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First TWW after MC

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danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 11:09:34

@Jurassiclover let's support each other in this because I'm desperate to fish out my FRER today! The dizziness is strong but I wonder if I'm coming down with something.. only time will tell.

Thinking of you! x

Jurassiclover Tue 03-Dec-19 07:33:42

@danielasummer yeah that's very true! I'm going to step away from the tests and wait til AF is due. I definitely agree it's somehow easier to deal with AF showing up than a negative test!x

danielasummer Tue 03-Dec-19 07:17:32

@jurassiclover just posted this on the other thread -
11DPO is still early sometimes as I've heard HGC shows on HPTs for different women at different times. Still have my fingers crossed for you x

I would say to try and keep busy so it's not all that you're focusing on. Time will then go quicker and you'll know for sure in a few days anyway. Easier said than done, I know! - it's just what I'm doing this week and my plan for future cycles too. I won't be testing until AF due (as tempting as it is) because I would rather AF arrive then keep getting negative tests, but that's just me. x

Jurassiclover Tue 03-Dec-19 06:58:00

@danielasummer I tested at 11dpo and bfn on a cheapie. Not gonna test again til af due now. Symptoms wise I've not had anything that's made me think of pregnancy but had some weird things. So I've had cramping, and then the other day I got loads of EWCM which was strange. Still cramping with a headache at the min so no idea what that all means.

Yeah I'm not holding out hope for myself to be honest, my boobs are fine and they were the first thing to hurt last time! I have my fingers crossed for you that this will be your month!

danielasummer Mon 02-Dec-19 10:42:25

@Jurassiclover hi lovely, sorry for the late reply - so you must be 12 DPO now? Have you done another test? How are you feeling - any more symptoms?

Had some creamy CM yesterday and a little spotting. Felt a little dizzy this morning (maybe because I hadn't eaten yet!) but still not holding out much hope this cycle because the ultrasound last week showed no maturing eggs.. but my temp rose that day. So confused!

Jurassiclover Sat 30-Nov-19 19:19:04

@danielasummer hey, I was daft and caved in at 9DPO and of course got a BFN. Still next to no symptoms except now been having the odd cramp and headache. How are you getting on?

danielasummer Sat 30-Nov-19 18:44:27

Hi ladies, how are you getting on? Xx

Jurassiclover Thu 28-Nov-19 21:06:12

@Chanel05 welcome! Sorry to hear of your MMC. Ah that's so good! Definitely a positive! Good luck, hope this is your cycle! Sending baby dust your way

Chanel05 Thu 28-Nov-19 20:23:03

@Jurassiclover sorry to hear of your mc. I am also in the tww but it's cycle 7 since my mmc! Good luck! Im feeling happy anyway as my cycles have finally returned to normal this cycle.

Jurassiclover Thu 28-Nov-19 13:16:02

@danielasummer Yeah our bodies really are confusing! 6 days after my bleeding stopped I had ovulation type pains but I would assume that would be too early to OV after the MC

I'm just using an app at the moment which predicted OV on 20th but i had OV style cramps and EWCM at various points on and off this last month so I can't even use symptoms to guess when it was haha.

Yeah I understand that 100%! I am tempted to test on Sat but then my app predicts AF to arrive 4th Dec cause I had long cycles before the MC so I might try and hold out till then. It's so hard and sad really because POAS used to make me hopeful and excited but honestly it fills me with anxiety and dread now sad. I think we definitely need to look after ourselves and protect our MH where we can!x

danielasummer Thu 28-Nov-19 13:04:53

@jurassiclover according to my app (Natural Cycles) I ovulated on Saturday..and according to my other app (Fertility Friend) I ovulated on Thursday..according to the sonographer, not ovulating at all this cycle! Our bodies are weird and wonderful things this time.

How are you measuring DPO this cycle?

I'm going to hold out until mid December to test, if AF hasn't arrived until then. Can't bear to do a HPT and see a negative.. or even see a positive, for a few days later to see a negative and realise I've had a CP. Need to safeguard my mental health this time around x

Jurassiclover Thu 28-Nov-19 12:59:50

@danielasummer hey, ah that is confusing! I wonder if you are due to ovulate soon again then. I've also not had a period yet - MC was also in October so not even sure where in my cycle I would/should be!

Sorry for your loss too! Crossing my fingers and toes for us both. Thank you x

danielasummer Thu 28-Nov-19 12:40:47

@Jurassiclover hi, I'll join - I'm out I think as a scan on Saturday showed lots of follicles but none matured/maturing.. although since then my temperature has risen, indicating ovulation. So confused! Not had a period yet since my MMC in October.

So sorry for your loss. Fingers crossed for the both of us and here is a handhold x

Jurassiclover Thu 28-Nov-19 11:34:08


Anyone else in the 1st TWW following a MC?

I'm about 8DPO but don't use OPK's so that could be wrong. But not feeling hopeful at all sad last time round from around 7DPO onward I had such sore boobs that I couldn't even touch them and this was coupled with mild nausea - I got my BFP at 11DPO (although may have actually ovulated later looking back).

This time around I have barely any symptoms at all - some mild cramps and feeling a little tired but that's it. I know realistically it's probably too early for symptoms but I just have this overwhelming feeling that I won't be lucky this month sad I was planning on testing on Saturday but this will only be 10DPO and I'm so scared that seeing a negative will bring back so many emotions sad

Just looking for a bit of a handhold and seeing if anyone wants to join me?

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