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Anyone testing just before Christmas?

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iswhois Thu 28-Nov-19 16:15:29

Quite upset as the smileys don't have their Santa hats on yet.

AF arrived 2 days ago so I will probably be testing around 21st December (cycles are about 24 days)

Anyone else???

Mooey89 Tue 03-Dec-19 10:33:03

I think I recognise you from another thread @ellsbells112, good luck!
I’m not hopefully becUse it’s month 12 for us, but I know I definitely ovulated at least 🤞

xSLPx Tue 03-Dec-19 11:09:54

Hi @TunnocksTcake & @NicoleR14, thanks for your replies. I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with the tww. Sometimes I think I'm just being unrealistic in expecting it to happen so soon but on the other hand I want to stay positive and believe it will happen soon. Thanks for the tips I defo think I'll try and keep busy with plans and hobbies etc, I guess it's easier this month as Christmas prep is a pretty good distraction. Great excuse to over do the Christmas shopping wink

Sounds like perfect timing *@TunnocksTcake*! Fingers crossed for you this month! Xx

zinrepus Tue 03-Dec-19 11:11:18

Heya joining in! DH and I are "casually" trying this month (no LH tests, just sensing with CM) cycle 1 for #1.

AF is due 17 December, but I'll be taking a few flights before Christmas, which has been known to delay my cycle by a week or so...needless to say I'll be quietly testing to try and figure out where we are, but also will be looking to postpone testing as long as possible. Joys.

Blondeandbroody Tue 03-Dec-19 11:23:46

So I caved and tried a further way to know where I’m at in my cycle checking for CM, TTC can get so gross is what I’ve learnt so far haha!! I think I’ve just got sticky CM now which I believe is a sign I’ve ovulated? I had what I can only assume was EWCM a few days ago but didn’t actually test for it then, if you catch my drift (in my underwear, sorry TMI) I’m relieved to know that things are changing and I know that I am actually ovulating after being on the pill for so long. As I understand it I wouldn’t have any or it wouldn’t change if I wasn’t or hadn’t ovulated?! It has changed so that’s reassuring that this first cycle post contraception is a possible contender.

Now for the TWW, it’s excruciating at 1/2dpo! I literally keep looking at my calendar and counting days in the hope that in the last few hours the date I can test has gotten closer, time doesn’t quite work that way though unfortunately HA!

Ellsbells112 Tue 03-Dec-19 11:58:29

@Mooey89 yes I recognise you also 😁 good luck to you too, Ttc is pretty crap x

Goingbacktokansascity Tue 03-Dec-19 12:45:28

Hey want to join in! Due to ovulate probably 12th- 14th, on cycle day 8 currently and all my apps say AF due 24th 😣 might not test until after Christmas though if AF doesnt show up just because I don’t want to deal with the disappointment! Anyone else thinking of holding off testing to enjoy Christmas in optimism?

coley17 Tue 03-Dec-19 13:42:36

Hey girls, can I join in too! Cycle 6 and testing on 22nd..would be the perfect Xmas present but if not at least I can have a few wines on Xmas day 🙈 trying to give myself something to look forward too every month when I'm due AF... TWW are the worst!

xSLPx Tue 03-Dec-19 13:43:12

@Goingbacktokansascity I'm due on the 25th fconfused If AF doesn't arrive then I would like to wait a couple of days so I don't get disappointed over Christmas but I know what I'm like and I don't think I'll be able to wait.

Whyhaveidonethis Tue 03-Dec-19 16:39:58

I'm due on 27th December so will be testing on 24/25th (if I can hold out that long). Holding out no hope whatsoever as its cycle 16, and 3 chemicals in that time. Love to join you though

EC22 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:35:45

Due to ovulate on Friday, DTD last night, husband away now though so slim chance this month but still hopeful.

iswhois Wed 04-Dec-19 00:14:48

Welcome all!! @EC22 we are in a similar situation, DTD last night (about 1am Tuesday morning) apparently due to ovulate on Saturday but my OPKs are getting darker (not as dark as control but darker all the less) so I'm hoping I ovulate sooner.

Had some pretty rough family news today so unlikely to DTD again this week- so just praying my uterus is a good enough environment to keep them going until then!!!!!

We are mental 🤣🤣🤣

iswhois Wed 04-Dec-19 00:17:39

@NicoleR14 I'm due on 21st too!!!!

