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TTC First Baby Thread 23

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ValidUser Tue 12-Nov-19 19:17:02

@SunnyFlover @Kiza @lozzlepop @MIW01 @Anny27

Kiza Thu 05-Dec-19 19:58:15

@orangeloo let me know what you think, I really liked this one and fully zened out!

Anny27 Thu 05-Dec-19 21:59:47

Hello ladies!

Called the EPU about still having a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks on and they said that aslong as I wasnt having cramps or bleeding that it's okay and to retest in 5 days. Hope hcg leaves soon as want to ovulate haha!

@Lozzlepop oh I have heard that the first period after a miscarriage can be pretty crampy and heavy 😬😬 are you still feeling nauseous?

@whatsthecraic91 lanzarote will be nice for some relaxation and fun!! Sounds lovely!

@MIW01 I had my TV ultrasound when I was bleeding so I think it's fine if you are on your period smile

@orangeloo has AF arrived yet??

@Kiza yeah it has been 3 weeks now and haven't ovulated so will be atleast 5 weeks after mc when I get AF probably more. It's just a weird waiting period haha

orangeloo Thu 05-Dec-19 22:37:23

Hi @Anny27 that's good they are not concerned. Hopefully HCG should fade soon and u can get back to your cycles.

Yes sadly AF arrived today. Today was a rubbish day: cd1 cycle 12. fingers crossed for my gynae app later this month - enjoying Christmas and here's to new year hope. 🤞🏼

MIW01 Thu 05-Dec-19 22:40:01

Thanks so much for sharing this @Kiza I've been trying to find some and most of them are really cheesy! I will be listening ing to this tonight when I finally get to bed!

And thanks for letting me know @Anny27 I hope your AF arrives soon so you can move on.

I sent off my pre pot chlamydia test today and thought as it's 5 days before AF and I was collecting my pee anyway I'd do a test . . . BIG mistake! BFN! Soooooo disappointed sad I know it's still early but I'm already getting typical AF symptoms so don't think it's happening for us this month.

Anny27 Fri 06-Dec-19 07:39:18

Sorry that AF arrived @orangeloo sad it's always a rubbish day on cd1 sad xxx

@MIW01 ahh sorry its BFN but you know yourself it's probably too early so here's hoping AF stays away!

Friday today and looking forward to a relatively quiet day in the office and then getting the Christmas decs down from the attic tonight :D

Lozzlepop Fri 06-Dec-19 08:30:17

@ValidUser I am glad you have some answers in regards to why you've been having chemicals. Now they have ascertained the cause would they not let you train again naturally instead of the IVF (apologies if this is a really silly question)

@MIW01 thank you, heres hoping! the nutrition programme sounds really good, I'm eager to hear how you get on. So sorry to hear it was a bfn- I know how tough it is but you have a plan going forward which is great!

@Anny27 yes, I was on holiday round the pool and had to make an emergency dash back to the room as it was very heavy. Not feeling as nauseous today, but I have the cold again so not sure if thats masking things or what..... trying not to read too much into anything just yet.

@orangeloo sorry to hear AF got you, but good news that your appointment is just around the corner so hopefully you get some answers!

I really hope you ladies don't mind me sticking around, too nervous to head off the thread yet 😔Got my xmas party tonight, can't really be bothered as its a horrible cold wet day 🙈its been a long week so I think everyone is in the same boat! Hope everyone has a lovely Friday, the weekend is almost here!

Anny27 Fri 06-Dec-19 08:52:06

No definitely stick around lovely! @lozzlepop

We want to share the journey with you and we are all rooting for this baby to stick!!!

Ahh your immune system is lower when PG so probably that's why you have the cold 😭

whatsthecraic91 Fri 06-Dec-19 12:48:13

Hey ladies wondering if this has happened to anyone? AF came on Tuesday and was really painful and heavy then Wed & thurs morning was just normal flow. I noticed last night I have had nothing since yesterday afternoon! My AF is always 5-6 days with 3/4 days of good heavy/medium flow. My body is being so strange this cycle! 2 days late then the shortest period I’ve ever had!

Larrydavid Fri 06-Dec-19 17:03:36

@Lozzlepop just wanted to pop on and say congrats on the bfp! Keeping everything crossed that this one sticks for you! 💛💛💛

orangeloo Sat 07-Dec-19 08:27:28

@whatsthecraic91 I had a really light short period in September- next one was normal. I wouldn't worry but just keep an eye next cycle. (Hopefully U won't get one next cycle).

Thanks @Anny27 and @Lozzlepop definitely stick around as long as u want. We are rooting for you.

Lozzlepop Sat 07-Dec-19 08:56:39

Morning ladies!

