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Mothertoone2 Wed 20-Nov-19 07:47:25

Hey all!

AF is due for me on 30th November, I don't plan on testing early unless there is obvious signs or symptoms. I'm currently 3dpo. Even though I probably won't be able to help myself haha.

Anyone else in the same boat?

danielasummer Wed 20-Nov-19 07:57:57

@mothertoone2 hi, yes I'm 1dpo and my LP is usually 11 days so I'm also due on the 30th/31st November. My first month TTC since my miscarriage in October so trying not to worry too much and will only test a few days after AF due. Good luck to us both!

Shuckle Wed 20-Nov-19 08:08:42

@Mothertoone2 hi! I am 4dpo and AF/BFP due 1st December. Time seems to grind to a halt while waiting! My first month TTC baby #1, planning to not test until AF is late - whether I cave in early remains to be seen grin

Wackadoodle84 Wed 20-Nov-19 09:02:20

@Mothertoone2 I’ll join too, currently 7 dpo if the opks got it right. TTC #3 after a 10 year gap. Fingers crossed for bfps all round 🤞

Bathwater Wed 20-Nov-19 09:45:13

I’m due on 31st November, I miscarried late September (for the second time). I’m going to try not to test, but will be nice to see how everyone else gets on!

Mothertoone2 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:07:03

Oh wow quite a few of us due around the same time then. How exciting.

How long has everyone been TTC for now?

ceebee21 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:10:13

Yes me!

Due anywhere between 27th and 30th

I know ill test early too impatient haha xx

Shuckle Wed 20-Nov-19 20:10:31

5 days! Lol. Very early in the journey yet. Nice to have some people to wait with x

NishaaS123 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:13:05

I am due in 5 days too I did a test today and I feel like I see a faint line but I am not sure lol

VaggieMight Wed 20-Nov-19 23:39:41

I'm due 28th Nov. 7 dpo according to the Flo app. Been spotting for a week so did a test today and got a bfp saying 1-2 weeks.

It wasn't a FRER so I'm not sure how reliable the results are but I'm going to be obsessively testing now! I thought 7 dpo is too early to detect? Because of the spotting I decided to test from 6 days before AF which would be this Friday, I only tested today in case I was pregnant from before last AF.

Been TTC for 9 months, had a MC in May. The early signs for that pregnancy was spotting so I'm feeling anxious about this bfp. I promised I wouldn't test early again after that.

Good luck to everyone!

itssquidstella Thu 21-Nov-19 10:06:55

I'm due any time between tomorrow and next Thursday! Not entirely sure when I ovulated and LP has varied between 10 and 16 days over the last few months.

I'm assuming AF will turn up in the next few days but if nothing has happened by next Thursday I'll test...

Paramore289 Thu 21-Nov-19 10:32:26

Hi ladies,

Jumping on the bandwagon here! I’m currently TTC cycle 3. AF due on 29th Nov! This tww is dragging! Has anyone had any symptoms?

wantingformytime Thu 21-Nov-19 10:36:06

Hey all,

Ttc 12mths + no BFP for me yet. Be first baby for us both, had a few ovulation blood tests not 100% sure if I ovulated but hubby's swimmers are all normal which is a positive. Flo app says 6 or 7dpo but not completely sure af due 29th or 30th. Woke up with light period cramps that's a sign af is no her way i think :-(

Baby dust to you all xx

Wackadoodle84 Thu 21-Nov-19 11:43:34

Been TTC on and off for about a year, we tried ‘properly’ for 2 months early in the year Feb/March. We’ve had a lot on since then so although we weren’t using protection, we weren’t actively trying either. This month is our first month in ages to properly try. Would love a BFP, My DD is mad for a little brother or sister, her twin is not so keen on the idea 😂

Snowberry4 Thu 21-Nov-19 12:44:17

Hi girls, please Count me in. ( this is my first ever post!)
Currently trying for baby no1 since 06/2017 but has been a difficult road so far as I have PCOS with absent periods.
We started fertility treatment/clomid 10/2018 and were very blessed as found out we were expecting the very first month to unfortunately miscarry @5weeks.
Iv since failed to respond to clomid with no ovulation for another 5 cycles so I'm now on my 2WW following my first treatment of Letrazole.
Ovulation was confirmed with 3 ultrasound so I'm keeping fingers crossed.
I'm currently 11 days post ovulation... so cycle day 29 (my cycle is quite long) I confimed my last pregnancy at cd30 and cd32... so I'm holding out to test 23/11/19.. 2 days to go.. feeling pretty calm and just want to know either wait... the 2WW is the worst no???!
Iv experienced sore breasts since before ovulation with no let up and a stich like pain earlier this week from around left overie... ( the side iv ovulated from- so hope it's implantation!!) No implantation spotting so far... my last pregnancy symptoms were different from what I'm experiencing now... but every pregnancy is different or so they say. Hoping AF cramping doesn't start for me in the next day or so!!
Having peed on a stick more times then I care to remember...My only advise to those testing early is just be prepared for the test results to ask more questions with added anxiety then it will actually answer... Please hold out as long as you can and save the uncertainty and cost of the pregnancy tests too!! Dont cave in haha!! Sending everyone the very best of luck and remember were all in this together!!! X

ScaredFlamingo Thu 21-Nov-19 14:44:53

Im in! I’m about 8/9dpo and period next week. I convinced myself I was pregnant on Monday on to wake up Tuesday and decide I wasn’t. No idea either way but I hate the wait!!!

