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4DPO today - anyone joining the 2ww??

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ElsaTam Tue 05-Nov-19 22:54:47

Hello! I am 4dpo and already starting to look for preggo signs.. i know i know!..
This cycle I had again tender breasts during/after ovulation, but today at 4dpo I noticed that they are not that “full” anymore (I confess it left me a bit worried!).
Okp positive on 31st Oct and ovulation on 1st Nov. Temperature raised on 2nd Nov and kept high (had a small drop but today even higher than before). All good (I think??) but the breasts don’t seem tender anymore (Although progesterone levels seems good). It is the first month I am checking temperature. We are trying to conceive since July/August. September had a chemical pregnancy.
Whomever is out there in the same boat - please share your symptoms! Also, if anyone had experience with losing breast symptoms after ovulation.. please share your experience! Thanks!

ChristmasComing123 Wed 06-Nov-19 06:18:19

Hi i m 7dpo on third cycle of ttc. So far i m feeling very tired but no other symptoms apart from a runny nose. Last month i has no symptoms and first month i had loads of symptoms but bfn think symptoms were from coming off pill. When are you going to test? Iwas going to try and hold off to 12dpo if i can

NewUsername0123 Wed 06-Nov-19 07:22:13

Hi ladies
I'm 4DPO today according to my app
I didn't bother using OPKS this month and have just taken the relaxed approach as it can be really overwhelming can't it
No symptoms at all but I knows it's still early days
When are you both planning on testing?

ElsaTam Wed 06-Nov-19 08:15:37

@ChristmasComing123 and @NewUsername0123
Indeed this period can be overwhelming and I will also try to calm down this cycle because I already went crazy the last 2 cycles! BUT I will not be able to help myself and might test at 10DPO (here I have early predictor, which says catching from 6days before AF). Let's see! But I know it can be pretty accurate, in September I catch a chemical because of that. I left pill in May and my cycle only settled in the last 2 months (30 days), I am ovulating always on 16th cycle day. We did all we could this month, every day during fertile window and I am sure I didn't miss it! But no idea... not having at least fuller breasts (only a bit) is cracking me up! Today only 5DPO but last 2 cycles I had it. Anyway... I will keep going! Let me know how is it going for you! This is overwhelming but feels good to share smile

NewUsername0123 Wed 06-Nov-19 11:51:06

Hopefully this will be your month!
Is this number 1? For you?
This is number 2 for me so I'm just taking a relaxed approach from now on - I always ovulate cycle day 16 to so we just get to it as much as we can around then lol
Who knew it could be so hard I think the 2ww is the worst 🤦‍♀️ it's just the not knowing which drives me crazy!

ElsaTam Wed 06-Nov-19 14:26:20

@NewUsername0123 I hope the same for you! May this be the month for us all!
We are ttc for the 3rd baby. Unfortunately we only have our first daughter. Our baby son is an angel now in heaven and we will always love him and miss him dearly. It was 2 years ago, our son passed away by 3months old, he was very sick and we know in our hearts this was the best for him. It hurts deeply, but I don't want this pain to ever go away because this pain reminds me about my angel everyday ❤️ he will always be in my heart.
We are ready, we feel ready smile I am just afraid of my age, I am already with 41! Al the best xxx

ElsaTam Thu 07-Nov-19 08:36:12

I am having so symptoms sad 6 DPO
How is it going for you?

NewUsername0123 Thu 07-Nov-19 12:34:32

Oh I'm so sorry to here about your son, but I'm sure you think of him everyday.
Hopefully number 3 will be a blessing from him for you!
No still no symptoms although I'm only 5dpo so to be expected 😂
It's such a shame there isn't a way to instantly know would save a lot of stressing lol

ElsaTam Thu 07-Nov-19 13:51:35

Thank you dear! Yes, I am sure he is there for us and will send us a blessing ❤️
OMG isn't it?? Why there isn't an easier way than waiting these 2 weeks?? I'm 6DPO and no symptoms, but hey implantation can be around 9DPO? I'm trying to be that type of "symptom spotting" person, but feeling so normal can't spot anything 😂

charlie0692 Thu 07-Nov-19 14:50:35

Hey, can I join too. Sorry to hear about your son @elsatam, it must have been heartbreaking for you, I cant begin to imagine how you feel. I am sure he will be smiling down at you! I am TTC #2, I'm currently 7dpo, af is due on 14th so going to try and hold out until then to test. I don't have any symptoms at all, other than being tired, but to be honest I'm tired all the time anyway ha x

NewUsername0123 Thu 07-Nov-19 18:01:42

Hi @charlie0692 glad your joining us
Symptom spotting is such hard work 😂
I had a twinge earlier here's hoping it's something and not just a bit of wind lol

ElsaTam Thu 07-Nov-19 20:41:11

Welcome @charlie0692! Great you are joining, we are needing some company here smile
Thanks a lot for your nice words, he is def looking upon us ❤️
Tomorrow 7dpo for me and still no symptoms either. Being tired is also just a normal life-symptom for me, with an energetic 4yo and stress work environment! But you just reminded me: Yesterday I went to bed before 9pm I am usually in bed around midnight, maybe means something?? This symptom spotting can be a fun way! Better to laugh than cry with all this waiting! 😂 it would be so amazing all of us to be pregnant this cycle! Lots of luck 🤞🏻

ElsaTam Thu 07-Nov-19 20:48:23

@NewUsername0123 that sounds like something! I guess I wouldn't mind to have a twinge or cramps or something.. but no, nothing! smile i keep checking temperature, will see tomorrow, because I don't like this ups-downs (36.5 / 36.6... been like that). Oh I have been also waking up during the night and getting insomnia, but never heard this as a symptom 😆 i guess this waiting will drive myself crazy again..

