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Almost 5 years of no contraception

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Bunny2006 Thu 10-Oct-19 19:42:38

Hi all, first post here after lurking for ages. Bit of background, after some symptoms I had swabs/physical exam the only thing found was mild cervical ectropion, doctor suggested the eostrogen in the pill maybe the cause. Moved onto mini pill but it didn't suite, bled for ages as I did with the depo injections I'd tried first so admittedly I gave up.

For whatever reason condoms began to be used less & less and it became habit as no pregnancies happened. I've been with my OH since school and would've been in a position to happily have a baby anyway. It's always been on my mind wondering why nothing had happened.

Fast forward it's now been 5 years roughly. Last two years I would say we have been more actively TTC but still nothing sad OH won't accept there may be a problem with him. A few months ago I had swabs, bloods & an internal & external ultrasound but nothing was found. Doctor doesn't seem to take it too seriously as I'm only 24, and neither does my OH but I'm getting more & more obsessed & find myself googling stuff all the time.

Currently trying to eat better foods for the both of us, try vitamins/supplements and I know we do need to DTD more often but have done months of every 2-3 days around ovulation and nothing still. Not sure of the point of my post but helps to write it all down!

LadyBirr13 Fri 11-Oct-19 06:31:16

The only way to really find out is to do fertility testing for you both, age aside if you tell the doctor you've been actively trying for a couple of years you should be able to be referred to testing!
Fingers crossed for you and all the best ❤️
Ps. Don't google as you will just make yourself more anxious about it! Sometimes it just takes longer even if there is nothing else going on.

Bunny2006 Sat 12-Oct-19 20:14:39

Thank you @LadyBirr13 <3

It's my partner I need to convince to do the testing with me I think! Doctor says she believes I am ok, the bloods I had where to check I ovulate and check thyroid levels which were fine. I have a BBT thermometer coming on Monday so I am hoping that will help reassure me also.

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