Wackadoodle84 Thu 21-Nov-19 15:00:56

@ Scaredflamingo, 8dpo here as well, the waiting is awful, I seem to live in work normally and typically between now and af due date I’m only working 2 days, feel like I will now be symptom spotting and sitting on my hands to prevent ppoas (premature pee on a stick!)

ScaredFlamingo Thu 21-Nov-19 15:09:36

@wackadoodle84 haha I know what you mean!! I keep reminding myself it’s a waste of money but hard to stop myself. I was continually symptom spotting but trying to convince myself I’m not pregnant this time!!

Paramore289 Thu 21-Nov-19 17:35:43

It’s so hard to not symptom spot! I just find myself obsessing but I’m really trying not to.
I’m definitely not testing until next Friday! Anyone else thinking about testing?

Nuttypea Thu 21-Nov-19 17:46:11

Hi @Mothertoone2 and others!

7th Cycle TTC. Also the first month (until now) where I've thought bollocks to it all and tried not to be a loon.

Last month we used conceive plus and did the SMEP plan, I was certain it would be our month, but low and behold, another shitting negative.

Decided to take the relaxed approach and was actually doing well. Was focused on our new kitchen and not staring at my app and using Opks. Was doing great until now... Jumped feet first in to the tww and guess what? I'VE TURNED INTO A BLOODY LUNATIC AGAIN.

Yes, I should be buying Xmas gifts but instead l most definitely will be wasting a fortune and peeing on plastic daily, waaaay before I should do. HO, BLOODY HO.

VaggieMight Thu 21-Nov-19 17:49:49

I'm 8 dpo and had spotting so I tested with CB digital yesterday afternoon which was positive. Tested twice again this morning (complete overkill!) and both positive, but the spotting has turned bright red so I'm not hopeful that it will last. I've not had any other symptoms.

I'd rather have not tested so soon, I was just concerned about the spotting.

Snowberry4 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:00:15

@Nuttypea iv also gone through tubes of concieve plus and proseed... every little helps right?
I blame the hormones when it comes to completely flipping out and going crazy during the 2WW ( or so I convince myself anyway!) Counting days on the calender and apps...checking twice.. three times... six times!!! Although my husband is supportive and wants this just as much as I do..I don't think he really understands how all consuming it can be and how it's driving me crazy! The impatience and restlessness feels like being a child again and waiting for Christmas only far far worse!!!! santa

Snowberry4 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:08:58

@VaggieMight could it just be delayed implantation bleeding? Iv read that It can happen 7-14 days after fertilisation? I couldnt see how many weeks along you are from the tests. Its not game over just yet! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! X

Wackadoodle84 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:09:15

@nuttypea and @snowberry4, another one here using the conceive plus. I seem to be a totally sane rational person until the 2ww starts, then it’s welcome to planet crazy for the next two weeks. I’m currently 8dpo, have a skin break out going on (very attractive 🤨) am cramping and feel very pms like, have to say will be v annoyed if I’m out already, haven’t even had the chance to poas yet!

@vaggiemight those are some glaringly positive tests for 8dpo, could you have your dates wrong? Hopefully the spotting won’t progress on to anything else, how are you feeling otherwise?

MummaShu Thu 21-Nov-19 19:11:02

I'm 7dpo... on TTC cycle 6 for bubba number 2... AF due 28th November. Getting close enough now that I'm getting impatient and eyeing up the pregnancy tests!!

VaggieMight Thu 21-Nov-19 22:23:59

@Snowberry4 @Wackadoodle84

I'm hoping it is implantation bleeding, but I agree it's a very strong line for 8 dpo! I tested to rule out being pregnant from before last AF. Last AF was 5 days early and started as spotting, thought it could be IB but it turned heavy so figured not pregnant. Spotting started again intermittently when AF ended but has been continuous for days now 🤷‍♀️

Since 7 dpo CB digi says 1-2 weeks pregnant and that was from an afternoon test 🤷‍♀️, the CB digi tests are notoriously inaccurate though, apparently.

VaggieMight Thu 21-Nov-19 22:32:51

@Wackadoodle84 I'm feeling like I have very very mild cramps, my boobs feel bigger but not sore, I've been extremely tired for about three days and had slight dizziness. All symptoms which could be regular AF stuff though.

I have friends who say they had symptoms immediately and then others say they had nothing at all. I think I'd be delighted with some morning sickness 😂

Crazymummyto3 Thu 21-Nov-19 22:46:34

My previous cycles have been 28, 27 and 33 days so I think I'm due between 27th-30th November. I'm going to try not to test before 27th but I know now that I won't be able to stop myself 🙈

Wackadoodle84 Thu 21-Nov-19 23:06:23

I’m trying to remember what my symptoms were during my last pregnancy which is over 10 years ago, I honestly think that before my bfp I had none. Of course this time around I am over analysing each and every twinge and cramp I get. I really do feel pms like now though so imagine my body is gearing up for that.

@VaggieMight maybe it would be worth testing again in a day or two. The symptoms do sound promising so fingers crossed the spotting stops and things progress for you

ScaredFlamingo Fri 22-Nov-19 07:59:28

Did an early test this morning but got a BFN...!