ElsaTam Fri 08-Nov-19 10:37:17

When will you all start testing? First, I was thinking to wait till 10dpo and make test with a sensitive test (it says 6days before AF!), so I am already thinking about 8 or 9 dpo although I know it's way too early! At the same time, I am afraid to do it on 10dpo and getting frustrated with a bfn as it happen last month, with days of frustration till AF, because it was a sensitive test and should have picked at 12dpo at least... sorry, getting stressed already!

justmumming Fri 08-Nov-19 10:48:14

Hey ladies im 4dpo and am soooo sick. its so hard not to symptom spot, Ive had two babies before and have always been so nauseous from two days or so ovulation and im feeling that now just dont want to get my hopes up! how is everyone doing? any new symptoms xxx

justmumming Fri 08-Nov-19 10:50:57

@ElsaTam Sorry hun just re read and saw about your baby angel im so sorry. I cant even imagen how one comes to cope with that. sending lots of love an prayers your way x children really are blessings arnt they

justmumming Fri 08-Nov-19 10:54:21

Also guys just checked online and if i do manage to be pregnant i willhave another July baby! that would be three within a week of eachother in july! talk about timming confused

ElsaTam Fri 08-Nov-19 11:15:24

@justmumming thank you for your words ❤️ it's possible to cope: deep acceptance, but not easy. He sends me strength to continue and to try again!
Really you always feel that early? That's amazing 🤞🏻 crossing fingers for you! I wish I could spot more symptoms... but not really. Ny breasts feel a bit more tender/full (but normal before AF). Waking up every night one time at least.. tired as usual lol.. but nothing more. So frustrating :/ I am afraid of this month, because I am 41 and really did everything I could (dtd everyday ahaha)
July babies must be the best! I am a July person wink they are too sensitive, but due to so much we have to go through life, we grow very resistant people!

justmumming Fri 08-Nov-19 11:25:51

@ElsaTam How many dpo are you now? when did you say you would test again x amy tests have always only been really faintly positive a few days before af which is so annoying im terrible at waiting!

ElsaTam Fri 08-Nov-19 11:56:59

@justmumming really annoying! This waiting is so difficult!.. i am today 7dpo. And at first thought about testing at 10dpo, now i am caving and want to test earlier than that confused
In September I had a chemical and got a v faint line by 9dpo, till 12dpo then disappeared. Maybe it's worse to test this early... not sure if the best is to know about chemical or getting a bfn by 14dpo!

justmumming Fri 08-Nov-19 12:04:19

ahh i know what you mean, i always cave n test every few days till i see something or af 😂🤙🏼 i feel really normal now so part of me is thinkkng maybe there isnt any hope is month. If i get my period i think i will have the rest of the year off. Have some nights ouy with friends n do some fun stuff and start again in jan. else i feel constantly in limbo! i swear feeling tense ruins your chances! @ElsaTam

ElsaTam Fri 08-Nov-19 13:11:09

That is so true!! These tense feelings might ruin everything! Together with stress of work sad
You know what, you just convinced me: I will be strong, save money, won't stress, won't get frustrated days in a row... i will test only 13dpo! As you said, we can always see this in the bright side and make other plans if nothing happens (going out and have some wine 😍 or even quit - as i am planning to if not getting pregnant this month!). 😍 now i just need will-power! But will bug you here anyway with symptoms-spotting if any smile baby dust to all of us! ❤️

NewUsername0123 Fri 08-Nov-19 13:30:22

Hi ladies
I would deffo say don't test early I know it can be easier said then done but the disappointment if you see a line that then disappears is hard to deal with
I'm going to wait until the day af is due and then test 🤞
Still no symptoms but I was reading you don't really get symptoms until around when af is due anyway so there's a bit of hope
@ElsaTam are you really going to stop trying if this isn't your month??

CJEB Fri 08-Nov-19 13:32:35

Hi everyone! Can I join please? I am 32, TTC DC1. I had a miscarriage in August. Waited 1 cycle before tying again.

Today I am 8DPO. I’ve had cramping, a punching sensation, initially a peach colour when I wiped, which then turned to rust. I thought this all sounded positive. However last night I wiped and was red. It went away as quickly as it came. Although it’s still a little redder rather than brown today (although light). My heart has sank a little to be honest. I use an app called ‘Flo’ to track my cycle. I’ve never had spotting this early before. However I guess that doesn’t really mean anything! The pinching immediately reminded me of my previous pregnancy. So I want to remain hopeful.

I am keeping everything crossed though. Has anyone else been experiencing symptoms like this? X

CJEB Fri 08-Nov-19 13:34:17

Whoops sorry I meant pinching not punching!

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