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TTC First Baby Thread 23

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ValidUser Tue 12-Nov-19 19:17:02

@SunnyFlover @Kiza @lozzlepop @MIW01 @Anny27

Kiza Wed 22-Jan-20 11:45:11

@Lottiepink think I need more practise, we often DTD when we get home from work as I'm too tired by the time bed time roles around 😄

@whatsthecraic91 try and keep yourself busy with some lovely things to keep your mind off it

So I got my peak OPK early today which is frustrating as DP had his 2nd SA on Monday so he was not allowed to ejaculate 48hoirs before so only managed to DTD last night! On it today and tomorrow and hope 3 days in a row is enough 🤞🏼

whatsthecraic91 Wed 22-Jan-20 10:25:36

@Kiza hope you had a lovely time! Yea I feel like 4 weeks is a lifetime away! Hopefully it flies by!

@ValidUser yes the more I read about it the happier I am, but I just want it sorted now I am so impatient! How are you?

@KittieKath my next test is first thing on a Monday morning so hopefully relaxing all weekend before it will do the trick! If my AF comes as expected then it will be on CD24 so don’t know if that will make a difference! 🤞🏼 Yes I have used CBs in the past and have got my static smiley so I’m very sure I am ovulating and my temperatures this month confirmed it!

@Lottiepink ooo fingers crossed it is implantation! My temperature jumped this morning again and I am just praying it stays up 😅

Lottiepink Wed 22-Jan-20 06:41:53

@whatsthecraic91 my temp usually drops to. Cover line before af, it did that yest, well just under cover line and this morning it's shot back up. My apps say I'm 11dpo, but I'm wondering if I'm 8/9dpo as I wouldn't usually ovulate that early and I had a few cramps and tell tale symptoms a few days after the ov prediction. I'm praying now that this was an implantation dip 🤞🏻🤞🏻

@Kiza 😂😂 i quite like using it, but I just have the tube not the individual ones so yours maybe has loads more in that what I would use. I always try and go to bed first when using it, so it's not as much of a mood killer 🤣🤣

KittieKath Tue 21-Jan-20 23:32:01

@whatsthecraic91 if you have no symptoms (one of the main ones can be lactating!) Then it is probably an anomaly. They will prob just retest. Even if you are scared of needles or are running late for the appointment can send it upwards... maybe doing the test at a different time of the cycle would be a good idea?

The main impact is high prolactin stops ovulation, so if you are regular, then you are probably completely fine! They gave me a scan when mine was sky high and it showed I too was ovulating... though I skipped a period the month my brother died. It shows how much stress can impact fertility.

Do you use OPKs? And get positives?

ValidUser Tue 21-Jan-20 23:16:42

@whatsthecraic91 high prolactin is super treatable. X

Kiza Tue 21-Jan-20 19:46:45

Hi Ladies,
Apologies for being quiet, readjusting to life back at work after the wonderful long holiday!
@Lozzlepop pleased to hear your scan went as you hoped and you can now heal and try to find a way forward with your partner in your own time.

@whatsthecraic91 sorry to hear about your results, I don't know anything about it but sounds like it can be treatable and managed by lifestyle. So frustrating though that you have to wait 4 weeks for the appointment to properly talk about it- I'd be getting myself wound up waiting 😞

Bought some preseed and tried it for the first time tonight- what a palaver 😂 super wet and sloppy and felt like I'd peed myself, it's a real mood killer saying to DP 'hold up whilst I insert a test tube of lube inside me first love' 🤦🏼‍♀️😆

whatsthecraic91 Tue 21-Jan-20 17:12:03

@KittieKath I also have very regular periods and I don’t have acne at all and have read they are both symptoms, it’s so strange ☹️

whatsthecraic91 Tue 21-Jan-20 17:09:52

@KittieKath aww thank you so much for taking the time to write your story! Hopefully it was a one off and they will be normal at my next test, I wasn’t given what the actual number is but they said it was high ☹️ I haven’t had any stress this past year that I can think off! It’s the wait that makes me sad, if I get the diagnosis and have to wait 6months for an MRI then 6 months or medication, I know there’s nothing that can be done about it but after a year of trying I just want to be pregnant now! I’m still trying to keep positive for this cycle 🤞🏼 Is it still possible to get pregnant with this hormone being high, do you know?

@Anny27 ooo that sounds promising!! What about your temp is it still high? How much does your temperature drop before AF? I’m keeping an eye on my temps and mine did drop a tiny bit this morning, does it have to be below the cover line?

