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Shevvy94 Thu 10-Oct-19 19:17:10

Just looking for some advice.
I’m 25 weeks pregnant with my 3rd DC, dc1 5 and dc2 2.
I’m only 25 but I don’t want anymore children after this child. We financially can’t afford anymore and I personally don’t want more. 3s enough. I’m just wondering if anyone’s been in the same boat and they’ve not been refused. I know I’m young but we both know we don’t want anymore.

ItsMischerWavy Fri 11-Oct-19 07:51:32


Sorry I can't offer a positive story but I thought I'd share anyway.

I don't want more children and wanted to be sterilised as I have an awful track record with contraception. I have tried EVERYTHING. I've just had a copper coil fitted and was told that's my last chance as there's nothing left to try but that I'm an excellent candidate for sterilisation and becaise of my contraception background they should do. I went to the appointment and was given a flat out no because apparently the NHS don't fund them anymore. It's so infuriating!

Luckily I'm getting on OK with the copper coil so hopefully that will continue!

Oysterbabe Fri 11-Oct-19 09:31:41

I was told they wouldn't refer me as there's no reason I couldn't have the coil etc. The failure and complication rate is relatively high. Your partner should have a vasectomy instead, it's a much simpler procedure.

villamariavintrapp Fri 11-Oct-19 10:07:12

I think they'd want to try other ways first-you're less likely to get pregnant if your partner has a vasectomy, or if you use the mirena coil than if you are sterilised.

Yakadee Fri 11-Oct-19 10:36:03

Not exactly the same, but when I was having my planned section, they asked me if I want to be 'while they were in there'. From that I'd have thought that it wouldn't be so hard to request but maybe it really was because they were there already? I'm 32 for ref and just had my second.

Shevvy94 Fri 11-Oct-19 17:18:12

Thanks everyone.
I thought this would be pretty much the case. I do have a terrible track record with other form on contraception as I’ve managed to get pregnant while using some form every time.
I’ll just have to ask the consultant on my next app and she what she says!

lemonloaf Tue 15-Oct-19 18:44:22

If you have a section in our area you are offered sterilisation as part of the op

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