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Mothertoone2 Wed 20-Nov-19 07:47:25

Hey all!

AF is due for me on 30th November, I don't plan on testing early unless there is obvious signs or symptoms. I'm currently 3dpo. Even though I probably won't be able to help myself haha.

Anyone else in the same boat?

danielasummer Wed 20-Nov-19 07:57:57

@mothertoone2 hi, yes I'm 1dpo and my LP is usually 11 days so I'm also due on the 30th/31st November. My first month TTC since my miscarriage in October so trying not to worry too much and will only test a few days after AF due. Good luck to us both!

Shuckle Wed 20-Nov-19 08:08:42

@Mothertoone2 hi! I am 4dpo and AF/BFP due 1st December. Time seems to grind to a halt while waiting! My first month TTC baby #1, planning to not test until AF is late - whether I cave in early remains to be seen grin

Wackadoodle84 Wed 20-Nov-19 09:02:20

@Mothertoone2 I’ll join too, currently 7 dpo if the opks got it right. TTC #3 after a 10 year gap. Fingers crossed for bfps all round 🤞

Bathwater Wed 20-Nov-19 09:45:13

I’m due on 31st November, I miscarried late September (for the second time). I’m going to try not to test, but will be nice to see how everyone else gets on!

Mothertoone2 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:07:03

Oh wow quite a few of us due around the same time then. How exciting.

How long has everyone been TTC for now?

ceebee21 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:10:13

Yes me!

Due anywhere between 27th and 30th

I know ill test early too impatient haha xx

Shuckle Wed 20-Nov-19 20:10:31

5 days! Lol. Very early in the journey yet. Nice to have some people to wait with x

NishaaS123 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:13:05

I am due in 5 days too I did a test today and I feel like I see a faint line but I am not sure lol

VaggieMight Wed 20-Nov-19 23:39:41

I'm due 28th Nov. 7 dpo according to the Flo app. Been spotting for a week so did a test today and got a bfp saying 1-2 weeks.

It wasn't a FRER so I'm not sure how reliable the results are but I'm going to be obsessively testing now! I thought 7 dpo is too early to detect? Because of the spotting I decided to test from 6 days before AF which would be this Friday, I only tested today in case I was pregnant from before last AF.

Been TTC for 9 months, had a MC in May. The early signs for that pregnancy was spotting so I'm feeling anxious about this bfp. I promised I wouldn't test early again after that.

Good luck to everyone!

itssquidstella Thu 21-Nov-19 10:06:55

I'm due any time between tomorrow and next Thursday! Not entirely sure when I ovulated and LP has varied between 10 and 16 days over the last few months.

I'm assuming AF will turn up in the next few days but if nothing has happened by next Thursday I'll test...

Paramore289 Thu 21-Nov-19 10:32:26

Hi ladies,

Jumping on the bandwagon here! I’m currently TTC cycle 3. AF due on 29th Nov! This tww is dragging! Has anyone had any symptoms?

wantingformytime Thu 21-Nov-19 10:36:06

Hey all,

Ttc 12mths + no BFP for me yet. Be first baby for us both, had a few ovulation blood tests not 100% sure if I ovulated but hubby's swimmers are all normal which is a positive. Flo app says 6 or 7dpo but not completely sure af due 29th or 30th. Woke up with light period cramps that's a sign af is no her way i think :-(

Baby dust to you all xx

Wackadoodle84 Thu 21-Nov-19 11:43:34

Been TTC on and off for about a year, we tried ‘properly’ for 2 months early in the year Feb/March. We’ve had a lot on since then so although we weren’t using protection, we weren’t actively trying either. This month is our first month in ages to properly try. Would love a BFP, My DD is mad for a little brother or sister, her twin is not so keen on the idea 😂