Lottiepink Tue 21-Jan-20 14:41:48

@Anny27 ohh that sounds hopeful, fingers crossed for you 😊

Not just yet but I think it will very soon! I've been exhausted, hungry and had heartburn bad too, and felt a little hopeful but with the temp drop this morning I know af is on her way sad

Anny27 Tue 21-Jan-20 13:52:03

Umm so I am 9dpo and I went to the bathroom this morning and I have brown spotting!!! Hoping its implantation but I never had Implantation bleeding with my last pregnancy. Guess we will see 🤔🤔

@Lottiepink ahh sorry your temps have droppedsad has AF arrived?

@whatsthecraic91 the hunger and hotness is a good sign!!! I am also pretty hot today

@1990shopefulftm yeah I think at 14dpo,evening urine will be okay.just try not to drink 2 hours before smile

@KittieKath I am sure @whatsthecraic91 will appreciate that so thanks for dropping back in for support 🥰🥰

KittieKath Tue 21-Jan-20 11:52:00

I know I shouldn't be on this board anymore apologies... but @whatsthecraic91 I saw your post re: high prolactin. I had the exact same thing, so wanted to share my story as may be helpful.

I had tests in spring/summer and my prolactin was CRAZY high (1,600). The docs were surprised I was still having regular periods. Though my hormonal acne was also really bad.

I had an ultrasound scan to show I had no signs of PCOS (whereas a scan a few months before and after showed I did - so I dunno about that!) I also had an MRI to see if I had a cyst on my pituitary gland. Totally benign and quite common! The wait for this was nearly 6-months, by which time my prolactin dropped to within normal range.

It can be due to stress - and I had a bereavement in early summer which may have triggered it. But even if you do have a cyst or ongoing high levels of prolactin, there are two drugs which are very effective (bromocriptine and cabergoline). I saw a study that showed in women TTC with high rates prolactin, something like 85% were pregnant within 6-months of starting the drug. So please do not worry... in a way, it can be reassuring they have found something they can fix, rather than infertility remaining 'unexplained'.

I also don't want to recommend a herbal supplement, especially as I didn't get on with it - so please do your own research. But vitex is believed to lower rates of prolactin. Do tell your doc if you start taking this however, as it can interfere with your blood test results.

Some 6 or 7 months after I was given this diagnosis - I am pregnant. So don't give up hope!

Lottiepink Tue 21-Jan-20 08:50:20

@whatsthecraic91 my temps dipped today so I think that will be me out unfortunately! I'm so sorry to hear that your bloods need re-done, I've never heard of that before, try not to stress too much, fingers crossed the next test will be back in the normal range 😊

@anny27 I've never bought a frer before and the cheapies I think don't work very early anyways, so only ever used them if my app told me too 🤣

@lozzlepop pleased everything went well at the hospital and that you can finally move forward after such a distressing time ❤️

1990shopefulftm Tue 21-Jan-20 08:39:01

@Anny27 I also had trouble sleeping last night, which isn't like me even with the dodgy knees and my appetite is pretty high but that could just be from the extra exercises doing physio

Wondering if i should test thursday morning instead so it's fmu but i want DH to be home when the time does come and I'd be 14/15 dpo so surely it'd show up by then in the evening if i am.

whatsthecraic91 Tue 21-Jan-20 08:10:29

@Anny27 yea I read that too but it’s just a setback isn’t it! I want to be pregnant now!!! 😂

10DPO - I am STARVING, like waking in the night starving 😂, moody and wee random crampies. I am very warm this morning too I don’t have my heater under the desk on for a change! Temps still up but slightly lower but I am keeping everything crossed!! Your symptoms sound really promising 🤞🏼

Anny27 Tue 21-Jan-20 07:56:38

@whatsthecraic91 I did a bit of reading as well and sounds like it can be lowered through meds which is promissing! Anymore symptoms?

@1990shopefulftm that's good only 2 more days :D

9dpo today, had a struggle sleeping last night and I have fuller boobs and super hungry!

1990shopefulftm Mon 20-Jan-20 19:57:48

@anny27 got a lot to keep me busy till Thursday evening so I think I can resist more easily than last month.

whatsthecraic91 Mon 20-Jan-20 19:51:57

@Anny27 it was just the receptionist I was speaking too as I had to book again for 4 weeks time, I had another look and it can be caused by stress so I’m gonna try to be super relaxed when I get my next test and hope it was a one off 😓🤞🏼 I’ve calmed down now & im trying to keep positive that AF won’t show this weekend 🤞🏼

@MIW01 thanks yes I seen that too, it’s just so weird when I done more googling it said it’s the hormone found in breastfeeding women & it’s nature’s contraceptive 🤔 like why is this happening to me ☹️🙄

MIW01 Mon 20-Jan-20 17:29:45

@whatsthecraic91 I'm really sorry to hear that but from what I've researched there is treatment, they can reduce the levels which will rebalance hormones and increase fertility!

