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4DPO today - anyone joining the 2ww??

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ElsaTam Tue 05-Nov-19 22:54:47

Hello! I am 4dpo and already starting to look for preggo signs.. i know i know!..
This cycle I had again tender breasts during/after ovulation, but today at 4dpo I noticed that they are not that “full” anymore (I confess it left me a bit worried!).
Okp positive on 31st Oct and ovulation on 1st Nov. Temperature raised on 2nd Nov and kept high (had a small drop but today even higher than before). All good (I think??) but the breasts don’t seem tender anymore (Although progesterone levels seems good). It is the first month I am checking temperature. We are trying to conceive since July/August. September had a chemical pregnancy.
Whomever is out there in the same boat - please share your symptoms! Also, if anyone had experience with losing breast symptoms after ovulation.. please share your experience! Thanks!

justmumming Fri 08-Nov-19 13:37:45

@CJEB hey hun welcome , so sorry about your mc xx its really hard to say. I had some similar stuff discharge wisebut on ovulation day . sometimes theres some bits left up there from af and itcan come out. but with previous pregnancies the pregnancy spotting I got was always pink/brown alternating and never heavy. so It could be positive for you. also the pinching twinge pain is always pregnancy for me! but we are all different arnt we! I hope it goes well for you!

justmumming Fri 08-Nov-19 13:51:38

@NewUsername0123 how long till your test day? im due on 19th Nov! seems like years away

NewUsername0123 Fri 08-Nov-19 14:31:29

No I've no experience but when I was pregnant with my daugther I had bright red blood and was told by my hospital to expect the worse and turned out it was a uti and everything was fine!!
Af is due the 17th so I'll test then day after you!
I'm quite positive at the moment and trying not to think about it to much
One more month after this month if no luck and then I think we'll give it a break

NewUsername0123 Fri 08-Nov-19 14:32:03

@justmumming sorry though you said you were due the 16th 🤦‍♀️

ElsaTam Fri 08-Nov-19 18:23:18

@NewUsername0123 Nooo I will not give up on ttc! Sorry maybe it's my English! If I don't get pregnant this cycle, I will quit my job, it's too stressful and in September I had a chemical and I remember how much stress at work I had on.. really too much! it was awful to see the line disappearing. I know might not have been only due to stress, maybe didn't implant or baby would not ok (and believe me it's better like this if baby is not ok..). But I just cannot know what is the impact that all this stress has on conceiving. This month (as I decided to quit), I am much better about stress and trying to not care about work as much...
I WILL keep dtd everyday on my fertile window in every cycle! 😊 i left pills in May, I am happy to see that my cycles stabilised and now I always ovulate on the 16 day (this is the i guess the 3rd or 4th cycle like this) No matter my age, I guess my body is still working.. but let's see if the age will allow me to still conceive a healthy baby ❤️

ElsaTam Fri 08-Nov-19 18:35:10

@CJEB welcome! very sorry for your loss.. it's always very hard ❤️
I think you have there very good signs?? I never have such symptoms and only had red spotting once by 6weeks pregnant (after we intercourse). But I heard many women have this implantation bleeding! I had in July what I thought it was spotting on the time I should be ovulating, later on I realised it was my AF and after that my cycles got regular. But in your case, at this moment, really sounds like implantation (together with those symptoms!). Oh I also want to feel something ahah
When will you test? I am due on the 15th November smile

CJEB Fri 08-Nov-19 23:15:10

AF is due on the 14th... which still feels like a lifetime away. I’ve got some early detection cheapy sticks. Are they any good or shall I invest in some decent early detection sticks? I’m never gonna be able to wait until AF!!

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 07:21:08

@CJEB I understand you.. but it's so much stress we put on ourselves and it can happen to be so many days of frustration. Last month were many days of frustration due to bfn's, the month before it was due to not see the faint line getting darker throughout the days and then it was horrible to see AF coming. I took the advise of another mom here and will try not to stress. But seems a lifetime of waiting yes!
I got the vfaint lines by 10dpo with an "early predictor" which detects 10 mIU/ml, where I live they are not expensive (but not sure which you have). That's another stress for me: knowing these tests can get the pregnancy early and if seeing bfn's makes me so sad because I feel immediately I am out!
I will try, but also not sure if I can wait till AF!

justmumming Sat 09-Nov-19 11:44:45

ok guys sorry if this is too much information.... but I always check my cervix for pregnancy . if its hard I usually know im out for that cycle. This time its really soft like almost mushy and alot of cervical mucus which is unusual for me before my period. I know its still early days but i'm hoping this is positive signs! does any one else have anything similar

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 13:35:25

@justmumming I don't think nothing is tmi at this stage for nobody here grin
I only tried to check my cervix, but had no clue what was I checking etc ahah maybe will try to check it today as per your description.. today 8dpo and we are out for lunch etc.. i felt also lots of cervical mucous was wetting my knickers. Yesterday i felt yucky with some food at dinner time, but this is not the normal when I am preggo, only when i don't eat for a while I feel kind of nauseous.. let us know if you get more symptoms/test results! smile