VaggieMight Fri 22-Nov-19 08:22:01

@ScaredFlamingo it's still early, might be worth testing again next week? Fingers crossed for you.

@Wackadoodle84 it's not looking great. Heavier dark spotting this morning. I'll test again in a weeks time. I think I'll get an inaccurate bfp if I test again now. My friend had spotting for 11 weeks before MC. I'm hoping it's not going to be drawn out like that for me, I'd rather have a bfn than be in limbo like this.

Looking forward to seeing how others get on thanks

ScaredFlamingo Fri 22-Nov-19 08:57:22

@VaggieMight Maybe... I’ve got 6/7 days until my period so might just wait and see if it comes!
Fingers crossed for you!!!

Wackadoodle84 Fri 22-Nov-19 09:39:35

@scaredflamingo step away from the tests! A bfn at 8/9dpo certainly does not mean your out. If it makes you feel any better as I’m typing for you to step away from the tests I’m eyeing up my own🤣

@VaggieMight so sorry the spotting seems to be getting heavier. TTC can just be so shit sometimes, whatever is going on I hope you get answers either way soon

9dpo here, definitely still feeling very pms like, I’m working tomorrow and Sunday which I am looking forward to cause will be too busy to symptom obsess

ScaredFlamingo Fri 22-Nov-19 09:51:33

@wackadoodle84 Haha! Thank you... I was bit sad when I did the test this morning but you’re right it’s probably too early!! I promised myself I would wait and then woke up this morning and caved haha!
Work doesn’t seem to stop me... so good luck!

Nuttypea Fri 22-Nov-19 10:32:11

@Snowberry4 @Wackadoodle84 How long have you guys been using conceive plus/preseed for? I was 6 weeks preseed and then a whole month of conceive plus. Both did bugger all when it came to conception, but have to say they made the rodgering slightly more comfortable. Because let's be honest, sex when ttc is not exactly arousing. I'm in it for 1 thing, and 1 thing only so hop on!!!

I think the Internet gave me false hope that it would help me conceive, that and the SMEP plan. How naive!

I'm hoping I'll be one of the lucky ones that's so smashed on christmas festivities and has drunken luck!

First babies?

Fingers crossed for you both, and everyone else! Xx

Shuckle Fri 22-Nov-19 11:18:14

@Nuttypea had to try so hard not to spit my tea all over my keyboard there haha - "made the rodgering slightly more comfortable". I know what you mean though. I've been looking up SMEP and as great as it sounds, with rave reviews, it does concern me that TTC would be more of a military exercise than an attack of passion! How do all these people just "end up" pregnant, I don't get it!

6DPO today and keep staring at my boobs in the mirror in my work bathroom, convincing myself they are bigger/weirder/veinier - peak madness has officially been reached today!

Nuttypea Fri 22-Nov-19 11:37:19

@shuckle hahaha, I'm the same. Ran up the stairs earlier and my boobs were hurting. So I ran up a few more just to make sure! More than likely that I'm wearing a 3 year old bra, but I'm really hoping this is my month.

Will this be your first bubba? I'm also 6dpo and due AF on the 30th!

Any other 'symptoms?' fingers crossed for you xxx

ChampooPapi Fri 22-Nov-19 11:53:02

@danielasummer do you mind if I ask how you know when your period is now due after your miscarriage? After my d&c they said my period could come any time from 2-6 weeks afterwards. I did start to miscarry naturally the day of my 12 week scan and had the surgery a day later so I'm assuming my period is 4 weeks on from that.

But I definitely can't be certain. Did they tell you just to expect your at the normal time then?

danielasummer Fri 22-Nov-19 12:03:12

@champoopapi of course not, so I’m due around 2 weeks after the negative pregnancy test which I got this Monday, but judging my my EWCM a few days ago I think it’ll be more like 11-12 days after the pregnancy test. I don’t really have a normal time as my cycles range from 30-45ish days unfortunately. I would give it 5 weeks if I were you then contact them as they might want to scan you if you haven’t got your period? Did you get a negative pregnancy test?

ChampooPapi Fri 22-Nov-19 12:03:19

I'm in it for 1 thing, and 1 thing only so hop on!!!

@Nuttypea this is my exact thought EVERY time me and my partner have sex, I even add a kind of evil laugh at the end (heaven forbid I ever accidentally do it out loud)

ChampooPapi Fri 22-Nov-19 12:09:51

@danielasummer hey, thanks for your response. I had a negative pregnancy test a bout 5 days post surgery. I had my d&c ok the 23rd of October so nearly a month ago. No sign of af turning up but my body is odd and I could literally go to the loo in ten minutes and it'll be here.

I'm going to wait a couple more weeks before doing a pregnancy test though as I'd rather not know of it's a chemical that them resolves itself naturally. Seeing a positive then a negative a week later is not what I need after everything last month.

Wouldn't be amazing though if we both got pregnant this month?! I think we can let ourselves get a little excited after everything we've had to go through. So are you testing next weekend? I really hope this is your month, but a late December bfp would be so great as well, going into the new year pregnant would be the dream.