Anny27 Mon 20-Jan-20 16:09:20

Awwh hun @whatsthecraic91sad I dont know what that is or what it means but sorry that you are upset sad did the doctor seem concerned? Maybe Google "high prolactin mumsnet" and you might get some more information. Look after yourself xxx

@lozzlepop that's great news that everything is clear! The silver lining on the very big rain cloud 💗💗

whatsthecraic91 Mon 20-Jan-20 15:48:23

@Anny27 I’m not sure if I will even bother testing now had the doctors on the phone about my tests results and I am officially freaking out!!!!

@lozzlepop that’s brilliant so glad everything went well for you today and you can move on! I’m still extremely grumpy! People can be so f-ing rude!!

Ladies I need calmed down, the doctor has called me back to redo my tests in 4 weeks as I have high prolactin, all google is telling me or all I can see when I google is the word infertility - I am crying at my desk!!! Does anyone know what this is??

Lozzlepop Mon 20-Jan-20 15:13:07

Hi ladies!

Thank you all so much for checking in and your kind words ❤️
Well everything was clear at the scan- I am beyond relieved that I don't need any further treatment or the operation. I can put this chapter behind us and focus on our upcoming appointment and all the lovely things we have to look forward to and TTC will be taking a very big back seat for now.

@timswifey urgh insomnia is the worst, I would drop off fine then BAM 3pm would come and I would be awake 🙈I'm sure all the excitement won't be helping! Did you get your docs appointment made?

@whatsthecraic91 has your mood improved any? I hate when people ask that - its the one thing thats guaranteed to put you in a mood. A friend of a friend text my friend (confusing I know) asking if I was pregnant as I had a bloated face in a picture I had posted on Instagram (firstly HOW RUDE 🤣) Neither of them know about #4 but I was shocked- keep yer nose oot hen!

@Lottiepink thats great, sound like things are moving in the right direction for you guys!

@Anny27 haha I am here with you in the constipation boat- having a double strength coffee and hoping for the best lol! Hopefully these are all good signs but I know how much a stinky loo can set me off at the best of times!

Anny27 Mon 20-Jan-20 14:58:38

Hey girls :D

8dpo and TMI but super constipated 🙈🙈 and I gagged when the office toilet smelt bad. But the gagging could just be me being a princess 🤣🤣

@Lozzlepop how did it go today lovely xx

@whatsthecraic91 yep I will be testing on Thursday at 11dpo so 🤞🤞

@Lottiepink you have self restraint then 🤣 something that I do not have with pregnancy tests.....

@1990shopefulftm not long for you to wait to test then!! :D

@timswifey ahh thats a lovely due date 🥰🥰🥰 and yep pregnancy insomnia is real haha

@MIW01 yep patience has been tested this year!

whatsthecraic91 Mon 20-Jan-20 14:29:49

@Lottiepink I really don’t know, I did say to DP I will wait to Saturday as that’s when AF is due and only if my temp is still up. But.... this is me and I’ll probably start testing Wednesday 😅 I’ll be 11DPO so it’s not that early really 😂 negative doesn’t even affect me anymore I’m just like 🤷🏼‍♀️ I always get moody before AF too but I’m hoping it can also mean pregnant so fingers crossed for us both 🤞🏼

Lottiepink Mon 20-Jan-20 11:58:35

@anny27 you've ov'd later and me earlier ha! No I won't text, I've always been good that way anyways, but will only test if my app tells me too haha!

@whatsthecraic91 when will you likely test? I don't usually do it as I hate seeing a negative sad oh I'm defo getting close to AF coz I'm in a right mood with life today 🤣 my DH is doing my head in (not really done anything wrong) just CBA with him today 😂😂 men are the wrong people to ask when you are having one of them days. Hope the rest of your day gets better 🤞🏻🤞🏻

@lozzlepop waiting for DH to do next SA which planning on doing in a week I think 😊 hope all goes as well as it can today!

@MIW01 not too bad thank you, gonna get DH second SA done then it will be more tests for me I think! How are you?

whatsthecraic91 Mon 20-Jan-20 08:12:15

@Lozzlepop hope all goes well today flowers

I am insanely moody today, already been asked twice at work if I’m grumpy and I’ve only been here 11 minutes, yea because you asking me that won’t make it worse 🤔🤔 both by men too, why are men such idiots 😐

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