need any hospital treatment (apart from a scan afterwards to give me the all-clear).

Pretty sure I ovulated around CD18-19, obv we did BD around then, am v certain of that!

Today I am getting vvv faint pink lines on the cheapo ebay test sticks...are they reliable, esp at this early stage? Can't really believe it. Anyone else out there with a similar experience?

looneytune Tue 21-Aug-07 19:56:46

Firstly, sorry about the MC, been there and At least you didn't need an operation which is good Is it possible you have hormones still from that? If not then a line is a line but you need to check that it's not still showing from last time. If you're not sure, ask your Dr as it's definitely worth checking

I wish you luck

snooks Tue 21-Aug-07 20:06:55

Thanks Looney (seems weird saying that!!) to hear you had a mc too.

I tested after I stopped bleeding after MC and got a BFN. Also got plenty of BFNs last week when I went thru £20 of Clearblues cos I had a 'hunch' I might be preggers...

I know it's perfectly possible and all that to be preg so soon but I spose it would be good to know that it's not unusual IYKWIM.

but scared and in shock

LittleSquirt Tue 21-Aug-07 20:08:46

Hi Looneytunes. The exact same thing happened to me. I had been doing HPTs to check my hormone levels had gone back down to zero and got negitives from 3 weeks after the op (I had an ERPC), but then got a +ve 4 weeks after and thought I was pregnant again. Unfortunately it turns out that the tests were still reacting from hormones from my first pregnancy/miscarriage. I tested a week later and got negatives again. It broke my heart.

I hope it is good news for you though. To be sure I would try to wait another week (I know a week can seem like a lifetime when you are in this situation though ) and then test again. If you get stronger lines then, you HCG levels are increasing and congratulations are in order!

I wish you luck and hope you do get the positive outcome you are hoping for.

Let us know how you get on. Good luck!


LittleSquirt Tue 21-Aug-07 20:10:14

Sorry, meant to say "Hi snooks", but hello Looneytunes too!!

pipsqueeke Tue 21-Aug-07 20:11:26

fwiw I had this as well m/c at 5 weeks, had a BFP after 25 days (normal months are 26/27 days) DS is now sleeping upstairs. so yes it is possible. i'd say give it a few days and try again - pref with a diff brand as tbh I personally don't rate the ebay tests. also i'm assuming you had the line wihtin the time frame?

snooks Tue 21-Aug-07 20:27:31

Hi LS, so you had to go thru that... as if a MC isn't bad enough - Mother Nature can be so cruel. And that's the outcome I'm afraid of. Looks like I'm gonna have to wait and re-test.

Hi pip also for your MC too. Yes, did 4 of the ebay tests during the day and watched like a hawk so def got the lines (darent even call them BFPs) within the 5 min timeframe.

Looks like I'll be swelling the Clearblue coffers once again....

Thanks for replies x

LittleSquirt Tue 21-Aug-07 20:39:07

I am very sorry you had to go through a MC too snooks. Don't loose hope just yet, we are keeping our fingers crossed for you!

snooks Tue 21-Aug-07 20:47:55

Thanks again LS, it's such a rollercoaster isn't it - I can't believe only 4 weeks ago I was miscarrying, and now may be pregnant??? Makes it seem like a lifetime ago. It doesn't seem possible. I haven't even stopped crying properly yet for my lost LO. My head will explode soon.

I hope you are ok now too.

Will def keep you updated.


cazzybabs Tue 21-Aug-07 20:52:30

I had a period in between my mc and this pregnancy, but was amazed to get preggers again so quickly.

However, I have now spent 25 weeks stressing - the 1st 12 were the worst and the scan. Good luck - hope the one sticks!

BandofMothers Tue 21-Aug-07 20:57:16

I had a m/c at 6 weeks before DD1 and got pg with her immediately afterwards, literally. It must have been about 2 weeks after.
She was born healthy, 2 days late.

No idea if the test you have is reliable. I would wait a week and retest.

NAB3 Tue 21-Aug-07 20:59:09

I had a m/c, a period and then fell pg. Though my cranio guy thinks I conceived twice (1 and twins) which explained why my blood results weren't following the rules of the text book.

Jossiejump Tue 21-Aug-07 21:55:41

I had my third m/c at 5 weeks and two weeks later conceived, with my BFP 4 weeks after m/c am currently 26 weeks pg

snooks Tue 21-Aug-07 22:05:03

Thanks for your replies everyone, a real shame and horrible that you've all had to play this waiting game too...but good to know it is feasible and not that unusual to get pg again so quickly.

I will try to wait a few days then test again. I will be amazed though if my patience lasts til this time tomorrow before re-testing. I can't think of anything else!

snooks x

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