@Anny27 thank you so much lovely! Yes I have read that- not sure if it’s a good sign or not?! Second guessing everything right now 😂

@whatsthecraic91 sorry not able to shed any light on what’s happening, maybe it’s just a one off and things will revert to normal next cycle 🤞🏻

@orangeloo thank you ❤️ We hope so too 🤞🏻

What’s everyone’s plans today? I feel absolutely horrendous so think I’m going to get the tree up to make me feel better ☺️ DP wants to get some outdoor lights so might take a trip to b&q but it’ll be a quiet day apart from that for us! So glad I’m off on Monday ☺️

Kiza Sat 07-Dec-19 10:27:24

@Anny27 all you can do is take it easy and wait it out- rubbish I know but gives you time for some much needed self care.
@Lozzlepop how many weeks are you now... is it 5? Sorry to hear you're still feeling rubbish, hope the cold leaves you soon and cosy day/night in preparing for Xmas sounds lovely!

@orangeloo I found our appointment came round in the blink of an eye so hopefully yours will too!

@whatsthecraic91 I've not experienced the same as you but I have experienced some irregularity.. makes me wonder if I did in the past but I just wasn't aware of it?

I've got out work Xmas do tonight so debating a drink as I'm currently 7dpo? Luckily I'm not a big drinker but it still makes me doubt if I should.. just don't know how to fend off the questions if I don't drink anything?

Lozzlepop Sat 07-Dec-19 12:35:17

@Kiza I will be 5 weeks tomorrow based on lmp or today based on OV date. I just wish I wasn’t so congested but hopefully after a quiet weekend I’ll feel better! The tree is up as are all the other Xmas bits ☺️ So it’s starting to feel a bit more creative around here. About to walk to the shops to get some soup for lunch and see if there’s any cold stuff I can take! We had our Xmas party last night maybe just have a fizz or 2 then say you’ve got a sore head? I had a lovely cup of camomile tea last night- it was great 😂😂

ValidUser Sat 07-Dec-19 15:24:04

@Lozzlepop I could, but it wouldn't be ideal to be on heavy duty anticoagulants for potentially months on end with one probably slightly malfunctioning tube.

Also getting impatient!

MIW01 Sat 07-Dec-19 18:18:50

So sorry to hear this cycle is pulling a real number on you @whatsthecraic91 maybe worth another test just to be sure? Sometimes implantation bleeding can look like and 'abnormal' period?

Obviously it's better not to drink but I don't think 1 will do any harm @Kiza enjoy yourself!

Sorry to hear you're feeling all groggy @Lozzlepop hopefully it's a sign your body is doing what it needs to and this 1 will be a sticker! The nutrition programme is a right pain atm but hopefully I'll reap the benefits soon.

Pretty sure I'm out this month, getting all the AF symptoms. AF due Tuesday. Decided to take a break from planned DTD next month to focus on moving house and demolition duties to get going with renovation plans, let nutrition programme do its thing and see what scans and bloods show.

whatsthecraic91 Sat 07-Dec-19 19:07:56

@orangeloo I’m not complaining but just hope it doesn’t mean anything bad! I googled and it can be low hormone levels 😓

@Lozzlepop are you feeling any better? It’s lovely getting the tree up isn’t it! I helped my granny put hers up this afternoon, that’s 4 I’ve put up this year 😂

@Kiza I would definitely just drink normally until I had a BFP! Have a great time!

@MIW01 I was thinking that but all my symptoms disappeared as soon as AF started so I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant! Oh no we’ll keep positive you aren’t out until she shows 🤞🏼 Taking a break of tracking is definitely good for you, I took September and October off and it was great for my mental health.

Anny27 Sun 08-Dec-19 09:43:45

Morning :D

@Lozzlepop did you get the tree up in the end? I want to do it today but want to clean the house first haha! We bought a special Christmas decoration for baby so want to put that on the tree 💓

@whatsthecraic91 strange cycle for you! It's so funny how when we arent ttc a short period would be great, but when anything different happens now it's like "WHY is this happening" 😂

@Kiza hope you enjoyed the party! I would probably have 1 drink in the tww, not completely abstain but also not wanting to go totally overboard.

@MIW01 might be good for you to have a break from the schedule smile with it being Christmas, spontaneous DTD might be more fun.

@orangeloo where are you atm in your cycle?

Potentially I may be ovulating over christmas eve and Christmas day when we are visiting family.....spoke to my gran and she said due to space, my husband and i have to share a room with my sister and her boyfriend as too many people at our family home for christmas......I cant imagine ANY baby making will be going on 😂😂😂😂😂

orangeloo Sun 08-Dec-19 09:59:57

@Anny27 I'm on my period cycle day 4.
Oh no haha when are you leaving to stay there? Dtd right before you go and hope that's enough.

Going to try seed cycling and Maca before Vitex just worried as it can mess cycles up and don't want to risk that either.

