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OPK'S- waste of money or worth a go?

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mummy2olivia Thu 16-Aug-07 18:37:16

I'm pretty damn sure that I ovulate on day 12. I get a bit of stitch-like pain in my side and get stretchy CM. But thought I might give OPKs a go just to see if they tally up with what I think. Have ordered some cheap ones from fertilitysolutions on ebay- anybody have any experience with them? hints? tips? opinions? I don't like to use anything without a ton of research!

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 16-Aug-07 18:37:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scorpio1 Thu 16-Aug-07 18:38:12

i dont like them myself.

mummy2olivia Thu 16-Aug-07 18:44:43

Are they reliable?

scorpio1 Thu 16-Aug-07 18:46:49

apparently so, but are open to interpretation (sp?).

mummy2olivia Thu 16-Aug-07 18:48:36

Think I will give it a go- just for a bit of fun if anything! DP is dying to turn the bath room into a lab!

Good luck with the pg scorpio!

scorpio1 Thu 16-Aug-07 18:49:17


maybe try the digi ones? more ££££ though, but easier.

crokky Thu 16-Aug-07 19:03:00

What I would do is get the expensive clearblue digital ones as they are reliable. Use them for only one or two months, then you will be totally certain when you ovulate for future months and won't have to pay for any more! I don't know about cheap ov tests, but cheap pg tests are crap (IMO!) so cheap ov tests may also be crap. The pain in your side might be getting ready to release egg or something. I think the sticks are a great way of knowing the exact days.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 17-Aug-07 20:42:44

I have NEVER had a positive result on them - even on the day I know I conceived DD. Personally I think they are pants. What is normal for you may not be within the prescribed range for luteinising hormone - e.g. at ovulation I only get to 12 on the scale - and these tests measure 14 upwards as a positive. Yet I have a child

Much better to have sex every day with a Y in it!

mummy2olivia Sun 19-Aug-07 11:28:41

How come the digital OPK's are so much more reliable?

jabberwocky Sun 19-Aug-07 11:34:19

I second stretchy CM as the way to go. I spent several months getting really good at telling when I was ovulating based on charting my cycle and observing CM. Both boys were conceived on the second month of trying.

poppy34 Wed 22-Aug-07 19:42:58

thank god you said that wmmc - I have been pregnant 3 times and never ever have I had a positive test on either cheap or expensive tests.

Personally I'd steer clear of the digital ones as they are more temperamental to use that they are likely to drive you half insane with annoyance.

nomoremagnolia Thu 23-Aug-07 09:49:20

Ammy - is that you?
If so - Hello! Are you ttc again now?
If not - Please ignore me - ammy had dd olivia and liked peeing on sticks

corblimeymadam Thu 23-Aug-07 18:54:31

Message withdrawn

ladylush Fri 24-Aug-07 16:41:38

I used superdrug own today and got a + so I am very chuffed. It does tally with my cm too so I think it is probably accurate. I am on CD13.

MrsMcJnr Fri 24-Aug-07 16:53:21

Good luck with them grin - access diagnsotics is also a great website - lots of TTC toys at low prices! smile

mummy2olivia Fri 24-Aug-07 18:50:26

HAHA it is me!!! Am peeing on sticks AGAIN!!! Am giving the clearblue digital a go but was convinced that I O on day 12 (tomorrow) and not a sign. not even EWCM. bit worried TBH.

mummy2olivia Fri 24-Aug-07 18:51:23

It's lovely that someone remembers me!!! Am well chuffed!!! hello NMM!!! xxxx

mummy2olivia Fri 24-Aug-07 21:35:33


Flibbertyjibbet Fri 24-Aug-07 21:49:48

My gp said that as eggs only last about 24-36 hours and sperm can take that long to get up there, only bonking when you ovulate can be leaving it too late. The best way he said (and it worked for us both times) is just to get jiggy lots immediately after AF, until and including the stretchy mucus days, as sperm can live a good 5 days, so there will always be some there waiting to pounce when the egg is released and at its freshest. The stretchy stuff isn't produced on the day you ov but the days running up to and including it, ie the best time to get jiggy, in advance of ov.
After being told this I decided that the ov kits and thermometer kits were just a cynical money making thing from manufacturers preying on ladies who want to be pg and will try everything they can (yup that was me).

ladylush Sat 25-Aug-07 09:39:19

I thought ovulation kits were supposed to let you know before you ovulate. That does seem to be the case with my tests anyway. I got stretchy cm for the first day yesterday and a + for the first time since period. So I assume ovulation will occur today or tomorrow.

nomoremagnolia Sat 25-Aug-07 10:10:38

Hiya ammy good to see you back! How's things going? Hoping to have a little secret on your wedding day now? So good to see you How are the wedding plans going?

Nancy66 Sat 25-Aug-07 15:38:28

I think OPKs can be very useful.

I have a very regular text book 28 day cycle and yet using OPKS made me realise that I don't always ovulate on day 14 - it can be anywhere from day 12 to day 16.

Just to pick up on something flippertyjibbet said - it's true that sperm can live for up to five days, in some cases seven days. However it is very very unlikely.

It's only the most perfect, virile sperm untouched by modern toxins that can survive that long - and even then it would have to be in the most perfect cervical environment - not too acidic, not too alkaline etc.

In most cases the sperm survives for 48 hours and no more.

professorplum Sat 25-Aug-07 16:09:47

I bought some cheap ones from ebay and they did tell me when I was ovulating. I haven't used clear blue ones so I can't say if they are as good.

ladylush Mon 27-Aug-07 20:03:42

I am still getting a positive on my opks (3rd day running)so quite pleased really as lots of women say they never get a positive.

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