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Reflexology to help in TTC?

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ladyhelen2 Tue 21-Aug-07 14:03:14

Hi there. I'm a relative newbie here, and am TTC number 2.DS is 26 months. Been trying since March and so far have had no success, although I did have a m/c at 4 weeks from attempt no 1 at TTC. Nothing since. I've read somewhere about reflexogy being helpful. I know it can be in maybe inducing labour but does anyone have any experience of it helping TTC? Before I go and book myself an appointment, thought I would see if it has worked for others and what the thinking is behind it. Can anyone help?


meandmy Tue 21-Aug-07 14:08:37

it can help by making you relax, i have had a sample session and enjoyed it i didnt have it in my efforts ttc hth

goingfor3 Tue 21-Aug-07 14:15:07

I've heard people saying that accupunture helped them ttc. I guess anthing that helps you relax has to be good.

Lubyloo Tue 21-Aug-07 14:21:31

I have no experience of reflexology but I am convinced that hypnotherapy helped me conceive after 4 years.

ladyhelen2 Tue 21-Aug-07 14:31:58

Lubyloo, CAn you remember anything about your hypno sessions? What do you think it did? I had hypno to stop smoking. It did work at the time as I stopped completely for nearly 3 years. Now i have the odd fag but am convinced the hyno worked at the time.

Lubyloo Tue 21-Aug-07 14:38:03

Don't really know how it worked. I had three sessions and he recorded them so I could listen to them at home. I am not conscious of everything that is said on the tape. The hypnotherapist told me that this would happen. Everytime I listened to it I pieced together different bits. One of the bits that I did pick up on the tape was him saying that I was going to be relaxed and calm so that a baby would want to enter my life. I had the sessions at the beginning of December and conceived the following month.

Roskva Tue 21-Aug-07 14:52:30

It took 3 years of trying to conceive dd. I don't know whether it is coincidence that I found out I was pregnant about a month after a couple of sessions of acupuncture aimed at improving my fertility... but it certainly didn't do any harm and in the grander scheme of things didn't cost that much.

ladyhelen2 Tue 21-Aug-07 15:06:12

Wow, this is really interesting! I am open to using alternative therapies but now I don't know which one to try first. I'm just on CD 28 so I'll see if AF arrives. It looking likely as I've had some period pain twinges. So, if she arrives, I'll book an apppointment. Is there any magic to when in your cycle you have any of these treatments?

Roskva Tue 21-Aug-07 15:10:41

I had 2 treatments, 2 weeks apart, the first one in the week after my period, and the second the week before my next period was due. The acupuncturist used different points, because some of the points she used just after my period can't be used after ovulation.

Lubyloo Tue 21-Aug-07 15:21:56

My treatments were over two weeks and between periods. I don't think it makes a difference with hypnotherapy when you have the treatment. I was certainly never asked about my cycle. I'll be able to tell you more soon as I am starting to train to be a hypnotherapist next month!

Tigger13 Tue 21-Aug-07 21:42:47

I had a relexology with 2nd DS and it was amazing I suffered hugely with back problems which NHS physio told me could over be treated if I used crutches, (impossible with huge bump & a two yr old !) I saw a reflexologist who was looking for a 'patient; case study and it was amazing, I know she regularly sees women tring to concieve and does have a firaly good sucess. I am open to alternative treatments but don't use routinely, but I can hand on heart say I could feel it working over my whole body and still go back now and again.
I am not trying to concieve no3 and will being booking in for a treatment in the next few months as at the moment suppose to be playing it cool.................

Roskva Wed 22-Aug-07 09:00:15

Acupuncture also eased excruciating back and hip pain when I was pg. My acupuncurist also claims a good success rate for morning sickness and turning breach babies, but I didn't need to put that to the test!

ladyhelen2 Wed 22-Aug-07 09:08:32

Got AF as expected last night so am going to book myself some reflexogy ASAP! Its bizarre as when I gave this more thought I realised that my hynotherapy to stop smoking last time was done three days before my last period before I conceived DS. I checked my old diary to be sure. My main aim in the stopping smoking was to assist in conception and I think that there was focus on conception in the session. COuld be co-incidence but its convinced me to try a session of an alternative therapy and so am going to give the old foot thing a go. If that doesn't work then its hypotherapy next month and acupunctiure the month after. DH obviously says "what a load of tosh". But hey, I think there is something in it.

Roskva Wed 22-Aug-07 10:28:01

Good luck - I hope it works

puffylovett Wed 22-Aug-07 10:40:02

I have 2 colleagues who are Reflexologists, both having successfully helped 3 ladies to conceive. The best place to find a therapist is, assoc of Reflexologists. Preferably pick a therapist who has experience in this area.

however acupuncture is more mainstream and has an excellent reputation for fertility.

Different therapies help & suit different people so it is best to try them all BUT give each therapy a few months to work as it can be slow going. For me, i love Reflex but it's Bowen that does it for me - Acupuncture doesn't sit well with me.

IMO i would try Acupuncture first with a reputable Chinese Medical Herbalist (don't go to a physio with a years training), THEN Reflex, THEN Bowen and have lots of lovely relaxing aromatherapy massage too !!

meandmy Thu 23-Aug-07 16:39:13

sorry if it sounds ignorent but what is BOWEN?
And how do i find out if the reflexologist specialises in ttc?
thanks in advance!

ladyhelen2 Thu 23-Aug-07 18:37:59

No idea on the Bowen question sorry. I've just had my first relexology session at a local wellbeing centre. She does a lot of fertility related reflexology. I get her off the internet and because she was local to me. The internet site said that it was one of the areas she treats, but I've no idea if she is a particular specialist in the fertility area although she did say she was doing a lot of fertility stuff and shes booked out quite far ahead. I was lucky and got a cancellation. It was a lovely hour (£35!) just having my feet massaged and fingers crossed there will be some other lovely side effects. In my naivity, I had thought one treatment would be sufficient. Apparantly not! Should have done a bit more research on that point. I'm booked in in two weeks and the week after! COuld prove expensive in th long run but it could be worth it. Reckon I'll try 6 to 8 sessions.

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