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Testing 2nd Week December

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Beau2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 20:00:06

Hi girls! I know we wanted to start a thread for the ones who didn't get their BFP this month.

@Skyla01 @Mrsrobinson247 @SarahMS I know you wanted to join.

Anyone else welcome to join us on our conception journey and looking to test around 2nd week in December.

TTC #1 (2nd pregnancy)
Cycle #2
AF due around 9th September

This is my 1st month using OPKs - anyone got any advice on when to start testing?


Beau2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 20:01:26

@Sunflower2019 so sorry I forgot to add you - I hope this is okay and not too raw still. Hopefully this will give us all something to support each other with xx

Beau2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 20:05:46

@Ellsbells112 just incase! (Although still holding out for your BFP this month!)

Mrsrobinson247 Fri 15-Nov-19 21:01:28

Hi @Beau2019
To recap:
Age 33 & DH is 38
TTC #1
Cycle #7
AF due 9/12 as well 😀

Fingers crossed for this month.

Sunflower2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 21:54:31

Thank you smile I need this @Beau2019
Not sure when af is 100% due as yet to start,
Looking forward to starting a new cycle and hoping we all have BFP for Christmas smile xx

SarahMS Sat 16-Nov-19 00:03:03

Hiii girls. I didn't mention last time I'm 23 ttc -#1 cycle 2. I'm trying OPK and SMEP this month. Explained it all to the OH yesterday so he's all clued up. We're ready for it 😋

Beau2019 Sat 16-Nov-19 19:46:27

@Mrsrobinson247 just realised I put 9th September 😂😂 glad you realised what I meant!!

@SarahMS I'm hoping I'll be able to get my OH on board with trying with me this month, there's something awkwardly secretive about knowing when you're ovulating and your OH totally oblivious to what you're doing 😂 although I would just like to add he DOES want a baby just doesn't want to have to try for it. Weird eh?

We've got a nice range of ages so far! 23-33! I'm 28 (paranoid I'm getting old but lady on another post got a BFP on cycle 1 or 2 and she's 39

SarahMS Sat 16-Nov-19 19:54:02

@Beau2019 yeah I didn't want to put him under pressure but not like he'll complain about me wanting to dtd every other day! I'm trying not to obsess too much tbh so I've planned loads of stuff to get through the tww this time so hopefully won't be watching the clock for two weeks!

Sunflower2019 Sat 16-Nov-19 21:28:04

Hey everyone, No bleeding still sad driving me crazy now! Such a busy day at work, glad it’s Sunday tomorrow!
How is everyone? Hoping I Ovulate earlier on the next cycle so I can be in line with all of you!
@Ellsbells112 have you started af?

How is everyone else? Xxx

amysara24 Sat 16-Nov-19 21:31:10

@sunflower2019 when was af due? Are you thinking about testing again? I hope you get the result you want if not this month then next 💗

Ellsbells112 Sat 16-Nov-19 21:37:13

@Beau2019 thanks for adding me!

I'm 27, when af comes it'll be my fourth cycle trying to conceive #2! This month I'm also doing SMEP and OPK this month @SarahMS smile

@Sunflower2019 hey hunnie how are you feeling? Is work ok? It hasn't come yet but I looked at my app and realised that because i put my first day as spotting on my last period it didnt class it as cycle day 1! So I think it will come tomorrow if that's the case, we DTD and (sorry tmi) but there was some yellow tinged cm which normally means it will be here soon!! What a wind up lol I was getting excited all day and then went through my app to make sure no mistakes and low and behold... haha xx

SarahMS Sat 16-Nov-19 23:30:26

@Ellsbells112 Aww how olds your first? And yay! I have watched about 100000 videos on YouTube to explain this all to me I didn't have a clue! I read the SMEP ebook from amazon it was really good x

SarahMS Sat 16-Nov-19 23:31:38

@Sunflower2019 my af is due 13/12 I think we were the same date on the last thread xx

Ellsbells112 Sun 17-Nov-19 00:03:37

@SarahMS hes 8, it's been a long time lol!
Oh better than me all I did was read one page from Google hopefully I'll do it right! Do you have any good tips?? Xx

Sunflower2019 Sun 17-Nov-19 08:52:18

Hey everyone af came last night and it woke me up, so painful and really heavy, was expecting it to be worse after a chemical so 😭 At least I can start my new cycle 😘 xx