All the best to you 💜

ScaredFlamingo Fri 22-Nov-19 12:11:09

@champooPapi @Nuttypea
I high five my boyfriend... although I did do that before we started ttc as well... this might be why he tells me off for “actually like a dude” about sex... haha!

ChampooPapi Fri 22-Nov-19 12:13:01

@ScaredFlamingo lol, I definitely see my partner as a walking seed for me to take, use and abuse so I'm with you girl

Shuckle Fri 22-Nov-19 12:28:01

@Nuttypea yes this would be my first! All a completely new world to me. I have been feeling quite sick for a couple of days and had backache yesterday as well as thinking I can smell things stronger, but at 6dpo I think it's quite unlikely id be having genuine symptoms so soon! Trying to convince myself it's just a bit of a holiday bug, don't want to get my hopes up too much as I know I'll be really disappointed if AF comes!

danielasummer Fri 22-Nov-19 13:16:37

@ChampooPapi - going to reply to you on the other thread as I'm getting confused! x

Snowberry4 Fri 22-Nov-19 13:56:05

@Nuttypea I just buy whatever's on offer on Amazon and stock up!! I slightly prefer concieve plus as it's easier in the big tube (I disliked the individual pipette as they felt sharp after removing the tops!! confused compared to the preseed applicators which feels like your undergoing a medical procedure drawing up the right amount of grams haha!!
I keep hearing obout the SMEP on this forum but can't say I know much about it apart from what it stands for... ?? My consultant just said go for it every other day starting CD 11-21 and Ovulation should happen 7-10 days following my last letrazole tablet which I take cd2-cd6 so it gets put on the calender, highlighted multiple times and my husband gets a reminder text for a heads up haha!!!
We've been using preseed or concieve plus for 1.5 years maybe... certainly helps us both feel more comfortable!!! I don't think our baby will ever be one to be conceived from a random night of passion unfortunately... it's so hard when you know you have such a short window to get it right. You can light as many candles as you want to try set the mood.... but baby making and sex are very different in our house!! Especially when your both tired and really not in the mood.... it's the last thing on both our minds but you just gotta get on with it hey? If this is what we've got to go through to get our little miracle then this is what we've gotta do!
Yes this will be our first baby. How about you? X

Snowberry4 Fri 22-Nov-19 14:05:30

Hey all.
Q1) How do you all keep busy during this relentless 2WW? Does anyone learn a new hobby? Go cleaning mad? Get stuck into family life and your current kids?

Q2) How has everyone felt about TTC and doing the deed on set days if tracking ovulation? Has it been pretty regimented or have you managed to keep it relaxed, informal and somewhat loving?! haha x

danielasummer Fri 22-Nov-19 14:10:09

@Snowberry4 omg I would LOVE to know the answer to question 1! I work from home and have barely worked today, just scouring mums net and Google for hours on whether I have ovulated, if I had sex on the right days, what my EWCM and no temp rise means etc etc, I'm driving myself nuts! Also reading a fab book at the moment (not conception related) and re-reading sentences as just thinking about ovulation! Nightmare!!

2) have only been trying since Tuesday after a miscarriage in October and have had sex every day, will be BD tonight as well (need to cover all bases!)

Peytonmarie Fri 22-Nov-19 14:47:17

@mummaShu I hear you, I’m 8 dpo and really wanting to test

ElizabethBennet3rd Fri 22-Nov-19 14:51:46

Hi everyone - mind if I join in? I've posted elsewhere but with little response. Hoping to find some support.

I'm 7-9 DPO (days post ovulation) (I think) not certain exactly but CD23 (though, my last AF stopped after 2 days, started again then stopped after another 3. Weird!). I'm hoping someone else going through this TTC (trying to conceive) minefield will have some advice for me. I came off DEPO 6 months ago and previously no periods on that for 9 years, so I can barely remember what's considered 'normal', but I am back to a regular cycle now.

I've had some crampy pains/ heavy almost pressure-like feeling really low down in my uterus for the last week, since ovulation I think. Also lots of CM and very 'wet' feeling which is unusual for me. I have had heartburn and back ache on and off too and when that got really bad yesterday I convinced myself I was PG (pregnant) and took a FRER. BFN, obviously as it's clearly too early. What do we all think?

Any advice/support very happily received!

Snowberry4 Fri 22-Nov-19 14:58:34

@danielasummer it is so consuming isn't it?! I'm sure everyone on here has been told by someone " you just need to relax and stop trying... as soon as you stop trying it will happen!!" If i hear that one more time angry ahhh!!!!! Yes I understand stress is not good.... but when you've been actively ttc like I have for 2.5years and your struggling with infertility and don't ovulate it's not as easy as just DTD and wait and see what happens!! Clearly they are the ones who haven't ever experienced the dreaded 2WW! It is torture at the best of times isn't it?!
I start googling things.... find an answer that I'm not happy with so reword my question until I see an answer I like lol. So many websites contradict themselves and all give different info and symptom checkers etc.. iv spent several hours googling the same thing over and over and over as it just won't sink into my brain during the 2WW!!