NicoleR14 Wed 04-Dec-19 09:19:38

@iswhois Yaaaay! Hopefully we both get a BFP! Supposed to be ovulating on 6th/7th! Taking my opk everyday but still getting negatives! But maybe thinking you don't get a positive until day of ovulation not the days working up to it? Not sure how the LH sticks work!

Pwd1 Wed 04-Dec-19 11:15:42

Can I join in? Pretty sure I'm ovulating either today or tomorrow 🤞app says I'm due AF on the 18th and its usually pretty accurate. Absolutely dreading this TWW!

TunnocksTcake Wed 04-Dec-19 11:42:13

@NicoleR14 you usually Ovulate 12 - 36 hours after a positive OPK, most people are around 24 hours I think.

@Pwd1 Me too! I got my positive OPK on CB digi yesterday and I am hoping for a temp rise Tomorrow to confirm O, but sometimes I have a s low rise so not counting on it and will just keep bding until I see it. Had no EWCM though (unless concealed by sperm - EW) so I am a bit sceptical....

NicoleR14 Wed 04-Dec-19 11:43:57

@TunnocksTcake ahh I didn't know that! Thank you 😊!

Pwd1 Wed 04-Dec-19 11:53:31

@TunnocksTcake I got mine today! I've had EWCM for the past 2 days so weve been bding the past couple of days just incase. It could have been concealed, stay positive grin

Ellsbells112 Wed 04-Dec-19 12:27:13

@TunnocksTcake hey! Question, I had a peak ovulation test Sunday and ewcm Saturday and Sunday. Monday no ewcm was dry all day then wet in evening but no ewcm (dtd anyway) lol and Tuesday evening I had some ewcm!! But the ovulation peaked Sunday morning? Why would I have ewcm on Tuesday, do you think I ovulated Tuesday even tho had none Monday? Sorry you just sound like you know about this! Is it possible to have a bit of ewcm after ovulation??

TunnocksTcake Wed 04-Dec-19 13:02:58

@Ellsbells112 hmm I think I read somewhere that your last fertile day is the last day of EWCM but I try not to rely on it too much because as you have seen it can come and go. I would keep bding until it disappears just in case. Without temping it is difficult to know for sure - have you carried on with the OPKs to see if they fade?
If you had pos OPK Sunday PM then Tuesday AM is 36 hours after and sometimes it takes a while for the mucus to get down from your cervix so you may still see some later in the day Tuesday IYSWIM. All sounds positive anyway so I would just keep bding until it goes away!
Good Luck!

Ellsbells112 Wed 04-Dec-19 13:10:24

@TunnocksTcake thanks a lot! I did a clear blue digital had been for 4 days with blank faces prior to the Sunday then the Sunday was a solid smiley. I didn't do anymore as that particular test stays solid smiley for 36 hours I think. We dtd Saturday Sunday and Monday evenings so hopefully it was enough we didn't manage Tuesday evening lol I've bought a thermometer too so will start temping from tomorrow. Do you have a suggestion for an app that records the temps well? Thanks alot for your help smile

debbs77 Wed 04-Dec-19 14:10:31

I'll be testing on the 20th xxx

TunnocksTcake Wed 04-Dec-19 14:12:04

@Ellsbells112 I use CB Digi too! Used to use the cheapies but never really got a clear positive on them, much prefer the CB digis and doing it in the morning!
I use both glow and Fertile friend. No idea why I use both haha, I think FF is best for charting and has lots of useful articles and galleries of other peoples charts!
Be aware that starting mid cycle you probably wont see a shift - you may have already missed it but its good to get used to doing it every day anyway. It can be a faff but its really interesting to look back on. Good luck!

Ellsbells112 Wed 04-Dec-19 14:31:39

@TunnocksTcake yeah I know I'm just going to get used to doing it every morning. Only issue is I'm going Australia for 3 weeks lol I don't know whether I'll keep up with it, maybe I'll start properly when we are back! Thanks a lot I'll download FF

Snowberry4 Wed 04-Dec-19 14:50:48

I'm due AF around boxing day if this isn't our month.
Iv concinced myself that apart from OPK I won't be POAS unless AF hasn't arrived by early new year... ( im holding myself accountable to you all!)
Guess were all going to be in the dreaded 2WW together too. X

NicoleR14 Wed 04-Dec-19 15:48:25

Is this a positive opk?

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