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End of Dec bus (hopefully a lucky bus)!!!!

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Sophieb15 Wed 27-Nov-19 16:58:45

Hey all I am here awhile so really hoping for a christmas surprise but not getting my hopes up. Busy couple of weeks ahead so no OPK's for me just DTD every second day from CD 8 - CD 20

TTC no 2
Cycle 11
AF due 17th Dec

Sophieb15 Wed 27-Nov-19 17:06:04

@Tamalama @Sunflower2019 @Treaclepie19

Tag more if ye can remember I can up to date with ye here.

Busybee143 Wed 27-Nov-19 17:12:42

Af due 13th December after a miscarriage though so dodgy ground? Would love to join

Sophieb15 Wed 27-Nov-19 17:16:58

Sorry to hear that @Busybee143 did it only just happen last month? Are you TTC no 1? Join away would love the company.x

KerryTTC Wed 27-Nov-19 17:22:40


I am hoping to join this bus!
I am on cycle day 5 after a 60 day absence of periods, due to coming off the pill in september. Never had I wanted to have a period more 😂.
No idea when AF is due as not sure of cycle length anymore, but should be around xmas if its settled into the usual 28 day cycle.

All I want for xmas is two lines 😂

Makeafamily19 Wed 27-Nov-19 17:22:50

Can I join? BFP/ AF due Christmas Eve! That's the only thing I want for Christmas 🤣
Cycle 7

Getting quite fed up now!

Wackadoodle84 Wed 27-Nov-19 17:27:00

Just going to hop on and reserve a seat on the bus , AF due today/tomorrow, cramping like mad and frer bfn this morning so I will most definitely need my seat!
Am TTC #3, second pregnancy though as have ddtwins aged 10. This will be cycle 2, going to do acupuncture this cycle too

XjustagirlX Wed 27-Nov-19 17:28:04

TTC no 1
Cycle 6
CD 4
BFP/AF due on Boxing Day.

MissCEngland Wed 27-Nov-19 17:28:54

Hello all!

Hoping I'll be joining on the bus with you. AF is 5 days late, but my cycles can vary so haven't been getting my hopes up. Feeling really crampy in one side in particular, and just feel something is different. Trying to hold off a bit longer to test to avoid disappointment.
Hope you all get the results you want, fingers crossed!

Busybee143 Wed 27-Nov-19 18:06:07

@Sophieb15 yeah it happened last month and I'm just ovulating now so pretty much into the two week wait but I'm assuming my cycles may be off now?

ceebee21 Wed 27-Nov-19 18:32:40

Hi all, joining the bus as AF arrived today.

TTC #1
AF due around 22nd December


Sophieb15 Thu 28-Nov-19 11:51:01

@KerryTTC Welcome Are you TTC no 1? 60 days wow shock all I want for Xmas is 2 lines too xxx

@Makeafamily19 It is hard I know all we can do is stay positive It took me 2 years to have my first but we weren't actively trying just not preventing so I thought knowing everything about my cycle this time round doing OPK's and DTD on the right days that it wouldn't take as long but here I am on Cycle 11.

@Wackadoodle84 @XjustagirlX welcome

@MissCEngland Oh my god I would have tested already what has been your longest cycle?

@Busybee143 Are you TTC no 1? Were you far along? How many cycles have you been trying?

@ceebee21 Welcome I remember you from the previous thread what cycle are you on?

ceebee21 Thu 28-Nov-19 11:56:53

@Sophieb15 well I think 3...

3rd time lucky 🍀 maybe

Fingers crossed....amazing Christmas present


Sunflower2019 Thu 28-Nov-19 12:05:30

Yay!!!!!!! Thanks @Sophieb15

32 currently, 33 in jan 😭 Been ttc since July

I’m currently on cd12 no postive opk yet 🥺 Hoping it will be within the next few days 🤞

Predicted af on my app is 14th December.. hopefully it won’t come 😊

Want a BFP from Santa 😂😂

How is everyone else? 💕

Sunflower2019 Thu 28-Nov-19 12:06:40

So been betting high but not peak on clearblue digital and this is my opk from today.. anyone have any ideas if I’m getting close?

