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EvilStepWitch Wed 15-Aug-07 11:36:07

My DH has 2 children from his first marriage (they live with their mum). As much as I love them both he has always known I want a child of our own and has always said he is happy for that to happen. We are now TTC but he is not the least bit excited by the idea, I on the other hand am already getting excited but trying to keep it in check. He says he was like this for the conception of his children, that there is nothing to get excited about until I am actually pregnant, until then its business as usual. I feel really disappointed and moments of paranoia have me questioning whether or not he actually wants another child (although last night when I asked he said he does) - was anyone else's DH like this? Good Lord - if I am like this now, what the hell am I going to be like when I get pregnant???

liliac Wed 15-Aug-07 12:14:07

Do not worry, my DH is the sort of man who doesn't ever get exicted about ttc or pregnancy or even child birth. He says that he doesn't even think of it as a baby until he can see/hold the baby. I to was really pissed of with that attitude and it caused a few problems, but some people are like that. Take heart it could be worse, at least he does want a baby, he is just not that over exicted about the bits that come before.

scorpio1 Wed 15-Aug-07 12:50:06

My dp was like this for every ttc! He is better when im pg, better again when i have a big bump and fab when they are born-just sees nothing to get exited about ttc. its a woman thing!

EvilStepWitch Wed 15-Aug-07 14:47:06

Thank you ladies. Interestingly, I posted this in the Mens Room too and have pretty much been told to get over myself! Really underlines the Men from Mars, Women from Venus view.

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