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think this should go here - 3 m/c's history of hormone and gyne probs what q's to ask the dr tomorrow?

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pipsqueeke Mon 20-Aug-07 18:10:41

my mind is a blank.

rough outline. as follows - started puberty at 7 well mum says more 5 but was on steriods from 7 as this was first AF. was on a drug for cancer? anyhow also had a huge lunmp on my paturity gland (ie growth was twice the size of the normal gland) had several MRI's various other things going on etc but the steriods touch wood sorted things out - was on them 7 to 11. about 6 months later had a contorted tube and the overy was dead, this was taken out (apparently rare in adults but anyhow) the dr's said it wasn't cancerous or anything and we shouldn't worry I resumed AF's etc as normal. 16 1st unexpected pg and m/c. ttc with DS for 9 months - started infertility investigations (MRI to check purtitry) was clear HSG was also clear. don't have anything nasty - or at least didn't at the time of bloods OV regually as I use persona. fell again in 06 and had a m/c at 5 weeks, the month after fell with DS who is a lively 18 month old. easy pg hard labour needed transfusion etc. have been 'vaugely' ttc since jan - well haven't been careful since DS was born tbh. fell again but had a m/c just this month I was 8w+ bean was 7w+ and didn't look right apparently?

so any thoughts on what I should be asking for?

I want to know - a) why this is happeneing. b) if I can expect it to happen again c) is my prev homrone treatment causing the probs d) my major worry - and it really is botehring me is that as I started puberty etc so early will my eggs still be ok? am I likely to have bad eggs or sub standard of something?

not sure of anything else I should ask - not sure if a GP will even be able to help me with these questions - is it easier to jsut ask for a referal to a gyne?

YCC Mon 20-Aug-07 18:16:33

O i really feel for you -

I think the list of questions you have are the main ones but could you ask for a double appointment to make sure the doctor takes the time to answer them all.

Whatever you do take a list of questions - and if you're anything like me (your mind goes blank with all the info you get you forget everything) take a pen and paper and make some notes. Don't worry about how long it takes it's more important that you feel happy with the explanation and answers. If you're not definitely insist on a referral to a gyne....

Good luck.

Wheelybug Mon 20-Aug-07 18:35:54

Hi Pip - I think if you're worried about your egg situation you should push for a day 2-5 blood test (its only 1 of those days not all of them !) as this checks your ovarian reserve.

Not sure what other questions you could ask - and I think it depends on your gp how easy it is to get a referal. I'd be quite clear that that is what you want and push for it if necessary.

pipsqueeke Mon 20-Aug-07 18:40:44

wheely - that's what she was going to do before I fell this time, but she didn't manage to, i'm quite worried about it and also she was going to test me for tyroid problems as i'm so tired and ratty all the tiem - hormones galore! lol. I don't know about referals here - it's a shame we've had to move in the old place it was wait 6 months then it took about a month for a referal - but here i'm not holding my breath - given that it's england and all and I have a DS was in wales before.

not sure how long my apt will be for - have booked jsut the one for now with the lady dr - the man dr told me that I should go back on the pill to help my moods and sort out my hormones??

will def rememebr to take a pen and pad.

(blood work for the 21 day test pre ds was ok, is that the same?) what can be done if the 2-5 day ones come back low?

pipsqueeke Mon 20-Aug-07 18:42:20

also only being 25 my old dr was a bit dismissive in wales but I really pushed for the referal.

Wheelybug Mon 20-Aug-07 18:44:11

day 21 test just shows you have ovulated. I don't know what can be done if day2-5 not good - I'm not sure if it shows quality or just quantity of eggs but if it came back as not good (but not disasterous) it might speed up the referal process but obviously it might show its all fine which will at least be a worry off your mind.

Wheelybug Mon 20-Aug-07 18:44:48

I can't really see what age has got to do with it tbh particularly given your history.

pipsqueeke Mon 20-Aug-07 18:46:09

quite. i'm worried as I say as I started puberty early and the steriods (which basically stopped it all and me growing) it's effected them is that the fsh test or the lh ones?

(I must have eggs as I get the O on persona or did - they might just not be of good quality?)

pipsqueeke Mon 20-Aug-07 18:48:16

I know and it shouldn't - but when I first saw my dr there I was 23 and he was like well we'll do it but you're perfectly healthy. I think it was only to humour me to an extent - (till he saw all of the specialist letters)

Wheelybug Mon 20-Aug-07 18:49:37

I think its a comparison between FSH and LH that shows it but not sure. I think it shows more whether you have lots left rather than quality because I think the higher the FSH the more the hormones have to work to produce an egg because there are less available.

pipsqueeke Mon 20-Aug-07 18:51:48

ok, so also need to ask what the blood test will be for what it will be cheicking and how this will effect things. ok. god all the questions.

thanks for your help btw

Wheelybug Mon 20-Aug-07 18:57:17

no probs - definitely ask if they can test the quality of your eggs (don't know how or if this is possible ?) as well.

Good luck tomorrow - let us know how you get on.

pipsqueeke Mon 20-Aug-07 19:03:22

will do - hoping ti all good news as I can't see us only having the one ds. but we shall see what's said.

pipsqueeke Tue 21-Aug-07 08:24:24

ok have written out my list - poor dr! lol.

don't think i'm missing anything am i?

pipsqueeke Tue 21-Aug-07 13:11:59

well been to the dr's - I think she might be a mnetter you know anyhow, she's going to call my notes from my old gyne and have a good rumage through them all so she knows what's what - althou I have to say she was v good anyways after I only gave her a brief outline. we're doing bloods in 3 weeks to check all homones a full count thyoroid and I think just about everything else! lol. she's said that the eggs should be fine and prev gyne probs shouldn't ahve any effect neither should me only ahving the one (as in half the fertility time/increased change of ealry menopause etc) so came away feeling v positive. she also said I need to tell people how I feel more - as in when DB and DH etc ask what's wrong I should tell them it's cos i've lost a baby and arn't coping too well as i'm not grieving (so she thinks - it did make sence actuall - and tbh sounded like she's been through it herself) so althou she says hormones will play a part it's prob more to do with the grieving process of why I still feel on the verge of tears all the time. so have booked blood test for 3 weeks time, then the results are about 2 weeks after that - so hopefully will ahve some firm answers then - and def a refferal to a gyne - yay! didn't have to really push for it this time.

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