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To say there is a faint line?!

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AmICrazyy Wed 13-Nov-19 09:29:05

Am I completely nuts or is there a super duper faint line on this test? grin

Going to retest in a few days as I suspect too early to tell..

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DeadButDelicious Wed 13-Nov-19 09:31:20

I can't see anything. Sorry. Leave it a few days (hard I know) and try again.

AmICrazyy Wed 13-Nov-19 09:33:42

thanks for replying probably its imagination running away with me! Will definately wait and retest. Patience really is a virtue!!

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DeadButDelicious Wed 13-Nov-19 09:39:39

It really is and I've definitely got room too talk, I was a champion tester when I was TTC 😂. Buying shares in clear blue would of been cheaper!

Mollymoo01 Wed 13-Nov-19 09:48:41

There might be a VERY, very faint line starting but it could very easily be an evap line.
How long from doing the test to taking the picture?
When should your period start?

Sallyseagull Wed 13-Nov-19 10:00:10

I'm sorry but I can't see anything, if its early days then I would test again in a couple of days.

user555999000 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:01:19

I can definitely see a faint line yes.

AmICrazyy Wed 13-Nov-19 10:02:04

Thanks for replying - thought this about the evap line
I am being a little eager AF is due today pic was taken around 5 mins after test although relooking doesn't give much justice the 'line' looks much clearer to the naked eye (that might just be me though ha grin)

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Twinmummy2018 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:02:21

Cant see anything and would never trust a very faint line. Wait until your a few days late and then test. saves spending money on tests, if you are pregnant you will still be pregnant in a week. if not then your af will show. just focus on other things.

Cookit Wed 13-Nov-19 10:02:26

I can see it without even zooming.

Ribenaberriesgowoo82 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:02:55

I see something. Good luck.

Areyoufree Wed 13-Nov-19 10:04:26

There used to be a website called POAS. She had some really good advice on reading tests. She said to wait until the time had elapsed, look at in once, in decent light. And then, if a line is not clearly visible, take it as a "no", and throw it away. You shouldn't have to tilt the test, or squint to see a line. No taking it apart, no going back to it later.

I know how frustrating it is though - you start hallucinating lines after a while! Obviously am not saying that that is what you are doing here! Good luck!

steff13 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:08:44

I feel like I can see where the second line is supposed to be, if that makes sense. Like, there's something there. I wouldn't take it as positive, though, I think retesting is a good idea.

AmICrazyy Wed 13-Nov-19 10:09:23

Thanks again all
Will definately try and focus on other things - as everyone knows though once it's on your mind it's hard to change the subject! Will give it a week and retest definately acknowledge I'm being overly eager here smile

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AliceAbsolum Wed 13-Nov-19 10:12:57

Yes! A line is a line smile

Peacenquiet2 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:13:19

Can see a faint line

Cookit Wed 13-Nov-19 10:24:03

A week is overkill. Get a FRER and do it Friday with FMU.

owl89 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:25:22

I can see a faint line

CaptainCautious Wed 13-Nov-19 10:26:49

I can see a shadow of something. Try with a FRER

December2019 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:30:37

I can see it 😊

ClassicFlourescent Wed 13-Nov-19 12:51:00

I see it and I am also a master of testing early. Get a FRER

Whattodoabout Wed 13-Nov-19 13:00:35

I can see it.

AmICrazyy Wed 13-Nov-19 16:57:47

Looks like I'm not completely nuts after all if a few others are seeing something!

Will retest with the FRER in a few days as mentioned by some posters

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20viona Wed 13-Nov-19 16:59:04

I can see it!

Novemberblu3s Wed 13-Nov-19 16:59:53

cannot see anything. I would retest on a few days.

is your AF late already?

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