Pwd1 Thu 28-Nov-19 12:10:36

Can I jump on?
Currently CD 9
3rd cycle TTC our first 🤞

ceebee21 Thu 28-Nov-19 12:12:26

@Sunflower2019 it doesn’t look too dark yet, I would hang in there a couple more days...what day do you normally OV?


Sunflower2019 Thu 28-Nov-19 12:32:51

@ceebee21 Yes I was thinking a couple of days to, in August I ovulated on cycle day 15, September it was cycle day 12, October it was cycle day 18 which was very strange for me my app is telling me I’m due to ovulate on Saturday?

I’m trying to stick with the clear blue advanced but I only have five sticks left so I’m using Cheapies in the afternoons.


Sophieb15 Thu 28-Nov-19 13:09:45

@Sunflower2019 We are cycle buddies I'm CD 11 today. But I've decided not to do OPK's this month and just DTD every 2nd day and go by a 30 day cycle which has been my longest cycle. Looking a the cheapie I'd say you are a few days out yet. Normal O day is CD 14 so better for you to be closer to that so the eggs are having enough time to develop i've read smile I O between CD 15-18 every month.

Skitting all everyone wants on here from Santa is a BFP I'm really hoping this is a lucky thread for everyone smile

@Pwd1 welcome.

Whats everyone's plan DTD wise this month? Mine is every second day from CD 8 (going well so far OH is really on board) but only on CD 11 xxx

Pwd1 Thu 28-Nov-19 13:28:09

@Sophieb15 Thanks!

Plans are probably to DTD every second or third day, busy month this month thoigh so it's time permitting really

Sunflower2019 Thu 28-Nov-19 14:00:49

@Sophieb15 I actually thought about possibly not doing opks I’ve been tempting too but I’m not going to next month as it’s far too stressful and my sleep is so dodgy atm! I had watery cm yesterday which is odd..

Hopefully it won’t be too long though.. the tww seems so long away already 😂 determined not to test early too, I may even wait for af!

Keeping fingers crossed for us all x

TunnocksTcake Thu 28-Nov-19 14:15:46

Hey Ladies I think I will join you, AF/ BFP due on 19th December I think... they can be variable from 30 - 34 days but feeling optimistic it will be a shorter one.
On CD10 at the moment and planning to do SMEP so in the Every other Day stage at the moment. Started with CB Digital OPKs this morning.
I have lost track of what cycle I am on - started trying Feb and fell pg in April/ May cycle but that was a MMC found at the 12 week scan and been trying ever since. V frustrating its not happening as quickly this time but Im concentrating on my health and getting fitter in the mean time.
I tend to temp just to confirm O as I take some supplements you cant take after ovulation but I'm much more relaxed about it these days, its such a faff!
good luck everyone!

Sophieb15 Thu 28-Nov-19 14:49:42

@Sunflower2019 I will help you not test!!! xx best thing to do is not have them in the house and then the temptation isn't there.

@TunnocksTcake Sorry to hear about your MMC.

ceebee21 Thu 28-Nov-19 15:25:40

@TunnocksTcake welcome and sorry to hear about your MMC, I also had one in September - rubbish isn’t it.

Fingers crossed for this cycle. Xx

MissCEngland Thu 28-Nov-19 16:15:42

@Sophieb15 AF arrived today sad Totally gutted, was ready to test this morning, but didn't need to. Been a very emotional day for me, hard to concentrate at work. Been trying for a few months now. My partner works away a lot, so our timing is always off. He has children from a previous relationship and I can't help but worry that I won't be able to have any with him, it's taking longer than I expected. Just a bad day all round!
Hope everyone else manages to get a positive! x

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