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Polywhatsamathingy says I may have it and am having ablood test tomo and scan in a few wks........

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fifilou Wed 15-Aug-07 22:08:47

Oh god.

I dont understand why I've gone from happy to scared sh*less in 4 hours.

I need some advice ladies.

I went to see doc today, came off pill end May, had period, then nothing since.

Ovulated about a month after period (cm was stretchy, ov test said yup-your ovulating) then Bd'd like mad..........

waited the 2wks after then tested. Tested each wk (so now 3 times)

Went to docs today- she tested and BFN.

she talked about Psoc and said i may have it and wanted to test for it.

god im scared now- what does it mean?

Kewcumber Wed 15-Aug-07 22:12:15

I assume you mean PCOS?

Don't panic - not life threatening!

abnormal hormone levels and cysts on your ovaries (over simplifying). If you have it most likely is that you will be prescribed clmoid to help TTC which is very successful.

Its the most common cause of low fertility in women and loads on people on here have it - the vast majority go on to conceive.

If you are overweight - losing even 10% of your bodyeight will help a lot. If your GP is VERY clued up she may offer you metformin (if not, ask about it)

fifilou Wed 15-Aug-07 22:14:33

thanks kewcumber!

Not overweight, quite fit and healthy in general, so thats one less worry I guess.

I think I should calm down a bit until I get the results back.

so these they have any horrid side effects?

Kewcumber Wed 15-Aug-07 22:20:09

it may be nothing - if you had regular periods before going on teh pill and you are not overweight, I would have thought PCOS isn;t high on the list. Particularly as one symptom of PCOS is absence or rare ovulation. GP's ted to test for it in teh absence of periods because its so common. You haven't been off the pill that long - I thought it oftern took quite of few months to regulate periods after that?

I didn't have any major side effects from clomid (just a bit hormonal) though I know others have. I really wouldn;t worry about it too much until you get the results back.

How is she going to "test" for it - generally blood test and ultrassound scan of ovaries. Again if you have definitely ovulated I reallu think she may be barking up the wrong tree.

nomoremagnolia Wed 15-Aug-07 22:23:35

fi I'm over on no1 babies thread if you want to chat - can tell you all about clomid if it helps

fifilou Wed 15-Aug-07 22:24:58

I thought it was odd she was testing if i had ovulated then again, she said the test may have been wrong (but my cm was stretchy! sorry if tmi!)

I was put on the pill at 16 for irregular mention of PCOS then though... am 32 now, only just off the pill, so it might just be that.

i said to her- my period was a withdrawal beeld not a period, and she said, no, thats counted as a period....all a bit confusing really.

I'm all the better for coming on here.

Its all such a worry this TTC buisness!

toomuchtimeonline Thu 16-Aug-07 10:52:00

Fi - Hope your tests went ok this morning!!

From my limited knowledge.. I think opks and CM are indicators of ovulation but don't actually prove that you ovulated - Atilla oftens says that some women have a couple of LH surges in a month but you can only ovulate once so ovulation doesn't always follow a surge.. Maybe you should start temping as a temp rise proves ovulation..

Also you've only been off the pill a short time so it may take some time for your AF to regulate - there was a couple of girls on here recently who were having 50 day cycles after coming of the pill and one got pregnant in her second cycle - so still positive news!

It does seem strange that your doctor is scaring you about PCOS at such an early stage however, maybe that's because you had irregular periods before going on the pill (apparently the pill masks period problems).

Anyway hope you're feeling more hopeful - even if it is PCOS there are lots of treatments including Clomid - and at least your doctor is testing you early so you'll know!

Big hugs

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