Kiza Sun 08-Dec-19 14:12:10

The work Christmas do was tons of fun and I just had 1 drink and then drank water in a wine glass so no-one noticed. Busy doing lots of cooking and baking today for the week ahead, really feel like we didn't catch my ovulation this cycle due to DP working away so haven't even really been noticing my body or counting down my TWW- which is a refreshing change!
@Anny27 that's so frustrating! I agree with orangeloo and try to DTD before you leave, the one cycle you'd probably like to O slightly early!

@MIW01 how are you today? Still feel like AF is coming? Having a break helps, it helped us reset a bit

@Lozzlepop they were serving tea at your Christmas do? Wow I'd have loved that!

Lozzlepop Sun 08-Dec-19 20:30:04

@ValidUser that makes sense hun! At least you have a plan and it sounds like a solid one and I know you’ll be eager to get the ball rolling now!

@MIW01 thank you! I’ve not left the house today and I think it’s done me the world of good! I’m sorry to hear AF is on the way, a little break to reset and refocus will be good, I really enjoyed our time not TTC and just allowing ourselves to eat and drink what and when we wanted!

@whatsthecraic91 I am starting to feel a bit better although I just changed the bedsheets and now I’m wiped 😂 wow check you, like a little Christmas elf ☺️

@Anny27 yes we got the tree and all the other festive bits up yesterday, I fancy a garland for the stairs so that’s my mission tomorrow! That’s lovely you have a little bauble for baby, make sure it’s gets a lovely prominent position ❤️ As @orangeloo suggested just get DTD before you head away for Xmas ☺️

@Kiza glad to hear the work party was fun, sounds like it was better than mine 😂😂 we were just at a restaurant so the wild was my oyster 😂 😂

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, I’m feeling very smug with myself that I booked tomorrow off and am planning a day of Xmas baking ☺️

MIW01 Sun 08-Dec-19 22:48:05

Sorry to hear that @whatsthecraic91 but that's good to know not tracking has helped with your mental wellbeing.

That's exactly what I'm thinking @Anny27! Sorry to hear about the ovulation timing issues!

@orangeloo that's 1 of the reasons I'm leaving vitex now. I've heard you have to be absolutely sure it's a progesterone/ovulation/leuteal phase balance issue otherwise it can make things worse!

Brilliant tactic @Kiza I must remember that one. Actually minimal symptoms today, just back ache but pretty sure she'll be here tomorrow or Tuesday. I think you're right and a much needed break will be a welcome rest.

That's just it @Lozzlepop I'm not a drinker but I love my mulled wine and cheese at Christmas and no way am I missing that unless I am 100% preggers! Enjoy the Christmas baking.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend? So AF sumptoms have subsided and I've experienced a huge energy surge today unlike anything I've experienced for long time . . . And this never happens right before AF is due. My energy levels are usually on the floor this time of the month! I am hoping that I'm feeling the benefits of the nutrition programme and that things will only get better as I keep going with it as I am pretty sure AF is due either tomorrow or Tuesday. So fingers crossed I have healed myself to some extent!

whatsthecraic91 Mon 09-Dec-19 09:05:00

Morning all! Monday again, I am on the countdown to my holidays on Saturday 😎 currently 22 and sunny where I’m heading ☀️ Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I sat last night and wrapped all my Christmas presents so I am officially ready! Tesco food shop booked for the 23rd too! I’m never usually this organised but with going away I had to be and it feels good!

@Anny27 oh no! Definitely baby make before you go and as soon as you get home!

@Kiza glad you had a great time!

@Lozzlepop aww changing bedsheets kills me too, I always make DP help me! I am like a little Christmas elf, I’m about the height of one too barely 5ft 😂 enjoy your day off and baking sounds lovely 😊

@MIW01 ooo hopefully that’s a good sign for you if it’s unusual for you! Finger crossed for an early Christmas present 🤞🏼

Kiza Mon 09-Dec-19 16:18:23

@whatsthecraic91 not that I usually wish time away but hope the week goes fast for you! And wow super organised, means you can relax a bit and enjoy the countdown
@MIW01 out of curiosity is this a fertility nutrition programme?

I'm curious has anyone had the anti muller Ian hormone test? If AF arrives for me this weekend then I've got to go and have it on Monday.. just curious by potential results

1990shopefulftm Mon 09-Dec-19 19:36:24

I think i m on CD9, I've been away a night and then at a funeral today since AF finished so hoping we might DTD every couple of days from tomorrow. Had allergies this morning so took a capsule but since benadryl isn't recommended in pregnancy I won't be taking it again.

orangeloo Mon 09-Dec-19 20:15:31

@Kiza I haven't had it and disclaimer definitely don't know much about it but I have heard and seen a few specialists recently say it's not that accurate and not the be all and end all. Something like; a persons results could fluctuate depending on the day it's done. So if result is not great please don't panic and lose hope.

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