Shuckle Fri 22-Nov-19 15:11:53

welcome @ElizabethBennet3rd! I am currently 6dpo and have had very similar to you - heartburn since 2-3dpo, lost of crampy pressure, backache, and feeling a bit sick. Trying to convince myself its just a bit of a bug so I don't get my hopes up too much! I can't really help with advice other than def too early for a test and you'll only fret about squinting to see lines so try and hold off a few more days, its definitely not all over for the month for you yet! smile

@Snowberry4 lots of scouring the internet and forums! I'm also trying to exercise/go to the gym more, as when my BFP arrives a bit of extra strength and fitness will probably be really helpful when basically carrying around a giant watermelon for months haha. And trying to clear out some stuff/tidy up at home so that I have room for baby furniture as it's a bit messy at the moment.

As far as keeping things informal/SMEP goes - depends who you ask! My DH would tell you it's informal whereas he doesn't know how precisely i'm tracking it grin. I think I will give SMEP a go on the next cycle though it does sound exhausting - every other day from CD8 - ovulation day, then 3 days in a row, miss a day, then one more try. It's hardly a revolutionary concept, it's basically just lots of sex really isn't it. But lots of people on here say it worked for them, I ovulated on CD17 this month though so might start a bit later than CD8, that sounds exceptionally early x

Snowberry4 Fri 22-Nov-19 16:11:39

Hey @Shuckle thanks for explaining SMEP... I may have to do a bit of investigating if this isn't my month.... gives me something to do during my 2WW so thank you!! X

Wackadoodle84 Fri 22-Nov-19 18:57:12

@nuttypea 🤣 it certainly does make the rodgering more comfortable! I bought preseed about 8 months ago, lost it! And bought fertility check this month which is basically the same thing (I think). This would hopefully be our 3rd DC but second pregnancy, have dtwins.

@ElizabethBennet3rd (love the name!) you have basically describe my symptoms for the last few days, fingers crossed it is actual pregnancy symptoms for both of us!

@ScaredFlamingo well guess who poas after telling you to step away from the tests earlier! And yes you guessed it, bfn of course, what else would you expect at 8dpo

Am thinking if this month is a no go of trying the smep next month, it surely can’t hurt.

ElizabethBennet3rd Fri 22-Nov-19 19:10:40

Thanks for the welcome ladies! This is all so nerve wracking I feel like it’s such a relief to read everyone’s stories and not feel alone in everything.
We are trying for my 3rd, DHs first, but my DD is 17 and DS 15 so it’s been a long time. I remember nothing! Never thought I’d be here again but something flipped and now it’s all I dream of!
Hope you all get your answers soon. This bit is so hard!
How long have you all been trying?

Wackadoodle84 Fri 22-Nov-19 19:43:35

@ElizabethBennet3rd this will be our 3rd also if we ever manage to get pregnant.

We started trying early in the year but only tried properly for 2 or so months and then got waylaid for a while, this is technically our first proper month trying again although we haven’t been using any protection for the last few months.
We will also have a big age gap (10 years) honestly thought we were done and all of a sudden here we are back into the TTC madness. We struggled to conceive the twins ( 4 years and 6 rounds of clomid ). Want to try just ourselves for a few months first before we go down the route of bloods and scans and all sorts

ElizabethBennet3rd Fri 22-Nov-19 20:04:18

How stressful knowing you may have a long road. Though I suppose we all might! So jealous of your twins. I would love to have twins. I’m a twin myself, as are my mother and grandmother but so far myself and sister only had singletons.
Do you have any idea when you’ll test? I really hate waiting but also can’t handle the disappointment of BFN over again! We used no protection for the last 3 months and I’ve not been able to track ovulation after coming off DEPO, been all over the place! So obviously driven myself crazy thinking I could be pg any given moment!
This is the first cycle I’m certain I ovulated so I have actual dates to go on, but I know I have to wait!

Shuckle Fri 22-Nov-19 20:39:31

@ElizabethBennet3rd I'm gonna try my absolute hardest not to test until AF due on 1st December. It's really hard resisting, particularly when I know I have tests upstairs and my hands are itching to get hold of something to pee on - why is the 2WW turning me into an animal wanting to pee on stuff 😂

ElizabethBennet3rd Fri 22-Nov-19 20:54:56

😂😂totally feel your pain! I’ve caved once already and knew even FRER would be BFN at CD23! Duh! Just want confirmation that these symptoms aren’t in my head! To make matters more interesting, tonight I’ve had a very light pink tinge to the CM. Never had this much CM at this point in a cycle, I just know my body is doing something!
Wish this were easier! Tempting to reach for the wine 🍷!

Wackadoodle84 Fri 22-Nov-19 21:03:43

I’m trying to keep things as light and stress free as possible, myself and DH reckon if no bfp within 6 months then we will get bloods etc done. Definitely don’t want to get as stressed about it as we did before

As for testing, did one today just because it was there 🤦‍♀️ If I got my dates right for ovulation AF is due on the 28th

@Shuckle I’m going to have to follow your example and sit on my hands until the 28th

Shuckle Fri 22-Nov-19 21:20:46

@ElizabethBennet3rd pink tinge is good, could be implantation 😁 I feel you on the wine, haven't got any at the moment though! Of course you should do what you're comfortable with but I've heard a lot about "drink til it's pink" - until the placenta is forming you can't pass on alcohol to baby so a glass of wine shouldn't do any harm 🍷

ScaredFlamingo Fri 22-Nov-19 21:28:10

@Wackadoodle84 Hahaha! It’s so easy to say “stay away from the tests” and so hard to actually do it lol!