Snowberry4 Thu 21-Nov-19 12:44:17

Hi girls, please Count me in. ( this is my first ever post!)
Currently trying for baby no1 since 06/2017 but has been a difficult road so far as I have PCOS with absent periods.
We started fertility treatment/clomid 10/2018 and were very blessed as found out we were expecting the very first month to unfortunately miscarry @5weeks.
Iv since failed to respond to clomid with no ovulation for another 5 cycles so I'm now on my 2WW following my first treatment of Letrazole.
Ovulation was confirmed with 3 ultrasound so I'm keeping fingers crossed.
I'm currently 11 days post ovulation... so cycle day 29 (my cycle is quite long) I confimed my last pregnancy at cd30 and cd32... so I'm holding out to test 23/11/19.. 2 days to go.. feeling pretty calm and just want to know either wait... the 2WW is the worst no???!
Iv experienced sore breasts since before ovulation with no let up and a stich like pain earlier this week from around left overie... ( the side iv ovulated from- so hope it's implantation!!) No implantation spotting so far... my last pregnancy symptoms were different from what I'm experiencing now... but every pregnancy is different or so they say. Hoping AF cramping doesn't start for me in the next day or so!!
Having peed on a stick more times then I care to remember...My only advise to those testing early is just be prepared for the test results to ask more questions with added anxiety then it will actually answer... Please hold out as long as you can and save the uncertainty and cost of the pregnancy tests too!! Dont cave in haha!! Sending everyone the very best of luck and remember were all in this together!!! X

ScaredFlamingo Thu 21-Nov-19 14:44:53

Im in! I’m about 8/9dpo and period next week. I convinced myself I was pregnant on Monday on to wake up Tuesday and decide I wasn’t. No idea either way but I hate the wait!!!

Wackadoodle84 Thu 21-Nov-19 15:00:56

@ Scaredflamingo, 8dpo here as well, the waiting is awful, I seem to live in work normally and typically between now and af due date I’m only working 2 days, feel like I will now be symptom spotting and sitting on my hands to prevent ppoas (premature pee on a stick!)

ScaredFlamingo Thu 21-Nov-19 15:09:36

@wackadoodle84 haha I know what you mean!! I keep reminding myself it’s a waste of money but hard to stop myself. I was continually symptom spotting but trying to convince myself I’m not pregnant this time!!

Paramore289 Thu 21-Nov-19 17:35:43

It’s so hard to not symptom spot! I just find myself obsessing but I’m really trying not to.
I’m definitely not testing until next Friday! Anyone else thinking about testing?

Nuttypea Thu 21-Nov-19 17:46:11

Hi @Mothertoone2 and others!

7th Cycle TTC. Also the first month (until now) where I've thought bollocks to it all and tried not to be a loon.

Last month we used conceive plus and did the SMEP plan, I was certain it would be our month, but low and behold, another shitting negative.

Decided to take the relaxed approach and was actually doing well. Was focused on our new kitchen and not staring at my app and using Opks. Was doing great until now... Jumped feet first in to the tww and guess what? I'VE TURNED INTO A BLOODY LUNATIC AGAIN.

Yes, I should be buying Xmas gifts but instead l most definitely will be wasting a fortune and peeing on plastic daily, waaaay before I should do. HO, BLOODY HO.

VaggieMight Thu 21-Nov-19 17:49:49

I'm 8 dpo and had spotting so I tested with CB digital yesterday afternoon which was positive. Tested twice again this morning (complete overkill!) and both positive, but the spotting has turned bright red so I'm not hopeful that it will last. I've not had any other symptoms.

I'd rather have not tested so soon, I was just concerned about the spotting.

Snowberry4 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:00:15

@Nuttypea iv also gone through tubes of concieve plus and proseed... every little helps right?
I blame the hormones when it comes to completely flipping out and going crazy during the 2WW ( or so I convince myself anyway!) Counting days on the calender and apps...checking twice.. three times... six times!!! Although my husband is supportive and wants this just as much as I do..I don't think he really understands how all consuming it can be and how it's driving me crazy! The impatience and restlessness feels like being a child again and waiting for Christmas only far far worse!!!! santa

Snowberry4 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:08:58

@VaggieMight could it just be delayed implantation bleeding? Iv read that It can happen 7-14 days after fertilisation? I couldnt see how many weeks along you are from the tests. Its not game over just yet! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! X

Wackadoodle84 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:09:15

@nuttypea and @snowberry4, another one here using the conceive plus. I seem to be a totally sane rational person until the 2ww starts, then it’s welcome to planet crazy for the next two weeks. I’m currently 8dpo, have a skin break out going on (very attractive 🤨) am cramping and feel very pms like, have to say will be v annoyed if I’m out already, haven’t even had the chance to poas yet!

@vaggiemight those are some glaringly positive tests for 8dpo, could you have your dates wrong? Hopefully the spotting won’t progress on to anything else, how are you feeling otherwise?

MummaShu Thu 21-Nov-19 19:11:02

I'm 7dpo... on TTC cycle 6 for bubba number 2... AF due 28th November. Getting close enough now that I'm getting impatient and eyeing up the pregnancy tests!!

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