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 13:44:58

Sorry to be writing this here but wanted to know your opinion.. I have not feeling well with all of this ttc this month especially because of dates and memories. In a way, I thought about not testing this coming week also because of this reason. I am due for AF on 15th Nov. And on 14th Nov it will be 2 years that my baby Oliver passed away. He was 3 months, it was the most difficult 3 months of my whole existence. We went through everything and we deeply accepted what happen, so it is not about that, we know this was the best for him because he was very sick and would have a horrible life. His short life was very painful. Last days we could spend with him and they were beautiful, hard, bright, dark, everything at the same time. We loved him very very very much and let him go. This week is 2 years that all have happened. I feel BAD for testing and happening to be happy... or even sad in case is negative. So many mixed feelings!! Is this is stupid? Maybe? Maybe he will send us a blessing? I am feeling a horrible morher since yesterday (in a way)... maybe i should only test on 15th. What would you do?

justmumming Sat 09-Nov-19 16:40:38

@ElsaTam I think no matter what order you do it in or what ever the outcome is its always going to be a sad time for you. Im sorry to say its probably never going to get easier, I cant even imagen how you feel. Im so sorry. All I can say is that you were the perfect mum to your little boy for the short time that you had him and I pray God can do a transforming work in your heart to help you heal over time. x id say dont test too early, dont make it all too hard on yourself x

Itsemily Sat 09-Nov-19 17:31:58

Hey do you mind if I join? TTC baby number one, only 6DPO (*I think*), but had so much CM this month post ovulation which never happens. Other than awful fatigue, bloating and full breasts, no sensitivity, I have no other symptoms. I ovulated later than last month. I had my coil out end of September so not sure if that changed things but my AF ended Friday 25th October, and I ovulated Sunday 3rd November. But no symptoms really. I guess it's still early!I keep checking my breasts for changes lol! My nipples are huge but I am hoping that is leading to a BFP and not AF sad Good luck anyway, enough about me! x

NewUsername0123 Sat 09-Nov-19 18:25:21

Www sounds like some good symptoms going on here hopefully it means baby for you all 🤞 and not AF 😭
@ElsaTam I don't think you would feel like a right time ever around that time, just see what feels natural to you and test when you think the time is rightI've really got my fingers crossed for you this cycle

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 19:06:34

@Itsemily yes, I guess it's early and sometimes the signs are from this phase due to the progesterone.. BUT those sound promising?? Lots of luck this is your cycle 🤞🏻 baby dust to all of us

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 19:10:43

@justmumming @NewUsername0123 thanks a lot ❤️
We made an immense and beautiful work with our hearts, we really deeply accepted. I guess I was just not expecting to have this phases at the same time! Well, and true, maybe I should not start testing before AF is due, not to mix too much with these upcoming hard days. Anyway I guess I should have symptoms a bit before, in the case I am pregnant. Will keep you posted anyway. And THANK YOU! ❤️

rhirhibumblebee Sat 09-Nov-19 20:04:10

Hi everyone, joining your thread. 6DPO here, really wish I could switch off and not think about it for the next week! I am going to try not to test to early (if I can) as last month had 3 positives then AF after 4 days. Was really disappointing. Good luck everyone !

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 20:15:17

@rhirhibumblebee welcome! Yes, we would all wish to switch off this upcoming week not to think about it! It can drive ourselves Crazy! I also had a chemical in September.. it's so disappointing.. my v faint line only got a bit darker on the 12dpo but then faded until disappeared and got AF. horrible feeling... good luck to you 🤞🏻 we are all in the same boat!

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 20:20:56

Guys, I just checked my cervix (before I only tried once but didn't know what to "look for") - it's very very soft, . I googled about it and read this "the cervix will feel firm to the touch, like the tip of a nose. If conceived, the cervix will feel softer, more closely resembling the lips" - is this accurate for pregnancy? Tbh I never read much about this. No idea. But seeing this as a good sign. I will hold testing on till AF due date and maybe check this more often.

justmumming Sat 09-Nov-19 21:11:27

@ElsaTam that sounds positive to me ! ladies ive got sharp quick pains in my groin and pelvis! ive only really had this in late pregnancy. has anyone had this before?

ElsaTam Sat 09-Nov-19 23:29:51

@justmumming don't you think that can be implantation pain? (No idea, I never noticed having). But as you are around 6dpo..

justmumming Sat 09-Nov-19 23:46:07

@ElsaTam gosh i think i need a hobby im reading into every pain and sensation!

ElsaTam Sun 10-Nov-19 00:11:20

Well I said I wouldn't test but also paying attention to signs confused any detail just drive us mad.

rhirhibumblebee Sun 10-Nov-19 10:47:40

Thank you! Fingers crossed it's a positive sign for you. What day is everyone's AF due? And what day will you test on first?.
Mine is due Monday 18th November so I may be tempted to test on Wednesday with the first response test. 😬

justmumming Sun 10-Nov-19 11:52:30

@rhirhibumblebee my AF is due 19th! Im happy to admit I will
probBly test every day ill I see a positive or AF! I justcant help myself can I 😂

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