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anyone successfully increased CM or have any tips (including wild and wonderful ones)

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kayjayel Tue 21-Aug-07 09:05:08

When I conceived DS I definitely noticed a decent amount of fertile CM, as I was checking for it, but this time round (cycle 6 coming up) I just rarely seem to get and, and if I do its incredibly scant. People keep saying that cos I've got DS, I will get pg, but this feels like an important difference - what if I'm just not as fertile now?

I've been drinking grapefruit juice by the bucket load, generally eat healthily. I've heard of people trying B6 and Agnus Cactus, but is that a general remedy or would it specifically increase CM? And would acupuncture help with CM? Has anyone successfully done this?

TIA for any tips!

Nancy66 Tue 21-Aug-07 09:42:05

Evening Primrose Oil is meant to help.

I take it the first half of my cycle only. From my period to ovulation. It seems to be making a difference

kayjayel Tue 21-Aug-07 10:13:41

Thanks. Am in second half now, so will try it next month (sad that I don't feel optimistic anymore).

kayjayel Tue 21-Aug-07 14:42:21

bumping for anyother tips?

meandmy Tue 21-Aug-07 14:44:58

random sex after romantic times with dh/dp as hard as it is whe you have other dc's

kayjayel Tue 21-Aug-07 14:55:31

Thanks! Sounds good, but may not help directly as if DP ever managed to get me pregnant that thread might beat the immaculate conception one! (DP is a woman ).

But what the hell - sounds like a good a reason as any to get a raft of babysitters in, and a few nights away!

Nixo Wed 29-Aug-07 15:09:42

I started trying to conceive in January and had no cervical mucus whatsoever, I went to see an acupuncturist in early june and noticed that i did get more a few days after each session. I also bought some Preseed on the internet (a lubricant which acts like cervical mucus) in July and got pregnant the first month of using it. Not sure if it was the acupuncture or the preseed but one of them worked! I am now 6 weeks pregnant. Maybe what really helped though was that i knew i didn't have to worry about not having any cervical mucus as i knew the preseed would do the same thing. I would really recommend you give it a go. Good luck

kayjayel Wed 29-Aug-07 16:25:04

Nixo, thanks. I was thinking of going down the acupuncture route, as a general help, but glad to hear it might deal with the CM specifically. I'm a bit squeamish about Pre-Seed - whats it made of?? But having said that I am at the try anything stage.
Its also great to hear a 'it took me 6 mths to get pregnant' story - people are very keen to tell you it only took a second, but you don't here the 'normal' stories so much!

anniemac Thu 30-Aug-07 01:40:09

Message withdrawn

kayjayel Thu 30-Aug-07 07:39:54

Oh great! Another vote for acupuncture! I secretly really want to try this anyway, to see if it helps with stress and stuff, but TTC would be a big motivator. Thanks.

Nixo Sat 01-Sep-07 09:35:08

preseed is nothing to be squeamish about, its just like any other lubricant, but you have an applicator to put it inside you. I really really recommend it, so do give it a try (plus the acupuncture because it helps the blood flow to the womb and hence helps support the pregnancy).

kayjayel Mon 17-Sep-07 13:10:08

nancy - thanks! first month on EPO and a distinct difference! Am so pleased - hopefully it will make it more likely to work this month, but at least I feel like I'm actually doing something positive to make a difference. Just wanted to say thanks and give feedback that it actually worked!

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