Me and my partner said we’d keep it relaxed... he has no idea how much I think about it haha!

Wackadoodle84 Fri 22-Nov-19 21:34:09

Yes I think if DH knew how much I think about it he would worry for my sanity 🤣

Right so, no more testing until at least AF due date, I may need to lock away the tests !

@ElizabethBennet3rd pink tinged cm sounds very promising !

ScaredFlamingo Fri 22-Nov-19 21:47:52

@wackadoodle84 I’ll get on that plan with you! I can test after Thursday and not before!

Wackadoodle84 Fri 22-Nov-19 21:55:03

Ok so, if you can last then Thursday then so can I ! Will have an array of sticks ready for weeing Thursday morning, that’s if AF doesn’t show up in the mean time

ElizabethBennet3rd Fri 22-Nov-19 22:39:35

I’m so excited for you ladies! I feel like I’m getting over excited as I’m still only 6 months post DEPO and know that means I could still be pretty all over the place. Just wishful thinking but the boobies are so so sore tonight. Only thing I remember from my other two pregnancies (over 15 years ago 🙈) is the very frequent peeing...which I don’t have at all right now!
How on earth you all manage to resist testing is so beyond me. I’m far too easily swayed! I just hope these symptoms, along with the pinky CM are all good things!
Anyone experience these before only to find AF and not BFP?

ElizabethBennet3rd Fri 22-Nov-19 22:42:11

Ps...sorry, for some reason I can’t tag those that I’m replying to like the rest of you are! Maybe because I’m using my phone and not the Mac? It’s just only coming up with a few names when I put @ and not those I’m looking for. 🙈 clearly my inexperience at using these forums!

ScaredFlamingo Sat 23-Nov-19 08:48:05

@Wackadoodle84 Yes! Let’s try and hold out...!!! And fingers crossed AF is taking a 9 month holiday!!!

@ElizabethBennet3rd Fingers crossed for you too! And it is sooo hard not to continually test but trying to keep reminding myself of reasons not to; too early, disappointments and £10 a time!! Haha!!
Also sometimes the name doesn’t come up on mine either, I just put @ and then write the name if it’s not in the list!

VaggieMight Sat 23-Nov-19 08:56:55

I'm a bit torn as to whether I belong on this thread. I posted earlier as my AF is due 28/11 but I tested 7 dpo due to spotting and got a bfp. I'm glad I posted here as @Wackadoodle84 pointed out that my line was rather strong for such an early test. I really appreciate you pointing that out Wackadoodle as you're right, I was blinded by the bfp! I phoned my GP and explained the dates and spotting and she referred me for a scan. I thought it might be possible that I was 6w+ pregnant, but I'm not. The scan showed nothing, my uterus walls are thin apart from some thickening at the top. My blood results show HcG 105 which is apparently low and my progesterone is 52 which is apparently average. I have to go back on Monday for more blood tests and maybe have more scans.

I'm worried that my uterus walls are thin, they should thicken mid cycle. I'm hoping it's not a sign of infertility issues.

I'm not expecting to have a viable pregnancy for this one. I don't know why I'm getting bfps. If I was pregnant on my October cycle I should be getting bfn now, but I think it's unlikely I'm pregnant from November cycle as the tests were positive too soon. I have a very small amount of hope for this one, but I have to be realistic.

Good luck to everyone else thanks

Snowberry4 Sat 23-Nov-19 09:05:17

@ElizabethBennet3rd it doesn't work for me either so I have to memorize the names and spellings and just type it in. Are you using the mums net app? I used the website on one occasion and that seemed to work bit not on the app confused

Today I'm CD31, 14 days past ovulation confined by CB opk and ultrasound. Pregnancy test Negative this morning so will retest in three days time time. I'm not out until AF shows right?!
Obviously a little gutted but just relieved to not be guessing and symptom spotting for the first day in weeks! I'm more gutted that i may have to go through all this again in a months time and another 2WW close to Christmas, the most stressful time of the year!! It's just physically and emotionally draining agh..

Anyone got any nice plans for the weekend?
Continuing to wish each and everyone of you the very best of luck for some positive results next week. Exciting times hey? Xxxxx

Snowberry4 Sat 23-Nov-19 09:16:52

@VaggieMight you have just as much right to be part of this group as everyone else...
I should probs be in the infertility groups but im here trying tl be positive.
I will just say that you hcg levels are consistent with good news.... I found this online "An hCG level of less than 5 mIU/mL is considered negative for pregnancy, and anything above 25 mIU/mL is considered positive for pregnancy. An hCG level between 6 and 24 mIU/mL is considered a grey area, and you'll likely need to be retested to see if your levels rise to confirm a pregnancy"

When I MC at 5 weeks my levels dropped down to around 5mlu 4ish days later...

At least with scans and blood work you know where you stand and it doesnt take long for results to come back. If always found it more reassuring personally.. but perhaps if this isnt our month we can restart a December ttc tread?
We don't always know the right thing to say or the correct answers but we're all here for you.
I'm here if you wanna off load and just vent, PM me x

VaggieMight Sat 23-Nov-19 12:23:46

@Snowberry4 thanks for your kind words and reassurance. I thought the HcG levels seemed positive after googling and I phoned the nurse back but she still said they were low 🤷‍♀️ I feel lucky to be getting the extra information from having the tests though. I just need to be patient and wait until next week, even though it's tempting to do another test! That would be pointless though.