Ellsbells112 Sun 17-Nov-19 09:35:12

@sunflower2019 ahhh I'm so sorry you had to go through that but happy that you can now start your new cycle because its finally come. Big hugs for you girl take it easy xxx

Mine still hasn't come it's really annoying me now because I must have ovulated late which is such a bummer, we only DTD up till cd16, all pregnancy tests are coming at bfn! Today is cd30 since I changed on my app last months first day of my period was a proper day not spotting ffs but it would be cd29 normally 🤷‍♀️ af will show its face at some point but what a waste of a month! Definitely SMEP and opks this month

Hope everyone is ok?

Fp30 Sun 17-Nov-19 10:32:25


Hope you don't mind me joining in your chat! I'm 29 on cycle 4 of trying, and my period came today, after spending the 2ww imagining every single twinge as a sign I was pregnant.... Its been a bit isolating, especially as everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant, so reading all your comments has made me feel a lot less alone, so thank you all for sharing! Fingers crossed all of you get your positive results really soon xxx

Beau2019 Sun 17-Nov-19 11:04:12

Welcome @Fp30! Oh you wouldn't believe how we all were on our last tww thread. It's crazy because we all had similar symptoms and some ended in BFP and others didn't. Good luck to you

Oh @Sunflower2019 what a shame 😔 however looking to the positives, it's over now and you can start getting excited for this month. We're here for you!

When does everyone start OPK testing? I've never done it before and I've ordered a load of clear blues. My app says I should ovulate around Friday but I think it might be a little later than that as my cycle was only 25 days this time around.

Also, has anyone else noticed as they get older their cycles shorten and periods get lighter? As in lighter I mean mine only last 3 days. I'm only 28 and I come from a family of late bloomers so I know I am nowhere near premenopausal etc (my mum/grandma started in their 50's) and my periods didn't start until I was 14/15. But I swear 3 years ago my cycles were bang on 28/29 days and periods lasted a good 5 days.

Ellsbells112 Sun 17-Nov-19 11:07:34

@Beau2019 I'm 27 and I guess because I had the copper coil for so long I was use to like 29 day cycles 5 days bleeding heavy and painful. Now it's gone I have 28 day cycles andonly 3 days of light bleeding too.

SarahMS Sun 17-Nov-19 11:11:51

@Ellsbells112 yesss! Are you using the CB of the cheapies from amazon? I'm using the cheapies which are more difficult to read but cheaper and I just want to test twice a day with second morning urine and evening urine (sorry tmi) that's what I've read up as the best tome to test on the cheapies. The CB however you have to test once a day in the morning. But I've seen a lot of girl use the cheapies and they seem to work fine. I've got a book that I'm gonna stick them all in to see line progression and I'm also gonna write down all the symptoms I get so then I know how I feel each month when I ovulate or pms so I know the difference when I hopefully get my BFP. Because I've never really took notice of any twinge before so last month it was driving me crazy!!

Sorry for the long post guys I bet you think I'm crazy 😩 xx

ChampooPapi Sun 17-Nov-19 12:05:43

I'll be testing second week of December so jumping on board

Ellsbells112 Sun 17-Nov-19 13:40:34

@SarahMS you're not crazy! I like everything to be organised so I know what's going on and I think if that works for you then it works for you! Lol it makes me feel like I have some control over the situation! I'm using CB this month because the cheapies didnt really work for me so gonna try these! But I'm still waiting for my period to come yet!

SarahMS Sun 17-Nov-19 16:08:31

@Ellsbells112 that's exactly like I feel! In control! My period is coming to an end now so going to start OPK next week! I'll see how the cheapies do me this month if not I'll go for the CB next time xx

Fp30 Sun 17-Nov-19 18:04:34

I'm using the CB tests - there's a chart on their website which helps work out when to start testing which was helpful. Must admit that I started testing a bit early as really didn't want to miss it and wasted a load of them... Do really like the 4 day window it gives and the smiley face.

amysara24 Sun 17-Nov-19 18:10:00

Ladies I definitely recommend natural cycles too - the app tracks your temperature and predicts ovulation etc, and there’s a bit to put in whether you get a positive opk or negative, and whether you’ve dtd or not. It even tells you when to poas!
Once you get your bfp it lets you track your pregnancy too. I found it really helpful!

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