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Info Advice - having eggs harvested

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YCC Mon 20-Aug-07 11:41:02

Hi ladies,

I've always had PMT and bad periods but recently it got worse much worse - passing out with the pain and having these red rages which have eventually contributed to the breakdown of my marriage .

I eventually went to the doctor and have been diagnosed with adenomyosis, similar to endometriosis but not the same

The first doctor told me I have the choice of either a hysterectomy or extra strong painkillers (at a much higer dosage than the chemist was happy with) and evening primrose oil [hmmm] - well as you might have guessed it didn't work.

I went back and I've now been told that there is a middle ground - It's been suggested I have a Mirena coil fitted - which has a progesterone hormone inbuilt. As this is also used as a contraceptive and my marriage is over, I asked about the possibility of having eggs harvested - I was told in no uncertain terms that as I am in my early 40's the NHS will not even consider me (apparently women over the age of 38 are not eligible) I don't even know if I can get pregnant, but I'd like the chance!!!

Anyway the point or should i say points of this message are - 1. does anyone have experience of private clinics for egg harvesting (and storage) and 2. does anyone have experience of this Mirena coil.

Any advice/support would be very very very appreciated.......

kickassangel Mon 20-Aug-07 17:43:31

no advice or experience, just bumping as people sign on for the eve

YCC Mon 20-Aug-07 18:08:30

Thanks kickassangel.... nice to know there's someone out there even if you can't help.

Have a great evening.

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