Sorry to hear you had a MC at 5 weeks, I had a MC at 5 weeks in May. Generally we only hear about the pregnancies that make it beyond 12 weeks, until experiencing it I had no idea how difficult having a baby can be!

Yes, we might have to start a TWW December thread, but I hope we and others could even start a August baby 2020 thread.

VaggieMight Sat 23-Nov-19 12:24:41

My spotting had reduced/stopped, I'm hoping it's a good sign.

Snowberry4 Sat 23-Nov-19 12:49:00

@VaggieMight that's a really good sign. Got my fingers crossed for you!! Make sure you have some "you" time and try not to worry as hard as it is. Aug/Sep 2020 babies group would be lovely wouldn't it? X x

Wackadoodle84 Sat 23-Nov-19 14:12:51

@VaggieMight you absolutely belong on this thread! I think the single hcg level won’t tell you much on its own but will provide a baseline at least, are they repeating in a few days? Hopefully it will rise nicely and no more spotting, fingers firmly crossed for you. I love the idea of an August thread 😍

@ScaredFlamingo well work is most definitely not distracting me today! Part of my job involves testing other people throughout the day, and I seem to be doing that all day today, on break at the moment and my coffee tastes off which of course I have taken to be a symptom of pregnancy (in reality it prob means we need to change the filter in coffee machine). On a positive note, I have not tested!

@ElizabethBennet3rd the names never come up for me either, I have to keep scrolling back to make sure I’m spelling the names right

Hope everyone else is getting through the 2 we okay

ScaredFlamingo Sat 23-Nov-19 14:24:20

@wackadoodle84 I’m feeling very nauseous today.. almost threw up over my lunch with my Mum (who was eyeing me up suspiciously as I gagged slightly haha!) no one said anything but you could see what she was thinking. I’m trying hard to hold out on testing though!!

Shuckle Sat 23-Nov-19 14:50:21

@ScaredFlamingo I have also been really sicky feeling last couple of days, though I think it might just be a bit of a winter bug 😒 and had a horrible headache since I woke up today! Well done for holding off on the tests!

ScaredFlamingo Sat 23-Nov-19 15:00:14

@shuckle I have felt like I’ve got a mild hangover for the second half of the week and then today I thought I was going to hurl over my food.
I’m probably about 11dpo... I should hold off right??

ScaredFlamingo Sat 23-Nov-19 15:32:15

I caved. I tested. BFN.. 😢

Wackadoodle84 Sat 23-Nov-19 17:59:31

@ScaredFlamingo, if it makes you feel any better, I caved too! Also bfn... To be fair though we really should discount these as 1. We are testing too early and 2. Not with fmu.

Right, no more testing until Thursday, we can do this!

NCON Sat 23-Nov-19 18:49:36

Can I join in? AF due 30th, TTC #1 first cycle. This 2 week wait malarkey is torture! Have a work party this Friday so will try a first response Friday morning, trying to hold out is so hard though lol. Fingers crossed for lots of BFP!

ScaredFlamingo Sat 23-Nov-19 18:50:09

@wackadoodle84 We can do this!!

Wackadoodle84 Sat 23-Nov-19 22:08:37

@NCON welcome! How are you finding the tww so far? Best of luck with holding off testing

Myself and @ScaredFlamingo need someone to set us a good example of resisting poas will power badly 😂

NCON Sat 23-Nov-19 22:28:25

@wackadoodle84 whoopsy already failed that one blush POAS about an hr ago and obviously got a BFN lol. Kinda feel like now I have more will power to hold out till Friday but let's see how it goes!

TWW is very long! Trying not to symptom spot but can't help it either. Every little twinge is being analysed hard haha. Seriously did not think I would be this obsessive about TTC! Glad I found this chat of others in the same boat smile

Wackadoodle84 Sat 23-Nov-19 22:32:47

@NCON this definitely seems to be the right thread for poas addicts 😂.

Am the same with symptom spotting and over analysing every little twinge, it’s like once I enter the 2ww, all sense and reason go straight out the window

Babyfever93 Sat 23-Nov-19 22:33:51

I’m due on the 1st/2nd according to Flo app - but already caved and bought a pack of first response tests. Now they are in the top draw ... it’s even harder to resist trying one! Going to try hold off to sat 30th but can see myself giving in by weds this week 😬 fingers crossed for everyone else too! Xx

ScaredFlamingo Sat 23-Nov-19 22:37:23

Welcome to the club! I am ridiculously overthinking every little symptom that is likely nothing!!

We can hold out... we’re sane, grown women.. we can do this!!! Plus I’m not buying anymore tests unless AF doesn’t turn up!!

Peytonmarie Sat 23-Nov-19 22:43:49

Hi all!
I have a question for anyone who can answer. I’m 9 dpo and just had my OPK, LH test say “high”. Has this happened to anyone before?

VaggieMight Sun 24-Nov-19 10:06:15

I'm tempted to do another test today, so I'm posting here insteadgrin

Reasons for not doing test are: even if it's positive it doesn't mean that the pregnancy is viable, and I can't see how it is without a thickened uterus. I'm going to the hospital tomorrow morning anyway for blood tests so although I'm expecting bad news at least I'll have access to a nurse and can ask questions. Also, if it's negative it will ruin my Sunday and DH has a rare day off.

Hope you all manage to have a good Sunday without obsessing too much! thanks

VaggieMight Sun 24-Nov-19 10:07:37

Peytonmarie sorry I can't help you with your question, hopefully someone else here can.

ChampooPapi Sun 24-Nov-19 12:40:40

@VaggieMight yes do not test today, just sit on your hands, you will absolutely ruin your mood and day for no reason really other then the compulsion. It is an addictive thing as well in the fact the more you do it the more you want to.

The less you test the less you feel that compulsion, or if you feel it you can at least be strong enough not to act on it. If it stops being part of the 'routine' it is easier to break the habit of doing it.

Be strong and you can always test in the morning if you must but don't do this to yourself today, you and your partner deserve a break on a Sunday 🧘‍♀️

Mothertoone2 Sun 24-Nov-19 12:41:24

Hello all.

Sorry been so quiet been so busy, moving house is hard work haha.

So I'm now 7dpo and have literally no symptoms at all. I doubt I conceived this month we only managed to DTD the day of ovulation. Got my opk on 16th and we did the deed on 17th at like 1am haha.

Has anyone else got any symptoms at this stage?

Snowberry4 Sun 24-Nov-19 14:53:07

@VaggieMight yeah I agree with @ChampooPapi sit tight and just enjoy your day and worry about it tomorrow if there's anything that needs worrying about. Keep yourself busy and disttacted. Will be hoping and praying the doctors and nurses will be knowledgable and know how to help and advise you if needed and hoping you can find peace at what seemes a confusing and frustrating time. We are all here for you whatever the outcome smile

Shuckle Sun 24-Nov-19 19:20:00

Evening ladies! @ScaredFlamingo @Wackadoodle84 I am 100% yet to POAS, so I can be the voice of encouragement - if I can do it, you can!! 😁
I went into town for some lunch with my mum today and I dragged her around superdrug and boots looking at tests 😂 I got myself a pack of FRERs and also a pack of 3 cheapies from Poundland but I have promised myself they cannot be used until the 2nd, if AF doesn't come in the meantime! I am 8dpo today and got plenty of creamy CM and also really painful nipples this evening - sort of a white hot pain, like they're being pinched really hard. Staying optimistic and hoping that's a good sign! Any symptoms anyone else?

Mothertoone2 Sun 24-Nov-19 19:53:43

I've got the same as you @shuckle out of nowhere today I've had a lot of CM almost like snot, it's stretchy and has a yellow tinge. I've also had a dull achy feeling in the bottom of my stomach. Normally around 7dpo I never get CM I'm always dry but this afternoon it hasn't stopped. Maybe it's a good sign I don't know x

ScaredFlamingo Sun 24-Nov-19 19:59:47

Well done @Shuckle for not testing!!

I’m feeling pessimistic today. I am 12 dpo, AF due on Wednesday or Thursday. I woke up with some hangover type feelings, feeling like crying and queasiness but am now Im feeling better free except some pressure in my womb - it’s not quite cramping, and radiates to my lower back and top of my thighs.. I am also have a few shooting pains in my boobs.
All my cm has stopped today. Weirdly my lips are super plumped today (no idea what that’s about!).
I have a feeling I’m on my way to AF starting.

ElizabethBennet3rd Sun 24-Nov-19 23:14:31

You ladies amaze me! Such willpower! I’m going crazy right now, am uncertain on my ovulation date as firtile CM lasted 4 days but I’m anywhere between 7-11 DPO. My symptoms are like nothing I’ve ever experienced- low back ache, mild stomach cramp. That pinky CM a few days ago. Now have sore boobs and very emotional. I’m convinced something is different this month BUT just did a FRER and BFN 😢. Do you think I’m out? It’s all so frustrating.

NCON Mon 25-Nov-19 07:30:57

I'd personally still have hope till AF comes 🤞🏼

How's everyone holding off with POAS? I was so tempted last night that I read the leaflet of FRER just so I'm 100% prepared to go later this week 😂 AF due Sat but supposed to be going for work drinks Friday! I'm afraid to drink during TWW just in case 🤞🏼

Shuckle Mon 25-Nov-19 08:19:40

Morning! @NCON I'm still resisting! 9DPO today. Ooh that's a good idea, read the leaflet! Or maybe if the stick is in my hand it might be too tempting 😂 AF due Sunday for me according to my app (30 day cycle) though my cycles are usually 26 days so actually could be anytime from tomorrow. maybe I have a short luteal phase - I've always assumed my ovulation was CD13 as per the app and first time testing showed CD16, so not sure.

@ElizabethBennet3rd you are absolutely not out!!! Remember you said you aren't sure on ov day, if you are 7dpo - the egg implants between 6-12dpo so you might not have even implanted yet!! Stay positive, those BFNs don't mean anything yet x

ScaredFlamingo Mon 25-Nov-19 09:56:55

So after my pessimism I have woken up with slight lower back and abdomen pressure (goes into my thighs), nausea and an acid taste in my throat that gets a bit metallic I think (May be imagining)... I am now 13 dpo and AF due in 2/3 days.
Should I start getting hopes up or not...?

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